Out Now! Canada’s Maudiir Unleashes Dark Progressive Black Thrash On New EP “La Part du Diable”

“La Part du Diable” Out February 19, 2021 Riff-driven with big bass grooves and corrosive vocals, Montreal’s one-man-band Maudiir created by F. unleashes a new progressive black thrashing EP “La Part du Diable”, a full year after releasing the debut EP “Le Temps Peste”. The intense, dark music comes with lyrics that draw on…

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Canada’s Maudiir Summon A Blackened Thrash Slaughter With “Spirit of Sulfur” Off “La Part du Diable”

New EP “La Part du Diable” Out February 19, 2021 Montreal’s Maudiir has a new single out, “Spirit of Sulfur”, which can be heard below. The second single is from the upcoming EP “La Part du Diable” due out on February 19, 2021. The fourth of five tracks, “Spirit of Sulfur” is where it starts…

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