Hellias Papadopoulos


Hellias Papadopoulos: Staff Writer (Greece)

Email: | Location: Drama City, Greece

Hellias Papadopoulos

Interviews, Writing CD and DVD reviews, exposing Greek bands to the world and thrashing all around!

Current Top 5 Spins

1. Shrapnal-The Virus Conspires
2. Onslaught-VI
3. Dark Tranquility-Construct
4. Black Sabbath-13
5. Rotting Christ- Kata Ton Daimona Eaytou

Classic Pick
Black Sabbath- Master of Reality

Recommended Viewing
Extreme Metal Retardation

Nickname: Hell-Pap
Real Name: Hellias Papadopoulos

Birthday: 08:15 am, 12/04/1987.

Birthplace: Drama City, Greece (There are a lot drama queens right there!)

Current Location: Drama city

Current Occupation: Working in the Metal industry, Classics/Latin Teacher

First Into Metal: 1994

First Album: Black Sabbath-Black Sabbath

First Cassette: Nirvana-Bleach

First CD: Iron Maiden- Seventh Son of A Seventh Son

First DVD: Slayer

First Concert: A death metal band in Argos, Peloponnissos, Greece.

Favourite Genres: Thrash metal, Doom metal, classic heavy metal, death metal.

Least Favourite Genres: Absolutely metalcore. Grunge, alternative, rap, techno, industrial and punk influences, melodic death metal (or whatever!)

Metal related background:
In 2007 I became involved with the metal industry as more than just a dedicated fan when I started writing reviews and interviews with bands from Greece, Cyprus and all over the world. Soon, I had my own radio program for 3 years in Aphrodite’s Island. I was also involved in organizing local metal festivals.

Lastly, I am involved in various capacities in Greece with a number of metal projects with various industry people, writers, producers and promoters, as well as trying to stay involved by supporting metal in my community and around the globe.

Favorite TV Series: Constantinou kai Elenis

Favorite Drink: Jack Daniels with Coke on two rocks.

CD you hate to admit you have in your collection: None. I have no guilty pleasures. There is only metal and hard rock.

Top Web-sites:
www.metal-rules.com (only!)


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