black metal

Wormwood – Arkivet

Reviewed: [August 2021] Released [2021 Sound Pollution] Rating [4/5] Reviewer: Peter Atkinson Funny – or at least very odd – thing happened as Swedish black metallers Wormwood worked toward the release of their third full-length. Originally titled Vita Arkivet – which translates as “The White Archive,” an official document detailing…

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Hexenklad Video Interview

Hexenklad is a Canadian Folk/Black Metal band. Think folk melodies akin to Moonsorrow with twin guitar leads like Dissection, the depth of emotion of Primordial and the overwhelming depth of Insomnium. We posed a bunch of questions to the lads in Hexenklad and they got back to us with a…

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Taake – Avvik

Reviewed: July 2021 Released: 2021, Dark Essence Records Rating: 4/5 Reviewer: Demitri Levantis Taake is one of the more mysterious bands from the Norwegian black metal world, and this is reflected in their new compilation release “Avvik”, which translates to “anomaly” or “deviation” in their native tongue. The objective of…

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