Lars Chriss

LION’S SHARE celebrates Lemmy’s memory and music with cover of Motörhead’s “Killed By Death”

Swedish heavy metal band LION’S SHARE has made its tribute to Lemmy and MOTÖRHEAD available on streaming services and digital service providers on the fifth anniversary of Lemmy’s death, December 28th, to celebrate his memory and music. LION’S SHARE singer Nils Patrik Johansson says: “Lemmy is truly the definition of…

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Lars Chriss of Lion’s Share

Lars Chriss of Lion’s Share Interviewed by Alan Gilkeson Since the release of DARK HOURS earlier this year, there’s been a slow and steady build up for Lion’s Share around the world. Recently inking a distribution deal in Russia and their video for ‘Judas Must Die’ appearing on ‘The Headbangers…

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Lars Chriss from Lions Share

  Lion’s Share has, after 6 years of silence, finally released their new album entitled EMOTIONAL COMA. I hooked up with mastermind/guitar player Lars Chriss and here comes answers to everything you could possibly want to know about Lion’s Share. Interviewed by: Anders Sandvall Thanks to Lars Chriss for the promo…

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