Wit – Johan and Pece

  WIT’s Johan and Pece  Interview and pictures by: Anders Sandvall Recently I got to talk talk with member’s Johan and Pece that plays drums and guitar/vocals in the Malmö based band WIT.This interview was conducted at a Café in downtown Malmö, Sweden.The band has released a self financed brilliant EP…

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Michael of DEBASE

Here comes the interview I did with the singer Michael just before the show. I asked him some questions about what has happened since I’ve interviewed him and the bass player Micko earlier this year. I’ve also asked him what they’ve been up to this summer.

Debase – Malmo festival Sweden

Debase August 16, 2004 Bastionen Malm?festivalen Malm? Sweden  Reviewed by Anders Sandvall Photos by Anders Sandvall While supporting their new release Debase have played a number of shows and festivals throughout Sweden. The album they are supporting is their third one called UNLEASHED that was released in February this year.