Oxblood Forge – Decimator

Reviewed: July 2021 Released: 2021, Independent Rating: 3.5/5 Reviewer: Jack Merry Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, traditional heavy metal outfit Oxblood Forge have unleashed their latest studio effort entitled Decimator onto the world. This is an old-school power metal album through and through, reminiscent of early Hammerfall and Edguy, with tales of myths, legends, dragons,…

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WITHERFALL – Boston – Foreplay/ Long Time Watch Now

After entering several international charts with their latest album, “Curse Of Autumn”, WITHERFALL are releasing a special cover of Boston’s illustrious “Foreplay/Long Time”, entitled “Long Time (Long Version)”. The song has been available as Acoustic Version on “Curse Of Autumn” as well as slightly shorter Band Version on the Japanese…

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