EDEN’S CURSE – Second Studio Video Diary Episode Posted Online

Multinational melodic metallers EDEN’S CURSE have released the second episode from their fourth album studio video diaries. Featuring bassist Paul Logue in his home studio in Scotland recording the bass tracks for the brand new album and in particular the new track called “Evil & Divine” which was featured in episode one. The nine-minute video can be viewed here. Please follow…

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EDEN’S CURSE Launches PPM Fest 2012 Video Tour Diary

Multi national metallers EDEN’S CURSE have posted footage of their debut live performance with new vocalist Marco Sandron at PPM Fest 2012 in Mons, Belguim on 8th April 2012. Also includes rehearsal footage and behind the scenes. Watch the 24 minute clip below. www.youtube.com/watch?v=_I_T30qWVBQ As previously reported, EDEN’S CURSE announced Italian vocalist Marco Sandron in March as the new voice…

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Members of Dream Theater speak out in there support for Eden’s Curse

Following the EDEN’S CURSE two shows with Dream Theater in the UK last year, three members of Dream Theater, namely James LaBrie, John Petrucci and Mike Mangini have spoken in audio interviews about the band in glowing terms and can be streamed below. soundcloud.com/edenscurse/dream-theater-labrie-petrucci LaBrie, who sang on EDEN’S CURSE last studio record “Trinity“, personally invited the Multinational Melodic Metal outfit to open for…

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