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CD reviews for now. (Was able to squeeze in a book review.)

Current Top 5 Spins:

  1. Accept – Rise of Chaos
  2. Witchcraft – Legend
  3. Rex Brown – Smoke on This…
  4. Lost Society – Braindead
  5. Iced Earth – Incorruptible

Classic Pick: Iron Maiden – Killers

Recommended Reading: The 12th Planet by Zecharia Sitchin

Recommended Viewing: Monty Python’s Flying Circus (any and all)

Nickname: Haazzy

Real Name: John Haseltine

Birthday: 3/19/1970

Birthplace: Santa Rosa, California

Current Location: Indiana, U.S.A.

Current Occupation: It depends on the day of the week! Usually, and what needs to be more full-time is an independent manufacturers rep in the motorcycle / powersports industry.

First into Metal: Hmmm, depends on your definition of metal. As far back as I can remember.

First Album: KISS – Alive II (Christmas gift from father), AC/DC – Let There Be Rock (first one I bought as a youngling)

First CD: Violence – Eternal Nightmare

First Cassette: No clue. There have been so many.

First DVD: I think Iron Maiden – Rock In Rio (got into DVD’s a bit late in life)

First Concert: Judas Priest – Defenders of the Faith Tour (with Kick Axe) 1984

Favorite Genres: Thrash, NWOBHM, American metal, Just metal, metal, metal…

Least Favorite Genres: The ones I don’t like.

Metal related background:
This is tough as it started in junior high. It was spotty to say the least and from what I remember, I could mention a few moments that would make you all pretty jealous. I am actually going to fast forward a couple years. I am from the just north of San Francisco. For many years starting in ’82 – ’83, there were many of us involved in going to plenty of club shows. So I’ve pretty much seen it all. It wasn’t till the 10th grade I was cutting class. I think it was Algebra. There was a little strip mall across the street. While standing there staring at the school, wondering what I was going to do that day, this lady walked up to me and asked if I liked metal music. I did have long hair and was standing there with a skate board. I said, “sure do!” She then invited me upstairs. There were a couple of guys up there playing guitars. Turns out, she had a small label and distro. She also managed and promoted bands. A couple being Death Angel and Vain. Yes, a two worlds apart from one another. Anyways, she needed extra security for a show coming up that week. So I signed on. It was Anthrax on the Speading the Disease tour. From there I got into working with Death Angel, Vain, Skitzo and several other bands doing sound and roadie stuff. Hanging with Vicious Rumors, Cacophony, Possessed and so many others to mention in the scene at that time was insane. I could write for hours about all this. I did dabble a bit with playing. Jammed here and there with a few bands but never really got into that side of it. I liked the behind the scenes stuff.

When the grunge scene hit, that was about the time I moved out to the Midwest. (Wrong turn in Albuquerque!) There were a few years I was dormant. One day I had gotten Deceased – Fearless Undead Machines and Iced Earth – The Dark Saga at a Best Buy. For some odd reason, I decided to write both of the bands to tell them how much I liked them. That was the way in the day to get in touch with bands. I skipped the fanzine part of my life. King Fowley wrote back first not only thanking me for my kind words, but asked what ‘zine I wrote for because he said it was a great review. A few days later, I get almost the same reply from Jon Schafer. I then started with Ball Buster Music writing and interviewing. Then I started my own site doing much of the same. That turned into a radio station on Live365 that ran for 5 years or so. It got really expensive and I was traveling a lot for both of the sites. I helped promote a couple of Metal Fests and after the second one was a bit of a fail and a couple of bad band investments, I quit all of it. It had been a hard 5 years not being part of something metal. Thanks to Metal-Rules, I‘m back. A little rusty, but I’m back. So, Up The Irons! Defend The Faith! Metal Up Your Ass! And all that other happy shit!



Favorite TV Series:

The X-Files

Favorite drink:


CD you hate to admit you have in your collection:

None. If it is in my collection, I do not mind admitting it. Now, there may be a couple that some of you may not want to know about. But it’s my collection.

Top websites:

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