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Soto – Origami

Band: Soto Title: Origami Label: Inside Out Released: 2019 Reviewed: July 2019 Reviewer: JP Rating:  3.5/5 Man, could Jeff Scott Soto one of the most prolific, most in demand signers in all of Hard Rock and Metal?  Do yourself a favour and go have look on his website or Wikipedia…

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Joe Stump – Symphonic Onslaught

Joe Stump – Symphonic Onslaught Label: Released 2019 Rating: 4/5 Reviewer: Manos X Ah the ‘80s!!!!!! Probably one of the best decades for metal. The sound was still fresh, featuring tons of experimentation, birth of new sub-genres and distinct musical identities. From Iron Maiden, Metallica, Ozzy, Slayer to Fates Warning, Helloween,…

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Dug Pinnick-Naked

Artist:  Dug Pinnick Title: Naked Year: 2013 Label: Rock Army Records Rating:  3.5/5 Reviewer:  JP   King’s X has always been one of those bands appreciated, admired and enjoyed by many Metal fans, although the band themselves may not be ‘Metal’ in the strictest sense of the term.  A number…

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