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Interview With Trouble
Interview & live photos by Luxi Lahtinen

Trouble... itīs been quite a while since you have heard from Chicagoīs own masters of heaviness and sorrow, hasnīt it? I guess itīs no stunning news to announce that Trouble is alive, kicking, and doing well...even if they havenīt kept too much noise about them for a quite some time. The band has had its ups and downs (downs - especially in the music business), but they are still here, working on songs for their 7th full-length album, simply having this logical title for it, SEVEN.

We met Eric Wagner, the vocalist of Trouble, in Stockholm, Sweden right after Trouble had finished their own soundcheck at Klubben. They were supposed to play that night together with Force of Evil and Candlemass. We followed him backstage, sat down, got the tape rollinī, and started talking about the past, present and future of Trouble. So just keep on reading what heīs got to say, īcoz heīs got some some very interesting and ītastyī things to say about some certain labels.

Now let Eric speak his mind a very honest way what he had in his heart 29th of November...


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Is this your very first time playing in Sweden?

Nope, the 2nd time actually. We played in Sweden, letīs see... about ten years ago already in Karlstad or whatever that city was called.



I heard from somewhere that you got ripped off by the organizers of that festival. They didnīt pay you anything for coming over there or something?

Yes, we did get ripped off by them; we never got any single cent from them. So we dealt with that, or tried to.



You even had to pay your own travel costs?

Yeah, we counted on that money, yīknow. We drove from Holland, Eindhoven all the way to where that festival was arranged. I cannot remember for sure the name of the town right now, but we played there two days and they didnīt pay us.



What other bands were on the bill at that festival?

Black Sabbath played there, but it was only Tony; he was in the band. Then Fleetwood Mac, the guitar player was there. Also Pat Travers or something was there as well, I think. This happened around ī93 or ī94. I didnīt even bother to watch Black Sabbath back then.



Back to tonight's gig - What kind of feelings do you have about this gig today since this is also your DVD gig as well? Are you feeling nervous about it?

I think itīs cool. Here we are, yīknow. We havenīt put out a new record for eight years and we get to come over to Sweden and record a live DVD. Itīs gonna be fun, I think.



Where did the idea come from to shoot your gig for a DVD here, especially in Sweden? Does Sweden have a special place in your heart?

Actually it was Leif from Candlemass works for the company and he emailed me one day, asking me if we would be interested in doing this. And we just said to him: “Why not?”



How many cameras will shoot your gig tonight?

I have no clue. But my guess is that thereīs six cameras or something on the stage.


Will this particular DVD feature also other bands on the bill tonight, I mean Force of Evil and Candlemass as well?

No, itīs just us. I think itīs gonna be a two-disc thing; one from the concert and the other one will probably contain some promo videos, interviews, some backstage footages, etc. even if this isnīt certain yet.



As for the songs for tonightīs gig, are you trying to cover all your albums as much as possible for your set, or is the some particular era of Troubleīs whole career that you have chosen to cover for this DVD?

Yes, we are gonna try to. I think we are gonna play at least one song from every album. Itīs kinda hard to pick songs for our set because everywhere I go people tend to yell different ones. So we just try kinda to choose the ones we thought would be a good selection to represent what Trouble is musically all about, yīknow.



Was it difficult to pick up songs for your set for this DVD gig? You didnīt have to do any compromises inside the band as far as your songs are concerned?

Yeah, it was a bit hard, but I just thought about what songs lyrically... I mean, the main ones we just have to play: “End of My Days”, “Psychotic Reaction”, etc. Those were planned and then we just kind of filled in the rest of the songs. Thereīs a couple of songs that we havenīt for a long time. Itīs probably 15-20 years now, well, almost. So itīs kind of cool to play them here again.



Are you going to play any unreleased songs tonight for this DVD thing?

No, even if weīd like to, but it seems like every time we play shows over here or something, somebody has one of these in his/her pocket. I mean, I would be ok, but itīs been 8 years since we put out new songs, so we want this DVD gig to be something special for our fans. We donīt want people to hear it first among with one of these things, yīknow, so we are not doing any brand new ones.


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Candlemass, Force of Evil and Evergrey will be playing with you tonight. What do you think of the line-up for this evening?

Itīs gonna be a good show. Or thatīs what I hope for at least.



Did you listen to Mercyful Fate in the 80īs?

