Graham Hilling

Graham Hilling
Graham Hilling

Graham Hilling: Photographer/Guest Writer

Email: | Location: West London, UK

Graham Hilling


Photographer and occasional reviewer.

Current Top 5 Spins

  1. Bombs for Food, Mines for Freedom – Rifu
  2. Focussed I Become – Parasite
  3. Monolith – Sylosis
  4. Death, My Love – Nemertines
  5. L’Enfant Sauvage – Gojira

Classic Pick:
Got to be Slayer

Recommended Reading

The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant by Stephen R Donaldson.
Various fantasy stuff although not much time for reading these days.

Recommended Viewing

Feel Good: K-Pax
Horror: Eden Lake (proper scary)

Nothing much on the tele is worth watching these days imho….

Metal DVD
Not a DVD but the Dream Theatre Drum auditions vid is real interesting, interesting insight into how the music industry and Dream Theatre (the band) works.

Extended Profile

E-mail address:

Age: Old!

Birthplace: West London

Present location: West London (yawn!)

Tattoos/Piercings: Pair of sleeves, bit of tribal on my leg, few earings

Non-MR Job: Looking after databases….

Length of Time with MR: 2010/2011?

Best thing about working for MR:. Being part of a well respected professional organisation (and all the lovely people you get to
meet and work with!)

Worst thing about working for MR: Nothing really, I feel privileged to be part of this….

How/when you first got into metal: Proper punker originally, eventually started to crave music that was tighter and played better.
Metal was the logical progression….

Favorite Metal Genre(s): Fairly broad minded, I like stuff that surprises me! Blast beats OK in short bursts!

Least favorite Metal Genre(s): Prog doesn’t really do it for me…

First Metal CD ever bought: Tough one to remember but probably vinyl I’m afraid (did say I was old!): Game Over by Nuclear Assault

First Metal Concert: Tough one too…can’t honestly remember. Did see Matallica at the Marquee in London in 1990. Certainly not
the first metal gig I went too but definitely one of the most memorable!

Band or other music experience: In quite a few punk bands that no-one remembers, toured Italy, Germany and Poland, lots of London gigs, lots of squats. Now I make music on my own, always looking for people to collaborate with (especially lyricists and vocalists!)

Favorite bands/artists:
Walls of Jericho
Antisect (old crusty punk with ethics!)
Arch Enemy (cracking live band)
Bolt Thrower
First Blood
Kill II This (RIP)

Least favorite bands/artists: Anything that overdoes the cheese!

Most overrated bands/artists: Mastodon (not really sure why everyone like them SO much!)

Most underrated bands/artists: Become a Threat

Favorite album cover: Would probably be a Subhumans or Rudimentry Peni cover I think (more punk than metal!!)

11 favorite albums (no particular order!!):
American Dream – Walls of Jericho
Age of Hell – Chimaira
Among the Living – Anthrax
Clandestine – Entombed
In Darkness, There is No Choice – Antisect
The IVth Crusade – Bolt Thrower
Deviate – Kill II This
The Height of Callousness – Spineshank
Low – Testament
Strive to Survive – Flux of Pink Indians
Leprosy – Death

CD you hate to admit is part of your collection: Lexicon of Love – ABC (great singalong!!)

Spoken Languages: English. Very poor French!

Hobbies: Music, Photography

Pet peeves: Most of the time I’m pretty positive(ish) but horrible, nasty people make me want to kill.

Favorite drink: Tea!

Which song should be played at your funeral: I’ll get back to you on this one!!

Person you’d most like to meet:
Alive: Dalai Lama
Deceased: Chuck Schuldiner

Five favorite links:
www.metal-rules (where would we be without google!)

hmm….all a bit too sensible!!

Final comments about yourself:
I’m an old baldy vegan with a camera, 2 rabbits and a cat. I live with my partner and best friend Deb. That’s it really! More of my pictures can be seen on Go on, share some love!

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