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Nail Within in "Spiderhouse" Studio
Studio Report By Yishai

For an Israeli metal band to record a debut album in 30 days outside the country is pretty close to making a dream come true, the domestic metal scene is tough, hardly without any media support from any kind and only pushed by the metal labels, local distributors and by the bands themselves.


We decided to go all the way to Germany to "Spiderhouse Studio" to work with a legendary producer whom created some of the most influential thrash metal albums as "Pleasure To Kill", "Persecution Mania", "Agent Orange" and "Dimension Hatros" and worked among other with acts as Helloween, Pestilence, Celtic Frost etc. This person's name is Harris Johns.

The studio's located in a small, old fashioned village in the eastern part of Germany, close to nowhere more or less... we came there with Zeev Tananboim from the Israeli legend SALEM, he is a close friend and worked with us since the early days. He came to co-produce the album together with Harris, joined by Salem’s ultra killer drummer Nir Nakav on the drums. We were 6 crazy Israeli metal-hearts flying to record a debut album and making our dream come true.


The studio is a big ancient house, in the first floor there is the studio and at the second one we lived, 4 living rooms, 1 shower + toilet and a lot of beer/smoke and metal records lying everywhere... it's a pretty inspiring place (the village) but We have to admit that after a few days we became bored by the area and the trains to Berlin became more and more wanted.

We rented the drum set for 5 days but Nir is a killing machine so it only took him 2 days.

Evil Haim recorded his bass parts pretty fast as well, using more distortion effects on the bass in order to sound more heavy & massive (which he definitely sounded at the end!!). Step by step we developed within the process. We started to record guitars - both guitar players Alex and Matan used Mesa Boogie Rectifier amps with some work on Marshall amps as well, so the sound was a combination of old school and updated, thrashy but heavy and razored. We started to see the vision of the final result and it was (as we said) thrashy but heavy as hell!

L-R: Thomas, Yishai, Mille

Two days after we started with the vocals, two very important guests came to the studio. In fact, they were 3, but we never expected the third one to appear. In fact, we didn't know who he was in the beginning. Mille Petrozza from the thrash gods KREATOR and Tomas Lindberg (At The Gates, Lock Up, The Great Deceiver) came to sing as guest vocalists on the track "Dirty Colored Knife". Tomas is a good friend, Yishai’s ex-band played with him in Israel 3 years ago and we hung out together for a week, it was an unforgettable experience as we made a huge show over here. For him it was great to meet Mille as well as they got along very well when they met before, so everybody was expecting to meet each other. They both, of course, did a GREAT job. For us, as people who grew up on Kreator albums it was a great experience and a huge respect that someone like Mille came to sing with us. It made us really proud especially regarding the fact that we came from Israel and are totally unknown to the scene.

It was great to meet Tomas again, he came with all his family and stayed for 5 days with us as a great vacation for us all, we drank, played, recorded, cooked dinners for each other, it was great.

Mille (left) and Thomas (right)


Together with Mille came a friend of his by the name of Robert Gonella. We didn't know who he is but we smoked, drank and talked pretty well. During one of our conversations he told us: "well, I was a singer too, 14 years ago in a thrash metal band" being big fans of 80's thrash metal we all asked together "who?" and he said "you'll never know", that made us even more excited "who?" we asked again, "ASSASSIN" he answered. He was VERY surprised to hear about Israeli metal heads knowing his band. Since we all really worship their 2 albums on SPV in 86 and 88, we invited him to share vocals on our album on the track "Bleed Forever" and he was more then happy to do that, it was his first appearance in the scene for 14 years!!! And we are more then happy that it's in our album, he told us about the re-union they will maybe do and from here we wish them all the best and the biggest success we can wish, long live ASSASSIN!!!

As you can imagine, all this process was very inspired, we were getting closer and closer to the end of the album, mixing, adding some stuff and all the other boring studio work we’re not going to bore you to death with…

We came back in the beginning of August, full of great memories and hopes for the future. 3 weeks after that we were picked up and signed by the ever growing French label LISTENABLE for 2 albums, our album will hit the scene in February 2003, but until then you are more then welcome to take a look at the attached photos, get into the great experience we had during the recording process and check out our website: www.nailwithin.com

Cheers to you all, HUGE thanks to all the great people who helped us - see you all in 2003!!!

Yishai, Haim, Matan, Alex, Nir
Nail Within

 Interview with vocalist Yishai Sweartz

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