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Interview With Max Kolesne of Krisiun

Interview by Arto Lehtinen
(with the co-operation of the PlanetMetal mag editor Marcos Cardoso)

Brazilian death/thrash bands have always had a place in my heart since the 80's due to their uncompromising attitude to create the entire raw, savage and brutal stuff which can definitely not compared to any other ones. Krisiun carries this Brazilian bestial metal legacy with their own ultimate aggressive brutal death metal onslaught. The death metal trio has stormed and conquered the entire death metal scene with their skilled and razor sharpened and above all hyper fast stuff.

I was extremely pleased to have the great opportunity of doing an interview with the drummer Max Kolesne of the Brazilian death metal monger for Metal-Rules.com....Enjoy… Conquerors of Armageddon are here…..


You have just returned back from the US tour with Cryptopsy, Diabolic and Dimmu Borgir to run your own tour down in Brazil. How was that US tour and what kind of relationship did you have between other bands and how did the audience receive Krisiun?! Three death metal bands and one black metal band on the bill, pretty solid bill for the US extreme metal fans?!?

USA has a great metal scene, specially for extreme metal. Most of shows we have done out there are fuckin crazy, people love the brutality and speed, I mean the real metal followers, the true die hards, I'm not talking about the fashion nu metal (Ed. note: better known as mallcore since it's not even metal!) bullshit. Since the first tour we ever did in the US, every time we come back there again there are more and more people coming to our shows and I can tell that the USA is one of the best places in the world for us to play.

The tour with Dimmu, Diabolic and Cryptopsy went great and everybody in the bands got along pretty well, actually we already knew everybody in the tour and the relationship was more than friendly. Every night we had fun drinking and smoking buds, and the special thing about the tour was that every band has its own stile, every show was packed.


But you are doing the long Brazilian tour after a long break and as far as I know you usually pull average 2000 people to each show there, that's incredibly a lot in my opinion, the fan base has definitely become a helluva lot bigger and apparently growing all the time there?!?

Since we released Ageless Venomous last year, we have done already tours in the US, Europe, UK, Greece, Japan, festivals like Wacken, Fuck the Commerce, Milwaukee Metalfest, and now it is time for Brasil.

Our legion of fans has grown here, but it was not like that ten years ago. In Sao Paulo for example we used to play for 50 people or even less than that, and now we draw more than 2000. We have been struggling along the years and little by little increasing our legion of fans, we never wimp out or stab our fans in the back, that's why they love Krisiun, cause we are metal to the bone we keep true to our roots, we might not sell 1 million copies but our fan base is solid and strong.


A few festival dates have been added to the touring list, I guess those festivals ain't small ones?!

We have played in some great festivals along the tour, Milwaukee, Wacken, Fuck The Commerce, X-mass Fest, and the Abril Pro Rock (this festival happens every year in the north-east coast of Brasil in Recife city). We also are gonna be headlining two more festivals, one in Sao Paulo and in one in Santa Catarina (south-Brasil).


But the most interesting thing which I found as you are about to do a gig together with Sepultura, whose reputation has gone down badly, people have criticized them a lot for changing their style and they have personally faced problems in finding a new record label. But I have the impression that you as well can't stand the current mallcore (nu metal) style of Sepultura at all?!? I guess poor Sepultura will get slaughtered when Krisiun gets on the stage and unleashes the beast …hahaha

Well, this show already happened and went fuckin great! There were about ten thousand people!

About Sepultura, I felt really disappointed when they changed their furious speed thrash metal for what they are doing now. I was a big fan in the past, Bestial Devastation, Schizophrenia and Beneath The Remains are all classic metal albums, but whatever I respect them cause they were an influence for us and they are really cool guys.


Anyway you have toured effectively in both US and Europe, with Immolation, Satyricon, Kreator, Incantation and hundreds of other bands, generally do you have got treated by other bands on tours and have you ever had to take the vocals over of some other band once again like you did with Angelcorpse when Pete Helmkamp all of a sudden pulled out of the band in the middle of the tour ?!?

The only time Alex got to sing for somebody else was with Angel Corpse, I think Pete kind of whimped out and gave up playing Death Metal. The road is really tough sometimes, so if you are not really tough it won't take too long to give up this live. Get on the road and play death metal every fuckin night is definitely not for losers, you have to give your blood and soul for Death Metal.

