Mordred:The Noise Years

Reviewed: December, 2021 Released: 2021, Dissonance Rating:  4 /5 Reviewer:  JP Timing is everything.  Thrash/Funk Metallers Mordred have reunited after a multi-year absence.  In mid 2021 they released their 4th full-length THE DARK PARADE, which was moderately well-received by those who remembered the band.  Funk Metal, which was kind of…

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Reviewed: December, 2021 Released: 2021, Indie Rating:  4.5 /5 Reviewer:  JP Has it really been over a decade since Haiduk’s debut album, PLAGUESWEPT, swept over the land like a plague?   That sentence has even more meaning these days as we are about to enter Year three (as of time…

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Reviewed: April 2021 Released: 2021, Soulseller Records Rating: 4/5 Reviewer: JP Dod is one prolific artist.  The Norwegian guitarist boasts an impressive resume in many genres of metal from the melodic Scorpions influenced Big City to the fierce Scariot and of course his long-running main band, the old school Death Metal…

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