Hmmm... I donīt know. I didnīt listen to that kind of stuff; none of it. I grew up listening to older stuff, listening to bands like The Doors, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and that kind of stuff. So when I got into the ī80s, I was still discovering music from there, yīknow, and after to me right from that moment when we first got together, too, and listened to old Judas Priest, U.F.O, Thin Lizzy and a lot of other new stuff that I really didnīt like that much. It was almost like Iīm listening to īthe first onesī, yīknow.



But I assume you still know the history of a band like Force of Evil?

Yeah, sure... they are from Mercyful Fate (Hank Sherman and Michael Denner that are). We toured with King Diamond in ī87, so I know pretty good. Force of Evil was playing in Cleveland this year, and when I walked in, I was like: “Who are these guys...?” īcoz they sounded really good. I knew they had to be īsomebodyī, yīknow. It was their first show and a friend said to me that thereīs two guys from Mercyful Fate in the band and I was like: “Alright... no wonder why they sound so good, he-hehe!!” I was really impressed by the guitarists of the band.



You have already released a five song DVD, containing five promo videos from Troubleīs career. Is it only available through your website or is it for sale through some music stores in the States, too?

Yes. Itīs only available through our website, thatīs all. Like you said, itīs five songs we did videos for back then when our albums came out. Itīs pretty cool all in all.



So whatīs the edition of that particular DVD?

When we put that thing together, we thought a lot of people havenīt seen those videos at all, especially over here in Europe. They already played those videos in the States, through Headbangerīs Ball, so we just thought that now when we are coming back again and putting together a website for Trouble, we should let people have some stuff that hadnīt hit their way earlier. So now we have MP3s there in our website and shit like that. We are gonna go all the videos what we thought what they want live. Weīll do that everybody will see and have that for nothing.


Trouble_pic7.jpg (51956 bytes)


How long has that particular DVD been out, by the way? Was it supposed to come out just recently?

Before we came here, we finally got them. We have them in our website pre-sold which we are never gonna do again because in this business you just never know whatīs gonna happen. When everything is available now, they are ready to be shipped to the ones who have ordered them from us. Now we finally got them and everybody that has pre-ordered the DVD from us, will finally get it for sure. When I get home, Iīll write a little news again: “Sorry as you had to wait for your order that long...” or something alike. It really wasnīt our fault. Now we feel a little stupid because it took so long to get it out.



Also, you will be having this five song CD out soon that will contain some unplugged versions from some of your old songs + two brand-new tunes. Would you like to tell me more about it, and where the idea came from?

It should have a grip around Christmas time. As for the idea to do unplugged versions for some of our songs for it, I honestly donīt remember any longer where the idea for that came from. We were thinking about that kind of thing for quite some time actually. We thought it would be something cool for in-between to people to have and we were thinking about what songs to play and so on. Then we thought that we should put a couple of new ones on it, too. The songs that on there, I mean, are different, Trouble-like, but they are more acoustic kind of songs. I think those songs are pretty cool, though.



As the fact is, the last full-length album that you did was PLASTIC GREEN HEAD came out eight years ago on Music for Nations. What happened with you and the label anyway?

Trouble_PLASTICGREENHEAD.jpg (7396 bytes)I donīt know. Actually we signed to Intercord in Germany. Right now Iīm working on trying to get the rights for all of this stuff back. I havenīt really talked to people from PLASTIC GREEN HEAD yet that Iīve mostly worked on Def American to. I want rights for those albums first. Those albums havenīt been released for how long now, so thatīs what Iīm working on right now. My goal is to have them all.



The cover for that album is quite īunusualī for a Trouble album. Kind of īnot your style,ī in my opinion. What do you honestly think of it?

The cover? Yeah, I agree that itīs a little different cover that we normally have in the past. I think the inside stuff is, however. The cover indeed is a little īweirdī, but thatīs what it is like, yīknow. Itīs a bit too late to whine it now, he-hehe!!



Who actually made it?

Thereīs a couple of people that helped this out on. Thereīs this computer guy and a friend of ours from Holland who took pictures for a weed and stuff aside. He took some band pictures, too. But I like the package overall. The lay-out came out really cool. Itīs weird, I admit it, but I still like it.



It seems to be pretty damn difficult to hunt down your early releases. Has there been any talk with any labels that some of those albums (PSALM 9, THE SKULL, RUN TO THE LIGHT and TROUBLE) could be re-issued in the future?

They are and thatīs why my main thing was to get the rights for these things or at least be able to find... well, they are all on different labels, so thatīs a problem. Thatīs why my main goal is to get the rights for them all.



