UPDATE: Kudelski’s Trademark Dispute Against Power Metal Band TANAGRA Meets Unexpected Resistance

Last week the news came out that Portland’s Tanagra had newfound legal troubles with Swiss company Nagra / Kudelski Group. For those unfamiliar, Kudelski believes Tanagra‘s trademark interferes with their trademark “Nagra.” Because of the vast legal expenses required to fight the dispute, Tanagra decided to liquidate its merch in…

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Portland Power Metal TANAGRA Reveals Enticingly Epic ‘Meridiem’ Off New Album via Metal-Rules.com

Hunkered down across four studios for close to three years, joined by guest musicians on piano, cello, and viola, Portland’s Tanagra has been refining and crafting the seven multi-layered compositions on their upcoming album “Meridiem” to perfection. The release, due out on April 26th, is power metal packed with depth, emotion, harmony, and complexity. Debuting the 11 and…

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