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CD, DVD reviews

Current Top 5 Spins

  1. Kreator – Gods of violence
  2. False Coda – Secrets & sins
  3. Nordic Union – Nordic Union
  4. Madder Mortem – Red in tooth and claw
  5. Assassin’s Blade – Agents of mystification

Classic Pick

Beyond Twilight – The devil’s hall of fame

Recommended Reading

The Silmarillion by JR. R Tolkien

Recommended Viewing

Anything from Judas Priest, Ayreon or Crimson Glory


Nickname: Manos X
Real Name: Manos Xanthakis
Birthday: 10am June 6 1973 (damn I’m old!)
Birthplace: Athens, Greece
Current Location: Athens Greece
Current Occupation: System engineer, musician

First Into Metal: 1987
First Album: Helloween – Keeper of the seven keys pt2
First Cassette: Megadeth – So far so good… so what!
First CD: Manowar – Triumph of steel
First DVD: Vision Divine – Stage of consciousness
First Concert: Iron Maiden – Seventh son of a seventh son tour in 1989

Favourite Genres: Metal is metal all sub genres can only divide fans and dissect music

Least Favourite Genres: Nu metal sounds like a corporate definition of what metal should sound and I really detest that. Guess it all comes down to good songwriting in the end.

Metal related background:
Started as guitarist and released the following
1995 Ariones – 4 track demo never released
1995 Jericho – “Dark World” 1 track demo never released
The switched to vocals
1999 Overthrone – 2 track demo never released (vocals)
2001 Celestial Ode – “Celestial Ode” EP self released (vocals)
2003 Agnosia – “The inner conflict” demo self released (guitars/vocals)
2009 Agnosia – “Trace Decay” album released by Steel Gallery (guitars)
2010 Blazon – 2 track demo never released (vocals)
2012 Strangeyes – “Dark Age” demo released only on Youtube (vocals)
2014 False Coda – “Closer to the edge” released by Steel Gallery (vocals)
2015 AlphaState – “Out of the Black” self released (vocals)


Favorite TV Series: Spartacus, Star Trek The next generation, Babylon 5, Carnivale, Game of Thrones, Westworld, Stranger things, Daredevil, Dexter

Favorite Drink: Beer

CD you hate to admit you have in your collection: As an opera fan I got plenty of that, plus some non metal stuff but love ‘em all

Last Modified: September 29, 2021