Out Now – MOTÖRHEAD: “Everything Louder Forever” – The Definitive Collection of Their Loudest Ever Songs- Happy MÖVEMBER!

MOTÖRHEAD…a life force, energy, an attitude, and the loudest, meanest, dirtiest music to smash the 20th and 21st centuries. With a bastard sound comprising an unholy synergy of rock, punk, and heavy metal, MOTÖRHEAD comes coated in relentless, ear-curdling power. They were life-changing for millions, carrying a spirit and approach…

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LION’S SHARE celebrates Lemmy’s memory and music with cover of Motörhead’s “Killed By Death”

Swedish heavy metal band LION’S SHARE has made its tribute to Lemmy and MOTÖRHEAD available on streaming services and digital service providers on the fifth anniversary of Lemmy’s death, December 28th, to celebrate his memory and music. LION’S SHARE singer Nils Patrik Johansson says: “Lemmy is truly the definition of…

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MOTÖRHEAD Announces Podcast Mini Series as They Continue 40th Anniversary Celebrations of “Ace Of Spades”

Rock N’ Roll renegades MOTÖRHEAD continue the 40th anniversary celebrations of the dirtiest, meanest, toughest album of them all, Ace Of Spades, with a podcast mini-series of Motörcast’s telling stories from the recording studio, on the road, behind the scenes and of MOTÖRHEAD’s phenomenal growth in popularity following the release…

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