Heart of Steel: Interviews

LAST TRIBE - Magnus Karlsson
Interviewed by Anders Sandvall
Thanks to Playground Music Scandinavia for the promo-pictures taken by Glenn Larsson.
Pictures of Magnus taken by Anders Sandvall

I met Magnus Karlsson in a cafe’ at a famous place called Möllevångsmarket (One well known international place for selling groceries) in Malmö Sweden. The purpose was to talk about the brilliant new Last Tribe CD WITCH DANCE and his involvement in the group Midnight sun.

The debut album ”THE RITUAL”, what do you think about it today?

For that time being quite good but I prefer the new one more because I can sign (play) better on that one.


Why did the follow-up record take so much time?

I think we have worked fast, In less than a year the new record was ready.


Are you satisfied with the new record WITCH DANCE

I am very satisfied. I want Last Tribe to sound like this.


Can you explain the name Witch Dance?

The song Witch Dance represents Last Tribe and give me and Richard a chance to show our skills.


You have a very heavy sound on your guitar on this record compared to your debut. What have you done?

The first record is recorded digitally and with no amp and on the new one we used new guitars and modern technology and a new amp.

Which is your favorite on the new album?

”WAKE UP THE WORLD” makes me proud and the instrumental song ”AGADIE” is also a good one.


Are you planning for a tour with the new record? And are you going to play in Sweden?

If the record sells good we plan an opening act to some bigger bands; If not we'll discuss a tour through Sweden in the end of the summer.


You write most of the music and lyrics. What gives you inspiration?

From the hard rock in the eighties like Iron maiden and Dio for example. Even Irish folk music and jazz-guitarists have inspired me.


There are only you and Richard Bengtsson left in the band. What happened to the others?

They just tried in the band and they were not permanent members of the band.


There are two new members in Last Tribe. How did you come to know each other?

The drummer is an old friend and plays in Midnight Sun. Richard knew the bassist from the band Armageddon. Both are permanent members of Last Tribe.

What is your description of the Last Tribe-music?

I consider the music as melodic/prog metal.


You play the guitar in Midnight Sun as well. Are you a permanent member of the band and do you have time for all this?

Yes I am a permanent member of Midnight Sun. I make my part in the recording, that is, I walk in and just do the guitar playing.


When can we expect the follow-up record to ”METALMACHINE” the last record of Midnight Sun? Are there any tour plans for Midnight Sun?

Nothing is planned. Probably after a follow-up record to ”METALMACHINE” if the record succeeds commercially.


Do you other projects?

My main concern is Last Tribe and as number two comes Midnight Sun. I also am involved in a project with Irish folk music and the band is called Green House. Besides this I am a guitar teacher.


Are you satisfied with your work with Anders ”Theo” Theander and the Roastinghouse recording studio? Have you had other studios in mind?

I am very satisfied with Anders. We work good together. I am not strange to try other studios in the future.


What is your opinion of hard rock and metal in the twenty-first century? Do you see any future for it?

The trend is slow but it is on it’s way back again. I don’t think it will be as big as it was but there is always room for it.


If I call you 'Yngwie Malmsteen of the twenty-first century' what do you say?

You give me a big compliment but I think Malmsteen would look upon it as an insult.



What do you listen to at home?

Right now the middle and the end of the Saxon era. Vadem Plas. Their new record is a real hit. One of my biggest heroes of all time is Dio.


Do you have anything to say to the fans out there?

If you like melodic metal you are a member of Last Tribe and understand what heavy metal is all about.


Thank you, Magnus for taking you time to answer my questions.

I am only glad to satisfy your interest in Last Tribe. It was a pleasure to talk to you Anders.


Official Site: www.lasttribe.net