Wormwood – Arkivet

Reviewed: [August 2021] Released [2021 Sound Pollution] Rating [4/5] Reviewer: Peter Atkinson Funny – or at least very odd – thing happened as Swedish black metallers Wormwood worked toward the release of their third full-length. Originally titled Vita Arkivet – which translates as “The White Archive,” an official document detailing…

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Seventh Crystal-Delirium

Reviewed:  July 2021 Released:  May 2021, Frontiers Music Rating:  3/5 Reviewer:  Buddy H It’s always nice to sit down with a debut release from a brand-new band.  Within the first few seconds of pressing play, you can usually tell whether or not the group has what it takes to make…

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Chez Kane

Chez Kane Interviewed by: Anders Sandvall Thanks to Stacey Webb for setting up the interview. Thanks to Frontiers Records for the promo pictures Promo pictures of Chez Kane is taken by: Scott Elliott British singer Chez Kane released her self-titled solo debut album a few weeks ago (March 2021). Prior…

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