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Current Top 5 Spins
1. Lord of the Lost – Judas
2. Burning Witches – Witch of the North
3. Vreid – Wild North West
4. Frozen Crown – Winterbane
5. Einherjer – North Star

Classic Picks

  • Venom – Black Metal (1982)

Recommended Viewing

Movies: Haven’t seen a good movie in a while.
TV: Star Trek Discovery, Star Trek Picard, Stargate SG-1, American Horror Story,  etc.
Metal DVD: Moonspell – Lisboa Under The Spell

Recommended Reading

  1. The Traveler / The Dark River / The Golden City by John Twelve Hawks
    The best book/trilogy I’ve read since Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit. If you like some of the concepts and ideas from The Matrix, Highlander, Orwell’s 1984, etc. you’ll love this!!
  2. Fav fiction authors: Just about anything by Michael Crichton and Leon Uris
    Fav Metal Authors: Martin Popoff, Joel McIver, and more.

Metal Rules Nickname: EvilG

Real Name: EvilG…ha! It doesn’t matter anyway…

Age: I’m an old goat…leave me alone.
Birthplace: Grand Falls, NL
Present location: St. John’s, NL

Tattoos/Piercings: Piercing (ear). Tattoos…yes.

Non-MR Job: My job title these days is Assistant to Instructional Designer. I help create and edit online content for university courses. Prior to that, I worked for 15 years as a Senior Systems Analyst or Systems Engineer, etc.

Job(s) @ Metal Rules: Is “owner” a job? Things I work on: news updates, reviews, interviews, articles, site layout, content updating/editing for other staff writers, running the behind the scenes things that takes more time each year.

Length of Time with MR: Since I started it in 1995. Where does the time go?

Best thing about working for MR: Helping bands get heard/seen, hearing from someone who got into metal thanks to Metal Rules(!!), and getting to speak with, or meet, any metal bands/musicians whose music I love.

Worst thing about working for MR: Time it takes to do the non-metal side of running things (i.e. site layout/upkeep/editing content), also having to pay from my own pocket every month is not the most fun, but I do this for the METAL, not for the money.

How/when you first got into metal: This was the topic of an older “From Hell’s Heart” editorial. It’s here: www.metal-rules.com/hell/hell_Septl2000.htm To sum up, it began in 1983 with Judas Priest’s SCREAMING FOR VENGEANCE and my metal destiny was sealed with SHOUT AT THE DEVIL by the Crue.

Favorite Metal Genre(s): REAL metal…as in straight up heavy metal. After that it’s power metal, thrash metal, epic/symphonic/hobbit metal, some technical/prog death metal, folk metal, blackened thrash, folky/prog black metal, shred, etc etc… so many labels it gets silly.

Least favorite Metal Genre(s): Under-produced monotonous 1 riff black metal. Doom/stoner bands that ALWAYS play slow and repetitive droning stuff…as in VERY slow….sleepy metal. I love Sabbath though, since they were never boring. Also, bands who are any form of “core”.

First Metal CD ever bought: SCREAMING FOR VENGEANCE….and not on CD, this was back in the cassette tape days.

First Metal concert: Helix on their LONG WAY TO HEAVEN tour!

Band or other music experience: I’ve been in, and continue to play in bands since I was about 15. I’ve played live many times, recorded in a studio on a number of albums, demos/EPs. I keep this side of my life separate from MR since I am not a professional musician nor do I plan be one!

Favorite bands/artists:
In the beginning…(1983-84) it was Motley Crue. Then it was Metallica until about 1988-89…after that it was Slayer until about 93’. Since then I haven’t really had a favorite band…maybe Gamma Ray…or Primal Fear? hmm…Judas Priest? Arg…cannot pick one!  Different era’s of a band’s existence are my favorites. So depending on the album, era, or my mood on a certain day, some of my favs are: Primal Fear, Gamma Ray, Helloween, Judas Priest, Immortal, Satyricon, Motley Crue, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, 80’s Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer,  HammerFall, Nevermore, Stratovarius, Rhapsody (both), Nightwish, W.A.S.P., Kreator, Savatage, Lost Horizon, Jag Panzer, Testament, Overkill, Saxon, Forbidden, Sacrifice, VoiVod, Yngwie Malmsteen, Annihilator, Iced Earth, Pantera, Anthrax, Death, Dio, Ozzy, King Diamond, Death, Ratt, Dokken, Persuader, Tyr, Sabaton, Borknagar, and MANY more!

