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Interview with Criminal

Criminal Interview with Anton Reisenegger, guitars/lead vocals Interview by Paul Macmillan You’ve probably heard Anton Reisenegger in action before, even if you didn’t realise it; Pentegram Chile, Lock-Up, Brujeria, and, I’m led to believe, a certain spoken word section of a recent(ish) At The Gates album. However, he is best…

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Bobby Jarzombek of Fates Warning Discusses the New Album, the Pandemic and His Favorite Fates Warning Albums

Interviewed by Erich Heintzelman Friday, October 30, 2020 One of the premier progressive metal bands has returned with their thirteenth album, LONG DAY GOOD NIGHT.  I had a chance to speak with drummer Bobby Jarzombek about the new album, the challenges the music industry faces during the pandemic, and his…

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Cirith Ungol – Interview with Robert Garven

Interview with Cirith Ungol – Robert Garven (drums) Interview by Kieron Hayes First of all, I’m sure you hear it a lot but a hearty welcome back! I was so excited when I heard Cirith Ungol were back and making music again. What inspired the reunion?…

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