Running Wild

Ralf Kasparek aka Rock’N’Rolf from Running Wild : “I’m not [as] good when we’re working together with other people, than when I’m doing alone.”

INTERVIEW WITH ROCK’N’ROLF OF RUNNING WILD  Running Wild is an institution of German heavy metal. The band’s leaders’ endless journey continues with Running Wild in the sea of pirates, and world history. Running Wild’s latest album RAPID FORAY is an excellent slab of pirate metal that Rock’N’Rolf has been creating…

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Running Wild Interview

  Running Wild interview with Rock ‘n’ Rolf conducted by: Carlos M. Llanas     Metal has very many genres; you got black metal, thrash metal, traditional heavy metal, doom, etc., but only one band has been the reigning champion of their own style…that band…is Running Wild.  With the release of…

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RUNNING WILD Announce Comeback Album

Original German pirate metallers RUNNING WILD are back! To the delight of his countless fans, Captain Rock’n’Rolf has announced the release of the new album, Shadowmaker, seven years after Running Wild’s last studio album, Rogues En Vogue.   “My comments in spring 2009 about the demise of Running Wild were…

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