Interview with Criminal

Criminal Interview with Anton Reisenegger, guitars/lead vocals Interview by Paul Macmillan You’ve probably heard Anton Reisenegger in action before, even if you didn’t realise it; Pentegram Chile, Lock-Up, Brujeria, and, I’m led to believe, a certain spoken word section of a recent(ish) At The Gates album. However, he is best…

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Godfathers of Hardcore (Agnostic Front Documentary) – Director Ian McFarland

April 2019 Released: Currently showing on Showtime Rating: 3.5 / 5.0 Reviewer: John Haseltine “UPROXX’s “The Godfathers Of Hardcore” trailer shows the history of New York’s Hardcore (NYHC) scene through the relationship of Agnostic Front founder Vinnie Stigma and singer Roger Miret. This Agnostic Front Doc was made by Ian…

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