Jeff Thorell

Jeff Thorell: Photographer

Email: | Location: Calgary, Alberta Canada

Current Responsibility: Photographer, gig reviewer.




Current Ear Bleeders

  1. Striker-Striker
  2. Immolation-Atonement
  3. Battle Beast-Bringer of Pain
  4. Overkill-The Grinding wheel
  5. Vader-The Empire
  6. Led Zeppelin  1-2-3-4

Classic LPs
Alice Cooper – Killer
Kiss Alive
B.T.O.  Not Fragile

Reading Stuff
Edgar Allan Poe-Complete tales and Poems and Most everything by Martin Popoff

Favourite Movie: Hellraiser 1&2

Real Name: John J

Birthday/place: August / West Germany

Photo Gear: All Nikon  D810 and D610   and crap load of  Lenses

Tattoo: yes. Thor’s Hammer with a wolfs head

Metal is my Music
Followed by Jazz and Blues

First Album: 74-75 First album bought i guess

First metal show:  Trying to remember

Favourites Bands
A list too long….
Thrash metal
Death metal
Old School Purple/sabbathLed zeppelin  that era
Prog Rock


Spoken Word: English  followed by butchering of German and French  (mostly to order fast food over seas)

Festivals Attended:
Wacken 2006-2008-2010-2015
SummerBreeze 2008  2010
Party san 2006
Rockfest Barcelona 2015
Alcatraz Hard Rock and Metalfest( Belgium) 2015
Ozzfest a few times

Favourite  Gig :
1983 Marquee london
Lemmy Phil and Robbo  (motorhead)
Pantera, Sepultura and Prong  (Vancouver)  Far Beyond Driven Tour

Photography Regret:
Passing on Wacken 2014 photopass offered couldn’t go

Last Modified: September 29, 2021