Trouble_RUNTOTHELIGHT.jpg (8466 bytes)To me it seems like RUN TO THE LIGHT is the easiest Trouble album to find   nowadays. Even as far up north as Finland you can just walk into some store and buy it.

Because thatīs probably the one nobody wants... (*laughs*) Thatīs my least favorite Trouble album personally anyway. So thereīs probably some of those out there.



I think so, īcoz at least many stores in Finland seem to carry them. Then talking about MANIC FRUSTRATION a bit; itīs your best selling album thus far. Do you have any idea how many copies of it were sold worldwide?

Trouble_MANICFRUSTRATION.jpg (12315 bytes)I just donīt know. I think something like 100,000 copies, somewhere in there. Iīm not sure, though.



Did you manage to get any certificate from your label for those sales in the first place?

No, never... We got nothing from them, thatīs why we left. We were so fed up with the music business at that point, yīknow.



Is MANIC FRUSTRATION your favorite Trouble album?

I like those of us, too - both of them (PSALM 9 and THE SKULL), yīknow. They are both different, too.



You have also been working with Rick Rubin on the MANIC FRUSTRATION album; the guy who has produced Slayer. Can you tell what kind of guy he was to work with? Is he as good and as professional a producer as people in general tend to talk about him?

He taught me a lot, yīknow, so Iīm not going to say anything bad about him. I mean, heīs a weird guy, but...



Would you heīs kind of demanding towards a musician? Like always keeping  pushing and pushing musicians in order to get the best out of them in a recording situation?

Yes, he is. But you know what? After the Trouble one, he was writing a lot of things. He taught me to arrange a song, yīknow, so I cannot really badmouth about him too much. I mean, he did teach me a lot. We had our disagreements and stuff. He wanted things totally his way and I donīt let anybody have things their way.



Why did you end up leaving Def American in the first place?

Because they werenīt doing anything for us. We worked for nothing, didnīt see any money coming back to us at all. I mean, we just signed a shitty deal for one album, but that didnīt help. It eventually just got to the point, yīknow, we had PLASTIC GREEN HEAD kind of ripped and ready almost and I just didnīt want to want them over a free record. We spent a year working on it and we just didnīt want to hand it over to them. So we just had to get out of it.



After Trouble left Def American, you recorded a  five song demo CD called ONE FOR THE ROAD, that was basically made for promotional purposes only.

Yes, that was after Def American. We went into the studio to do a demo for some record companies, so we just packaged it like that and have sold rest of them over here already what was left from the whole edition of 1500 copies. We sent some of them to record companies over here to see whether they could be interested. They paid us trips over, so we ended up signing to Intercord. And when we just came here a week ago, we found those remaining copies from the original edition of 1500 copies. There was like 25 copies left of it. So we figured that we could bring them over here to see if anybody wanted them. If we donīt get rid off them here, then weīll put them for sale through our website, yīknow, only one per customer kind of thing.


Trouble_pic11.jpg (40926 bytes)


I bet people have been asking from you this particular recording quite a lot, correct?

In fact, in the States we never sold them, only here. I see them in the eBay every once in a while and I remember one was being there for sale for 50 bucks or something.



So, how much do you think my autographed copy is worth?

(*laughs*) I donīt know... hard to tell.



After your demise of Trouble in April 1996, you decided to form a new band called LID together with Danny Cavanagh of Anathema. You recorded one album together with Danny and the brothers of Reeves titled, IN THE MUSHROOM (on Peaceville in 1997) that contained mostly ī60s orientated Pop - and Rock Music. What happened with it anyway?

Well, that was just for one album. We are not gonna play at all. Itīs still there and I have been thinking about doing another one, too, but right now Iīm just working on this, Trouble.



Is it going to be with Danny and the Reeves-brothers again?

No, it will be with different guys... all of it. Anyways, if iīm going to do another album with LID, itīs gonna be different. The cool thing about LID is, I donīt have to be a certain way. I can do whatever I want. And I like that. I just hear Trouble... I mean, we can do things differently, but we still have to be to a certain point. We have to be Trouble, yīknow. But with LID I can do whatever I want.



That īprojectī really shows clearly your love toward some of your all time favorite bands coming from the ī60s era of Pop - and Rock music like The Beatles, The Doors, and Pink Floyd.