Least favorite bands/artists:
Well there are metal bands that I “like less” but calling them “least favorite” is not really fair to the band so I won’t list any. As for non-metal stuff I don’t like, well 99% of non-metal is pure shit to me. I can appreciate talent such as a good ripping blues lead player, or a classical virtuoso; however, I’m not into buying their albums and supporting it as I do with heavy metal as the genre is diverse enough that I am totally satisfied by metal.

Most overrated bands/artists:
In terms of REAL metal bands, I don’t know. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. All nu, mallcore, metalcore/applecore/gravycore/arsecore etc bands are wayyyyyy over-rated to me. I’d rather REAL metal any day.

Most underrated bands/artists:
Again, there are MANY. It’s hard to just pick a few. Underrated can mean “under marketed” or not widely known. Bands like Helloween, Stratovarius, Primal Fear, Gamma Ray, Tyr, are not as big as they should be here in North America where it’s hard for them to get regular tours. Some bands that most everyone has heard but who still don’t seem to get the respect for their contribution to metal is another topic entirely.

Favorite album cover:
I only get to pick one? No way! Well just about every Maiden cover is killer except for DANCE OF DEATH. I also love Slayer’s artwork for REIGN IN BLOOD and HELL AWAITS. Yngwie’s TRILOGY cover also looks great. Tyr and Stratovarius have some gloriously epic album covers as well. I tend to go for paintings rather than photos or overly computer generated art.

10 favorite albums:

This is NOT in order, just 10 ones I personally love:

Primal Fear – NUCLEAR FIRE
Judas Priest – PAINKILLER
Iron Maiden – POWERSLAVE

Damn, only 10…I might have to edit this list every month!

CD you hate to admit is part of your collection:
I’m not ashamed to admit any of it since it’s all hard rock up to black metal. I think I only own a couple non-hard rock/metal albums and the best of that is REBEL YELL from Billy Idol. That album is borderline hard rock in places though…”Blue Highway” is hard rock to me.

Spoken Languages: English.

Running Metal-Rules.com, hiking, reading metal books, watching WWII movies and documentaries, sci-fi movies/TV, guitar.

Pet peeves:
So many to list…so in no order, with no explanations given, this is some of them:

• Traffic
• Line-ups
• Shopping
• Bills
• Reality TV
• Close-minded people
• Self-important pretentious people
• False metal
• Trend followers
• 2-faced people
• Hard drug users and abusers
• Lazy people
• Stupid people
• Obsessive political correctness
• Lack of live concerts where I live
• Anti-science people (aka flat-earthers, anti-vaxxers, etc).
• Etc.

Favorite films:
The Lord of the Rings movies + The Hobbit movies (BEST. MOVIES. EVER.)
Star Trek II – The Wrath of Kahn
Star Trek VI – The Undiscovered Country
The Matrix
Band of Brothers
The Exorcist
Hellraiser I and II

Favorite books:
Not really any fav books, more like authors such as John Twelve Hawks, Leon Uris, Michael Crighton, Terry Brooks, Ken Follett, J.R.R. Tolkien (LotR and The Hobbit), Dean Koontz, Len Deighton, etc.

Favorite TV shows:
Stargate SG-1, Star Trek (all !!), WWII History documentaries, almost any sci-fi or fantasy show of which there are not enough.

Favorite drink:
Water, coffee, weird teas, Belgium style beers.

Which song should be played at your funeral:
I’d rather be a robot like Data than face my own mortality!

Person you’d most like to meet:
Alive: Mark Briody, Abbath, Yngwie Malmsteen, Richard Dean Anderson, and just about any of the people in band’s that I admire and the whole Metal-Rules.com team.

Deceased: George Carlin, “Spock”, Cliff Burton, Randy Rhoads, “Dimebag” Darrell, Chris Oliva, and to trace back through time and meet some of my relatives who lived and died long before I was born…etc.

Biggest thrill in life (so far):
Lots of simple things like: getting a new album I love, cats, having a supportive family, hiking, seeing and meeting some of my fav bands (meeting Rob Halford and in 2018 Kai Hansen), seeing a new Star Trek movie or anything new from the Stargate realm, and lastly being alive and relatively healthy is a thrill people don’t always think about, but we should since there is way to much pain, suffering, war, disease, greed, inhumanity, etc. in this world of SHIT!

Five favorite links:
www.metal-rules.com (surprise)
www.bravewords.com (Fellow Canucks!)
www.darklyrics.com (Best lyrics site out there…all metal and not polluted with too many ads!)
www.gateworld.net (StarGate rules!)
www.facebook.com/SciFi.Imaginarium (all my sci-fi news in one place!)

Final comments about yourself:
I think I’ve said enough, just remember…   Never let the BASTARDS grind you down!

– R.I.P. “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott 1966-2004 –

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