ANNIHILATOR – Vocalist Dave Padden

Interview with vocalist Dave Padden INTERVIEW BY ARTO LEHTINEN AND MARKO SYRJÄLÄ Long time Canadian thrash metal icons, Annihilator, are known for being the soul and mind of the guitar wizard Jeff Waters who has navigated the band throughout the years. However, the guitarist/vocalist Dave Padden has become an essential…

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Jeff Waters of ANNIHILATOR

Jeff Waters of ANNIHILATOR Interview by Shaq   Back in December I had the opportunity to spend some time talking to metal legend Jeff Waters about everything from the good ol’ days to today, from spandex to the age of the internet and everything in between.  After years of no…

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JEFF WATERS of ANNIHILATOR Interviewed on December 9th, 1997 by EvilG Jeff Waters is the lead guitarist and vocalist (since 1994) for Canada?s best metal band ANNIHILATOR. Recently I was lucky enough to ask Jeff a few questions about the band and the new release “Remains.”