Yeah, it does. I would say so, too. Iīve been there... itīs more like even some of the songs that I wrote for Trouble like “Misery Shows”, “Rain” and “Hear the Earth” and songs like that, you can tell itīs me. If you know which ones they are, you can tell thatīs me, yīknow. If Iīll do another LID one, itīs gonna be different, maybe a little heavier. Two guitars maybe, I have to think about it. Because next time if Iīll do another LID album, I wanna play, too.


Trouble_pic10.jpg (32520 bytes)


What about the rest of the Trouble guys? Do they have any project bands going on while Trouble was having a little break?

Bruce did.

(At this point Messiah Marcolin from Candlemass walked in and interrupted our interview by asking Eric to join with him for a dinner, but luckily Eric was polite enough and decided to finish the interview first...)


Peaceville Records actually re-released IN THE MUSHROOM last year. Have you have seen it?

Yeah, I have - with a new cover. I just saw it recently. I saw it when we were in Germany in June 2003 and I emailed them and said them: “Thanks for changing the cover without asking me plus let me have some...”. (*laughs*) I havenīt even seen it ītil then. So he didnīt ask me, he didnīt tell me, he didnīt send me some copies and Iīm a little bit pissed off because of that. I think it looks good and all that, yīknow, but it would have been nice to be asked or told or... look this is what we wanna do. Just inform me about at least something, yīknow.



In their early days, Trouble promoted themselves as a "White Metal" band, in reference to your somewhat religious lyrics. Was it you who came up with that “White Metal” thing or was it your label back then, Metal Blade?

It was Metal Blade. Back then they called all of it īBlack Metalī, yīknow, Slayer, Danzig, etc., all those bands, they are īBlack Metalī, so I didnīt grow up believing in all that crap and I think that people didnīt believe in it either. It was a question about marketing your band in some way, so I had to do it. So I did this. Metal Blade called us as a “White Metal band” and I just wished they didnīt.



Because some people might have mistakenly believed that Trouble could be some sort of a religious group, preaching about Jesus and things related to that particular topic.

Right... right. I mean, why they are satanic if they are singing about that now. Iīm singing about this, why Iīm this, yīknow? I said just as many Satans and Lucifers as they did. The bottom line for me was... thatīs not the way, yīknow. Thatīs the only difference basically.




How about considering Trouble as some sort of a pre-Doom Metal band then? Do you see Trouble fitting into that genre because there are a lot of people playing in some Doom Metal bands nowadays that consider Trouble as one of their biggest inspirations and influences?

Trouble_THESKULL.jpg (9068 bytes)I donīt know. I donīt consider myself anything. We are just a band. I mean, if you look at different categories, I guess our first two albums, yīknow, they are pretty heavy, especially THE SKULL. Itīs definitely the heaviest one out of all our albums. Itīs a quite depressing album all in all, I would say. So, I think itīs flattering that bands think we have been an influence for them. Iīm just a guy from Chicago,  thatīs all.



Also a band like Black Sabbath could be considered īa pre-Doom Metal band,ī   as they have also used some parts in their sound that are both heavy and slow. I guess some of those Sabbath-influences can be tracked down from Trouble's sound as well.

Well, thereīs more. I mean, thereīs Sabbath and even before Black Sabbath, like Iron Butterfly.




Yeah... actually their first album that was called HEAVY. Itīs a white cover, a sky made of yellow and blue colors. I donīt know if you have ever heard of that record, but thatīs pretty damn heavy; thatīs īDoomī before Black Sabbath, yīknow - before IN-A-GADDA-DA-VIDA even. So, no... we are not īa Doom Metal bandī. We didnīt make it up.



The line-up you have these days is almost the same you had on your first two albums, except you have Chuck Robinson on bass now. Do you consider this Trouble line-up of 2003 as some sort of a īwinning team,ī as you have managed to stay friends for this long?

Well, we had a few different drummers and bass players. Itīs just now we are all back, yīknow. Jeff is like the original drummer, Ron is the original bass player, Shean was on our first three albums. Ron just left a message into an answering machine one day, stating he just couldnīt do this no more. Now I think he wishes he didnīt do that. But we already have Chuck and heīs working out really well. He fits writing with us and I think heīs a really good bass player, too. We have been friends for 10 years or so. So itīs not like he is īthe new guyī in the band. He was our guitar tech on the last tour we did with Cathedral over in the States, so...


