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Interview with Pete Sandberg of Silver Seraph

Interviewed By Anders Sandvall
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I met up with Pete Sandberg in a coffee-shop here in Malmö Sweden to talk about his latest project Silver Seraph that he is doing whit  Richard Andersson (Majestic). Pete was very sympathetic and very interesting to talk to.


How did you start the project with Richard Andersson (Majestic) and how did you get to know Richard? Why did you chose to call the project Silver Seraph?

I got to know Richard from the time with Rostinghouse management. We had the same management. I have known Richard five years.  During that time Richard thought, we ought to do something together. He has asked and asked but not until now  have we had the time. The name comes from the Greek mythology and Silver Seraph is the good angel.


Is this a project or a band?

This is me and Richards project.


Did you know the other guys from before?

I knew Jens from before. He is playing bass and the guitarist Jorgen has taken part in my former project Jade. I didn’t know Peter, who plays the drums, before.


How do you like your singing on the record as a whole? When did you start singing?

Quite satisfied! The sound is good and everyone in the band has done a very good job. I started singing when I was living in Norway and I was nine years old and I listened to radio Luxemburg and I heard the song ”Love hurts” and then I knew that I wanted to be a singer.


Are you going to tour on the record?

No tour on the record. Every member of the band is occupied with their own bands.


Who has written the material for the record?

Richard has done all the music and I have done the lyrics. The lyrical content is Greek mythology, the Good against the Evil and I like to write theme-records for example my solo-record ”Push” which is about my divorce from my wife.


Is it going to be a follow-up on this debut-album?

A follow-up of Silver Seraph is uncertain. I have another project coming out after the summer and it is called Opus Atlantica.  On this one there will be a follow-up.


What’s your opinion on Richard as keyboard player?

He is a master in world-class.


What do you listen to when you are at home?

Black Sabbath (the Tony Martin-era), Ozzy-all solo- records, Whitesnake.  I don’t listen to the new-metal (ed. note: mallcore).  It’s like Britney Spears! Zero credibility! With that I mean ”Slipknot” and ”Limp Bizkit” among others.


You have a long career.  What’s the most satisfying?

The first CD with Alien.  The climax was the solo-record ”Back in Business” and of course Silver Seraph!


What are you going to do the rest of the year?

I am going to mix my third solo-record.  This one is only acoustic and on this record I sing together with the Copenhagen symphonic orchestra. This record is called ”Naked Reflections” and my second task is to mix my new project ”Opus Atlantica” and the record is called ”Anthem”. The project Opus Atlantica is going to tour in Japan this year and here in Sweden it is going to be a club-tour with the acoustic record.


Why don’t you have your own band?

I have very bad experience working in a band, for example the band Alien. That wasn’t a fun experience at all.  I look upon myself as an engine and I always have a vision in my head about the project.  Even if I have worked with the best people possible as Anders and Jens Johansson and Mats Olausson and Jonas Raingold and the acquaintance with those have been an access I prefer to be my own.


What do you think about working with a small record-company?

You have a greater priority working with a small company. Better small than big!


Do you see any future during the 21st century for metal?

I think metal and hard rock always are around and will never die.


Is it something you want to say to the fans out there?

The world is yours. I am very grateful to the people who share my passion for hard rock.  It is also an honor to me that people buy my records and like them.  One very important thing is to stand up for hard rock if you like it.


Thank you, Pete, for taking time to answer my questions.

No problem. It was a pleasure to talk to you, Anders!


For more information on Pete Sandberg and his extensive hard rock / metal career, drop by the official site at: petesandberg.rules.it

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