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Interview with Arto Räisälä
Interview by Cryptic


What have you been up lately?

Arto-Well, I joined the Finnish army heh. ASENTO! LEPO!! It ends somewhere in the beginning of 2003. We haven’t played gigs or rehearsed songs because of that, but that’s not a problem at all, we have dozens of new ass whipping songs for the next album. I and Teemu have composed 3 CD´s full of new Requiem songs for others to practice and our bass player Pasi Kauppinen have also written some new Requiem songs. It’s very hard to choose the right songs for the next album. I found our The Arrival studio sessions that interesting, I’ve thought of studying as a studio engineer. It was a first time to Jouni, Teemu, Jari and me to record in a "REAL studio"



How has the reactions been so far with your debut, The Arrival?

Arto- The reactions have been totally amazing! I didn’t expect anything, because it’s hard to know about your own music how its going to success, especially for the debut album.



I love your album cover! Its nice to see a fantasy related album cover without dragons. What is the concept behind the cover. Is there a story to it?

Arto- There’s no story. I also think that the album cover is very beautiful. Actually I didn’t want anything fantasy related, but it fits fine to The Arrival. When we made demos, there were pictures of naked girls in our album covers ;p



What made you decide to change your death/power metal sound to the power/progressive sound that you currently play today?

Arto- There were no decisions, it just came naturally. Maybe we’ll let you hear Neoclassical/Progressive/Black/Death/Power/Guitarwanking/NintendoMetal on our next album:) Just kidding. We just love to mix many different elements to our music, if they’ll fit in the songs.



You recently made a video for the song Broken Alliance. Where can your fans see this video? What was the experience like in making this video?

Arto- The video can be found on our website www.requiemband.kpnet.com in the future. We had a lot of fun shooting the video. But it was a cold and windy day at the beach (well, this is Finland…) and it wasn’t fun to carry shit from one place to another.



What are your influences?

Arto- I can only say that our influences are all the music that sounds good in our ears. Nowadays I’ve been listening : Testament, Megadeth, Yngwie Malmsteen, King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Throne of Chaos, Mayhem, Symphony X, Adagio, Dream Theater, Spock´s Beard, Lieszt, Chopin, Wagner, Rachmaninov, Magellan, Pain of Salvation, Danny Elfman & John Williams soundtrack music, Lalo Schiffrin, Chase, Frank Zappa, Miles Davis, Shawn Lane, Steve Vai etc to name a few. At this moment I´m listening Royal Hunt.



You guys were still teenagers when you started. Did you have any problems playing live? Did school get in the way and cause problems?

Arto- We were teenagers when we recorded The Arrival heh . Except Jouni, Pasi and Heinrich. I turned 20 at may. Teemu and Jari are still teens haha:). No, we didn’t have any problems playing live. We have practiced a lot so we don’t have to worry about what we do onstage. In fact Requiem was before the album known from the grazy stage act and it’s getting better and better all the time. Fuck the school. I know education is very important thing. I graduated this spring, but School and work have never been that important to me than music and arts in general. Would you be happy if you worked your ass off from 8 to 16 for other people and earn for your living with doing things that doesn’t satisfy you? When being an artist, you can take your album/drawing or something else that you have created with your own soul to your hands, show it and proudly say – This is what I have done.


Jouni, you also are the singer for Altari, which is a hard rock band with Sonata Arctica’s Jani Liimatainen. How did you become involved with this band? Is this being treated as just a side project or something more serious?

Arto- Yes, Jouni is the singer of Altaria and he has also sings in a band called Unitar. This morning he went to record vocals for the Altaria´s Jason Becker tribute song. It’s good to have more than one band if you only have time to concentrate to them all. Jari, Heinrich and Pasi also have other bands. Pasi and Heinrich plays in the Silent Voices. Check out their awesome debut Chapters of Tragedy!! I wonder why anyone haven’t asked me or Teemu to other bands heh. Then we have to found those by ourselves :)



How did you get on Sound Riot’s label?

Arto- They just mailed us and wanted our demo etc…. Maybe they’ve visited our website or something. That’s funny, this question have been asked us several times, but we haven’t never asked them how they found us.



How did you guys all meet to form this band?

Arto- Requiem is formed in the Popstars TV show from 666 teen girls. Only 6 managed in the final lineup and here we are. Our plans are to make a album with pro musicians and composers, tour da world, be a number 1 on all lists, broke up and form 6 solo careers.



What does the Requiem Symbol represent?

Arto- I don’t know. You have to ask that question from the guy who putted that there. Maybe it’s Brazilian pussy.



Have you written any material for your follow up?

Arto- As I have mentioned before, we have dozens of new killer songs which are much more better than songs on The Arrival.



Are you planning on touring anytime soon?

Arto- When I’m finished with the Finnish army at the beginning of 2003 I’m ready to do anything! Touring is what I’ve dreamed of for a long time. Hopefully we can have an opportunity to tour as much as possible. If not, we’ll pack our shit and loads of booze to the van and make our own tour heh. I’m sick of bands who keep telling in the interviews that they get exhausted of touring. Fuck them, they’re on wrong business!



The current Power Metal scene is huge and there are a lot of bands that are considered run of the mill, or copycats. How do you feel about this and where do you see yourself in this situation? For example, you are often compared to Sonata Arctica. 

Arto- C´mon, Sonata and Requiem are two completely different bands. You should have seen us when we played on the same gig… I know it’s very hard to be recognized from the huge scene and every band keep saying that they’re original. This is the same problem with every music scene. I’m sure that people who have listened to our album carefully can say that our music doesn’t sound like Sonata Arctica, Stratovarius or something other band. It sounds like REQUIEM! I think that more we play and write songs the more original we’ll become and that’s natural growing as a musicians if that doesn’t happen there is something terribly wrong.



What cd’s are you currently listening to?

Arto- 1. Adagio – Sanctus Ignis
2. King Diamond – Spider´s Lullaby
3. Kamelot – Karma
4. Black Sabbath – Tyr
5. Frank Zappa – Hot Rats



How is the metal scene in Finland? Is it easy to purchase metal cd’s, magazine, t-shirts?

Arto- Metal scene in Finland is great, but I think that’s not too supportive for the Finnish bands. People here don’t even know what the hell is Requiem but I think that will soon change, coz we’ve finally been licensed here by Low Frequency records. When we made demos, people here were interested in us and supported us to continue the good work, but right after we got a record deal they turned their back to us Damn you Judases!! Maybe that’s envy. Finnish magazines and other medias haven’t showed interest to Requiem but elsewhere we’ve been noticed with a great response. For example here I’m doing an interview to Metal Rules!! Finnish metal scene in general is very strong as you probably have noticed, Finland is small country but still we have various famous metalbands : HIM, Apocalyptica, Sentenced, Nightwish, Children of Bodom, Sonata Arctica, Impaled Nazarene, Sinergy, Stratovarius, Tarot, Amorphis to name a few. Finland is dark and cold country to live and maybe that has something to do with the huge metal scene. If you lived here you’d surely find out very soon what is the meaning of the word VITUTUS!!



Is there anything you would like to say to the fans at Metal-Rules??

Greetings from members of Requiem to all readers of the Metal Rules!! We want you all to write us Emails and comments to our guestbook. Check out our album The Arrival and buy it! Visit our site www.requiem.kpnet.com Hope to see you soon!!

Thank you Paul and Metal Rules!

Cheerz Arto Räisälä (guitars) / Requiem




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