Trouble_pic8.jpg (30247 bytes)


Also a couple of Trouble tribute albums have been released by two different labels. First off, Freedom Records (Mr.White of Spiritual Beggarsī label) from Sweden released a Trouble tribute CD called BASTARDS WILL PAY...

I have that one, but I donīt know what happened to the label. Is it still there?



I have no idea.

Me either. Somebody said that they couldnīt find it any more. I mean, that CD. Itīs a guy from here, I cannot remember his name now. But itīs Freedom Records. I did a song on it, too. I re-made “The Tempter” on it.



Also, I was doing some research through some websites lately and found out that Psychedoomelic Records released another Trouble tribute album called END OF DAZE that is only available for download through the internet.

Yeah, that one. Patrick, the guy who does a German website called “Trouble Heaven”, he just had an idea for bands who wanted to do Trouble songs and send MP3 in for it to the website. I even didnīt know about it ītil somebody told me one time. But thatīs really the only way you can get it, surfing straight to his website.


Trouble_pic6.jpg (19886 bytes)


Have you already managed to hear all the songs for it, too?

Not all of them because some of my computer wouldnīt download, but the guy is here now and he just gave me one copy.



What do you know about the Finnish music (metal) scene anyway?

Not just that they are from there, no, I mean if you imagined a couple of band names I might have heard of, but I honestly donīt know any. Like I said earlier, I really donīt listen to too much metal. Iīm mostly into both ī60s and ī70s stuff like Pink Floyd and stuff, yīknow. I love Pink Floyd.



Are there any new bands out there that have impressed you lately?

I donīt know. We have been writing new songs like for the last year, so I really listen to stuff when I write because I wake up in the next morning and to say: “Oh man, it sounds like that...”. So I donīt listen to anything because I want to try to do something else that nobody does which is pretty hard.


Trouble_pic4.jpg (17867 bytes)


What about some bands that have started sometime around in the nineties then. Have you followed any of them up to this day, for example?

I like Alice in Chains and their first album titled FACELIFT. I thought it was a great record. I really donīt remember anything else except the weed that we guys smoked when I was younger... (*laughs*)



You have been working with songs for your next full-length album that will possibly be titled SEVEN. Itīs also Troubleīs 7th album. Do you continue the same musical direction that you had on PLASTIC GREEN HEAD already, or can Trouble fans be prepared for an īup-datedī musical direction of Trouble on that one?

Hmm... itīs kinda hard to say right now because things tend to change when you are recording the album. I go down to a rehearsal and record the new songs that could be one of these. I just sit there and try to write worst to it, yīknow. So if they sound different on there, then they do when we go recording them.



Iīm giving you more hard nuts to be broken, he-he!! If you had to predict a little, would you see Trouble going back to the sounds of your first three albums - or do you believe you will continue right from there where you left off on PLASTC GREEN HEAD musically?

Trouble_TROUBLE.jpg (9122 bytes)Uh... man, itīs us, yīknow. But itīs how we feel now. All our albums all the time, we never try to write a certain way. Itīs just how we felt at that particular square at a time. I thought PLASTIC GREEN HEAD was a little more depressing than MANIC FRUSTRATION. And after MANIC FRUSTRATION album we werenīt getting along too well in Trouble at all, yīknow, and a lot of like drug references were included into the lyrics of PLASTIC GREEN HEAD īcoz everybody, well at least me, started to party more and get away like I had enough. I just tried to forget about shit. So this new album, SEVEN, is more like... getting away from that again, you know what I mean? I guess maybe it could be compared to our other albums, maybe the TROUBLE record could be the one more like that... something like that. THE SKULL album was depressing, too because we were doing lots of drugs back then. So “End of My Days” was the beginning of that beginning again, so this new one is kind of the same thing again. So if I had to compare it to any of our stuff, I would say that one maybe. Uh... itīs still really hard to say which of our earlier albums I should compare our new stuff to. Itīs damn difficult.



Have you finished any songs for the upcoming Trouble album?

Yeah... well, or we are never done, but thereīs 15 songs. Thatīs how many we have ready right now. So when we get back to home, if we wonīt get any more to write, sometimes itīs the very end, you alredy have the songs you need, yīknow. Like “End of My Days” we didnīt have that song all the way up ītil while we were recording. Bruce had this riff and we went to the hotel room, into the hotel roomīs bathroom and wrote “End of My Days” that ended up being the 1st song on the album. So I was kept broom for that kind of stuff, yīknow. Sometimes the best things come in the end, yīknow.



