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Managing staff, being True, Defending The Faith and writing CD, DVD and book reviews

Current Top 5 Spins
1. Bloodhound-War Of Dragons
2. Aldaria-Land Of Light
3. Atlas Pain-What The Oak Left
4. Witherfall-Nocturnes And Requiems
5. Sicocis-Requiem Of The World

Classic Pick

Recommended Reading
Shredders by Greg Prato

Recommended Viewing
Powerwolf-Metal Mass Live

Nickname: JP

Real Name: Josh Wood

Birthday: 6:00am, 06/06/1970. I’m not kidding! I was born under a bad sign!

Birthplace: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Current Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Current Occupation: Working in the Metal industry

First Into Metal: 1976

First Album: Kiss-Destroyer

First Cassette: AC/DC- For Those About to Rock

First CD: Viper-Theater Of Fate

First DVD: Manowar-Hell On Earth Part I

First Concert: David Lee Roth (with Harlequin) Jan 5th, 1987.

Favourite Genres: A wide range from sweet and melodic Hard Rock to grim and necro Black Metal.

Least Favourite Genres: Anything ‘core’. Grunge, alternative, crossover, rap, techno, industrial and punk influences and tough guy jock metal. True Metal needs closed minds.

Metal related background:
In 1999 I became involved with the metal industry as more than just a dedicated fan when I invented designed, manufactured and released a Heavy Metal related Board game called Metal Mental Meltdown. It sold well and is now out of print but I have a few copies left.

I started writing for Metal-Rules in October of 2001 and wrote several hundred reviews through until June 2005, when career and family took me away from the site. My specialty was writing book reviews which I hope to continue the tradition of supporting metal related literature. Check out The Library Of Loudness section here.

In the interim (2005-2009) I hosted a number of metal related events in Calgary including a Metal Blood Drive, movie screenings, concert promotion and ‘Metal Night’ for five years a local bar. I currently write for the world’s largest Metal Database MusicMight (formerly Rockdetector) and also wrote for the metal section (Shrapnel) of the local entertainment newspaper, BeatRoute.

I am currently host of one of the world’s longest running Heavy Metal radio shows, Megawatt Mayhem. I am heard every Saturday night on CJSW 90.9FM in Calgary, Alberta Canada from  Midnight TO 3:00am (MST). My show has been on the air for over 31 years as co-host of the show.

Lastly, I am involved in various capacities with a number of metal projects with various industry people, writers, producers and promoters, as well as trying to stay involved by supporting metal in my community and around the globe.


Favorite TV Series: The X-Files

Favorite Drink: Coke Slurpees with beer a close second.

CD you hate to admit you have in your collection: None. I have no guilty pleasures. There is only metal.

Top Web-sites:

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