Shawn Drover of MEGADETH

Shawn Drover of MEGADETH Interview by EvilG All live photos by Lord of The Wasteland except the below photo from Shawn’s MySpace page. Shawn Drover isn’t the usual mouthpiece for Megadeth as we’ve all read/see countless interviews with the legend himself, Dave Mustaine. So when given the opportunity to speak…

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Shawn Drover of Eidolon

Shawn Drover of EidolonInterviewed by Anders Sandvall Thanks to Lars Chriss at Escapi Music Group for setting up the interview.Promo pictures provided by Escapi Music Group Recently I hooked up with one of the Drover brothers, drummer Shawn Drover, to talk about their band Eidolon that just released a new album. In…

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Megadeth live in Stockholm 2005

Megadeth in Stockholm, Sweden Feb 15th, 2005  Review by Marko Syrjala and Jarno Huovila Pictures by Marko Syrjala In 2004, just as the sparkle of hope glowed dim, Dave Mustaine struck back with the excellent new album ‘The System Has Failed’, which especially after the less than stellar ‘The World Needs…

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