Shawn Drover

MEGADETH – bassist David Ellefson discusses his return to the band, and his life outside of Megadeth

INTERVIEW AND LIVE PICTURES BY MARKO SYRJÄLÄ Transcription by Antaura Zed David Ellefson is a co-founder and original bassist for legendary metal band Megadeth. Other than vocalist/guitarist Dave Mustaine, he was the only constant member of Megadeth from the band establishment in 1983 to the group’s disbanding in 2002. at the time,…

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Shawn Drover of MEGADETH

Shawn Drover of MEGADETH Interview by EvilG All live photos by Lord of The Wasteland except the below photo from Shawn’s MySpace page. Shawn Drover isn’t the usual mouthpiece for Megadeth as we’ve all read/see countless interviews with the legend himself, Dave Mustaine. So when given the opportunity to speak…

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