Best of 2010

January 3, 2011 EvilG 0

Best of 2010 As always, the top albums are for releases from 2010 that are full albums (no EP’s or demos). They also have to […]


Oliver Hartmann

June 22, 2010 Anders Sandvall 0

  Oliver Hartmann Interviewed by: Anders Sandvall Thanks to Toby at CMM gmbh for help for making the interview possible. Promo pictures from the Hartmann […]


Bruce Kulick

January 12, 2010 Robert Williams 0

Interview with Bruce Kulick Conducted by Robert Williams Long considered by his peers to be one of today’s most in demand axemen, former KISS lead […]



October 14, 2008 Arto Lehtinen 0

Wacken Open Air 2008 Once again tens of thousands of lunatic metal freaks travelled from all over the world to the small German village located […]


Avantasia – Tobias Sammet

March 27, 2008 EvilG 0

Written by Simon Lukic Transcribed by Mike ‘fucking hostile’ Holmes   Tobias Sammet is currently one of Metal’s most engaging personalities. His work with Edguy […]

Gamma Ray

GAMMA RAY – Kai Hansen

March 2, 2008 EvilG 0

Gamma Ray’s Kai Hansen Interviewed by EvilG Transcription by Alxs / Live Pics By Arto Lehtinen & Hanntu Kai Hansen is easily one of the […]