Interview with Akiavel

Interview with Akiavel Chris – guitars Butch – drums Interview by Kira Levine Akiavel online: Bandcamp Facebook  Instagram Spotify Twitter YouTube   Hi there! Thanks for your time, hope that you are keeping safe and well. Please state your names and positions in Akiavel. Chris: Hey I’m Chris, guitarist in…

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Gorod – Æthra

Gorod – Æthra Reviewed: October, 2018 Released: 2018. Overpowered Records Rating: 4.5/5 Reviewer: Peter Atkinson French quintet Gorod seem to often get overlooked in the tech-death scheme of things, which is unfortunate, because they certainly deserve better. The Bordeaux-based quintet – which once went by the comically crass moniker Gorgasm…

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