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Email: | Location: London, England U.K. UK Team

We are a team of friendly, professional photographers & reviewers based in the UK

Real Name: Various Staff – Managed/Published and Run by Jo Blackened

Responsibilities: Editor of the UK Side of
We set up interviews/photography/reviews and promoting signed & unsigned bands in the UK.

Length of Time with MR: I joined in 2008 & set up the UK team early 2010.

Best thing about working for MR: Meeting all the bands we’ve loved for years & seeing the ‘behind the scenes’ in the media world, receiving all new album releases free of charge, getting into gigs for free & seeing new unsigned bands achieve their ambitions.

Worst thing about working for MR: It can be stressful!
I need to ensuring everyone has their guest-lists & photo-passes, which can be time-consuming, as well as ensuring all interviews/album reviews are received & published in time.  But I love it!

Non-MR Job: I have my own photography studio and shoot under the name of Altercarnated Photography. I also run The Independent Voice Ezine.

Favourite Metal Genre: BLACK METAL  m/

Favourite Non-Metal Genre: Gothic/Industrial/Dark Dance/EBM/Dubstep

Least Favourite Metal Genre: Metalcore

How/when you first got into metal: I have an intense love & obsession with music, I believe it’s in your blood & soul! Some of our reviewers are in bands themselves & we have all worked in the music business for many years.

Recommended Reading:
I love Horror & reading about the paranormal.
Fave Authors:
Stephen King/Poppy Z Brite/Shaun Hutson/Clive Barker

Recommended Viewing:
I don’t watch much TV but my DVD collection is nearly as large as my music one!
Most is Horror/Manga & Anime/Sci-Fi with some comedy thrown in!

Biggest thrill in life (so far): Doing exactly what I love for a living!

Favourite Food: Italian & Mexican!

Favourite Drinks:
Aswell as mixing it up with some Cocktails & Tequila Shots!
…As long as it’s alcoholic it’s all good!

Last Modified: September 29, 2021