You mentioned earlier that Bruce has done some stuff by himself as well?

Bruce? Well, a lot of times the music, I mean, I write a few things; I cannot play that good. I just can do this. So he wrote a lot of the music and I put the lyrics to it. Sometimes I have lyrics and we get together and I have something, an idea in my head and he plays that kind for me, so most of the time he wrote the music and I wrote the lyrics. Bruce also did a solo project with another Trouble -mate Jeff Olson called Supershine. They were on Metal Blade.



Are you going to release your new album on your own, or have you been thinking to hand your new songs over to a record company for promotional purposes?

I personally want to do it ourselves because I have nothing left for these labels. If somebody comes to me, I mean Iīm gonna listen. Iīm not going to say: “No thanks... now get out of here!”. Iīll listen what people have to say, but Iīd rather just want to put it out ourselves and get a distribution deal or something. There have been a few labels that have called and asked from me: “What we wanna do...? Letīs hear it...”. And I have just said: “Ok... whatever... bye!”. I just wanna point out that we have been screwed more than once already, so Iīm in no big hurry to get screwed again. Twice-three times is enough already. Anyway, we have a couple of things in our minds already concerning this. Namely I think that we are just gonna go into a recording studio and pay for it yourselves. It pays things a lot of easier then, itīs not bullshit then. Itīs right here, you know what I mean. So weīll see what labels have to offer. Like I already said, thereīs about 6 labels there that are kind of interested in doing something with us. Then thereīs a couple of distribution companies as well, so the only thing weīll do is just to wait and see what happens. Because Iīm not gonna take your money right now because then you own it and we donīt want that any more. With the other albums we were on 3 different labels, so itīs a big mess then. Now if thereīs gonna be fourth, I want it all on one thing, I want the whole catalogue on one thing.


Trouble_pic5.jpg (18524 bytes)


There hasn't been very many press releases for your past albums either.

And thatīs one reason why, yīknow.



If you managed to get rights for all of your albums, would you re-release all of your past albums?

I donīt know. I always had this thing that it would be cool to re-record some of it from the past stuff, put out re-done, you know what I mean? Some stuff what we did for example for Metal Blade because just what we learnt over the years the songs would be a little different and the sound would be a lot better because, I mean that was 1984, I think, we spent $8000 making our first record. And it sounds like it. So to going to a studio nowadays and record some things there would be interesting.



Do you have any unreleased material somewhere that you could use for  possible re-issues as extra bonuses?

When I get home, I gotta visit to our website. I have a few things in my mind that I was gonna put out for free, a couple of things that I have in my box. Just for a fun of it, for a little Christmas presents, yīknow (*laughs*). Thereīs a few things that I have. But thereīs also some things that we canīt sell everything. I wanna be cool for people, thatīs why I put some MP3s from us available in our site, “Run to the Light” video and, yīknow, like interviews of us from MTV are on there, too. Itīs kinda cool. I have a few more things like that. So around the X-mas time I gonna put more things on. Have you had any talks with the whole band when your new album could supposedly be released? Any schedules or anything? What we wanna do is, when we get home, we are gonna work on with some more music and thatīs Christmas and New Year, so right after January. I want it out by spring, around summer when we are gonna do all festivals. We will probably play at Dynamo in June. And after that everywhere where we havenīt played yet.



So you are actually going on tour to promote your forthcoming album?

I hope so. I want to.



Are those gigs going to happen mostly in these summer festivals then?

Well, these places, yīknow, weīd like to play very much. I get emails from people from Helsinki, I get emails from Greece, from Italy, etc. all these emails having the same message: “Why donīt you play here? Come play, please...”. So I respond: “Ok, we will...”.



What about Finland? When are we going to see you guys playing over here in Finland for the very first time?

I donīt know. Everything got to be coordinated right. And if everything works out, Iīll imagine we will do like Finland at the same time that weīll be here in Sweden. I donīt know where else there is to play; maybe in Norway or something, I donīt know. I think that would be interesting. I have never been to Finland or Norway before. Like now here I am in Stockholm now, I have never been in Stockholm in my life before. I love shit like that. So just send me an email and Iīll see what it is because when the time comes, I can give it to those people who set up the shows.


Luxi _Eric.jpg (18041 bytes)


Ok then, Iīll do that. I think that was it. Thanks Eric for your time and have a good show tonight.

No problem man and thanks for taking your time with this. See ya guys after the concert or something.