Damnation Festival 2013

Damnation Festival @ Leeds University, Leeds 2nd November 2013 Review by Caitlin Smith Photography by Michelle Murphy Calling all the sinners and heretics, the gathering of the damned with once again take place in the unholy city of, well, Leeds. Perhaps the settings may not be dark, dank pits of…

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Co-headlining “Uncrowned & Vertikal Tour” to commence this month   SWEDEN – Katatonia, Sweden’s master of dark rock, has released its latest opus Dethroned and Uncrowned today on Kscope. The reimagining of the band’s previous effort Dead End Kings, Dethroned and Uncrowned can be purchased on Amazon.com at: www.amazon.com/Dethroned-Uncrowned-Katatonia/dp/B00DRP1R9I or…

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KATATONIA ANNOUNCES SOUNDCHECK HOLLYWOOD IN-STORE SIGNING; “North American Heritage Tour 2013” continues this month

SWEDEN – Sweden’s master of melancholy, Katatonia, has announced an in-store signing at Soundcheck Hollywood (8872 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, Calif.) on Monday, May 27 beginning at 6:00 PM. The band will headline the Roxy Theatre later in the evening as the final date of its North American tour. Head…

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