Heart of Steel: Interviews

Saxon: Malmö, Sweden - November 25, 2001

Interview and Photos by By Anders Sandvall

Before the show at KB in Malmö Sweden the 25/11-2001, I got to chat with Doug Scarrlet, guitarist in Saxon about Saxon and other stuff. I also got a few minutes with the icon/God Biff.

Questions for Doug Scarrlet

What would you do for a living if you were not a member of Saxon?
A film critic, I watch a lot of films.


What is your favorite movie?
The classic Bladerunner and Wings of Desire.


How many records do you have?
I have 600 at home. On this tour I brought about 50.


What was the first record you ever bought?
It was ”Slade live”.


Do you get a lot of records?
No, I don’t but I get some from our company for example, the new Judas Priest ”Demolition”. They are on the same record company as we are on, SPV.


You are going to play with Judas Priest in London. How do you feel about that?
It will be a lot of fun to play with them.


Do you know any Swedish hard rock bands?
Yngwie Malmsteen of course and Dimmu Borgir (they are from Norway not from Sweden). There is a lot of dark metal here in Scandinavia.


Which songs do you like to play live from the new record (Killing Ground)?
I like the title track and ”Coming Home”.


Can you see Saxon playing in the future and for how long?
As long as we feel good and there is no signs of exhaustion in the band.


What is the band going to do next year?
The Killing Ground tour is continuing till after the summer 2002. More gigs in Europe and during the summer 2002 festivals around Europe.


Do you like Sweden? What is your first memory of Sweden?
I like Sweden very much and it is a very nice country. My first memory was when I became a member of Saxon and we did a small club tour in Sweden. I liked that very much.


What are your thoughts on hard rock and metal during the twenty-first century?
I think it’s coming back again in a big way. For example, we have a large audience in Germany despite that the towns are situated very close to each other.


What are you listening to in your tour bus?
Right now it is Dimmu Borgir and the new Rammstein CD.


Why have you recorded the new Saxon records in Germany at the KARO studios?
We like that studio very much. The studio is very big and has a lot of space. We love that studio!


Why have you chosen Rainer Hänsel as your producer?
Simply because he is a friend and we like him, but every one in the band is involved in the production well.


Why do you have different local opening act’s here in Sweden?
I don’t know. We prefer to be without support band because then we can perform longer but it is fun to give local bands a chance to show what they can do.


Do you have anything you would like to say to the fans out there?
I want to thank all the fans for their support over the years. We have really loyal fans. If you haven’t bought our new record ”Killing Ground” go out and do so right now.


Questions for Biff

Which Saxon record do you like best?
I like all the records we have made over the years.


If you had a hobby band, what would your position be?
I would play the guitar instead of singing. Before I started to sing I was a guitar player.


How do you keep your voice in such good shape? You sound just as good as you did in the eighties?
I rest a lot and don’t talk. It is much harder to talk than to sing.


What is your favorite memory from Sweden?
In the eighties on the ”Strong Arm of the Law Tour” we played on small stages and we had a small PA-system. We came over to Sweden and they told us that we had sold out the Ice-stadium in Stockholm with places for 10.000 people. The audience was so loud that we were drowned by them in the same way as the Beatles in their days and that was really funny.


What do you think of hard rock and metal in the twenty-first century?
I think it is coming back strongly and there is better quality to it than before. 

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