RE-ARMED – Interview with Jouni Matelainen, Iiro Karjalainen, & Allan Välimaa

RE-ARMED – Interview with Jouni Matelainen (vocalist), Iiro Karjalainen (drummer), & Allan Välimaa (guitarist) Interview by Kat Knite re-armed.net facebook.com/rearmed twitter.com/ReArmedOfficial youtube.com/ReArmedOfficial We caught up with members of Finnish melodic death metal band RE-ARMED to chat about their upcoming album ‘Ignis Aeternum’, as well as to ask questions about their…

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Cirith Ungol – Interview with Robert Garven

Interview with Cirith Ungol – Robert Garven (drums) Interview by Kieron Hayes www.facebook.com/cirithungolofficial cirithungol.bandcamp.com/ twitter.com/CirithU www.instagram.com/cirithungolband/ First of all, I’m sure you hear it a lot but a hearty welcome back! I was so excited when I heard Cirith Ungol were back and making music again. What inspired the reunion?…

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Interview With Commando

Interview With Commando Interview with Vocalist/Guitarist Robin Interview By: Pete Mutant www.facebook.com/Commando-SWE-225600961156584/ www.hrrshop.de/COMMANDO-Rites-of-Damnation-MLP-BLACK_1 www.youtube.com/channel/UCOC9LcdcJHiMhsKnRm3K3yw Hey and thank you for your time. Please state your name and position in the band. This is Robin answering and I play guitar and sing. First of all, big Arnold Schwarzenegger fans or just a…

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