But anyway I think he is a cool guy and very talented, when he was not feeling good playing in the band, then he made the right choice, there is nothing worse than do something that is not interesting anymore.


It is obvious you have become damn close and good friends with Cannibal Corpse, Kreator, Dimmu Borgir!

Fuck yeah, they are all cool guys, especially the guys in Cannibal Corpse and Nick Barker. The sound guy of Cannibal Corpse did sound for us during the whole tour almost for free, just because we are all good friends.


Don't you think it is a little bit of a funny situation with the Entombed and Dismember guys, both of them are old death metal veterans anyway, fly all the way to England to check out Krisiun and several interviews they are like "Krisiun..Holy hell… we are influenced by them!" and of course the same thing with Morbid Angel, but that's an old thing..hahah!?!?!?

Its such a great honour for us to know that those guys respect us, and are into our shit. I cant wait to play with these bands again. When the guys from Entombed and Dismember showed up in England we got all fucked up, with buds, whisky and beer.


Speaking of Ageless Venomous, the album was carried out in your home country Brazil, what actually made your mind to carry out the recording process of the album in Brazil, did you wanna bring and find unexplored musical territories to your music or just trying out new ideas?!?

We were looking for something different this time, we checked out the studio and knew we could get a good quality there. Ageless Venomous really differs from the previous release production wise, it sounds clearer, it shows how precise we can play, there is no blurry parts, everything is there, and that's exactly what we were trying to get. The next album shall have the same clearness but will definitely be heavier.


I was personally kinda surprised and a little bit shocked when hearing the album for the first time as it sounded so totally different compared to the previous albums as the drums on Ageless Venomous sounded like the drums would have been mixed too front whereas the typical merciless guitar works of Krisiun didn't get and deserve the right brutal handling of which Krisiun's brutal, savage and raging death metal is known for .. Hmm how much can you agree with my standpoints or in general how do you feel the album afterwards however you did the album with blood, heart and soul?!?

As I mentioned before Ageless Venomous is just clearer, the guitar is just as loud as the drums, but there is no noisy coming from guitar, a lot of guitarists like to have noisy sound so they can hide the mistakes, on Ageless you can here the guitars picking even on the fastest parts, its all speed and power coming from arms, fingers, legs and throat. Some people for example don't like the way the drums sound and they love the guitar sound, its just a matter of different stand points.


But comparing Conquerors of Armageddon and Ageless Venomous to each other, they are totally different and have an entire other kind of the world of the sound??!

Exactly, we have been playing Death metal for 12 years, so it makes no sense to have the same sound every time. We never whimp out, we keep improving and innovating but at the same time we keep the roots, we keep the music fast, brutal, pure fuckin Armageddon metal, so we don't give a fuck to what people say, our music is immortal.


But I have heard some weird rumors sung by little birds once again about the next upcoming Krisiun studio album would be entirely different than what you have ever done before, seriously could you unveil something about the next album (track names, the title of the album!!!!)?

Well we are just starting to work on the new songs. So I don't have any name or title to say yet. It's definitely gonna be extremely fast, brutal and satanic, but we are gonna innovate.


Will the next album however be done in your home country with the local producer, or are you willing to record in Berlin like with Apocalyptic Revelation or will you get to the States like with Conquerors?!?

Conquerors was recorded in Germany and we don't know yet, but we might go to the US this time, just to do something different.


Krisiun have done 5 albums in a row plus a couple of mini/split outputs, but do you view writing the new brutal mayhemic death metal stuff in the vein of Krisiun is getting more and more complicated for you as you always need to find new musical ways as well as influences and put them to the format that sounds and of course looks Krisiun's material and track?!?

Absolutely NOT! We play this music because we love it, it comes from our hearts, its in our blood, we don't have to force anything, its all natural, from the inspiration to the doctrine of keep daring the speed limits of play, we are crazy bastards of death metal. If one day I was going to lose the passion then I'd quit.


Where does this brutality to your music actually spring up, from your heart or your soul?!?

From both, heart and soul are connected, if I play without feeling I play like shit, the feeling is always the most important. Mind, heart and soul that's the secret to play such brutal songs.


When you start penning the new material for the next new album, how do you usually start the writing and composing process, and does your working and composing method differ a lot for every album and then upcoming one also?!

Usually Moises shows up with most of riffs and then we start working on the songs with the guitar and the drums, Alex also writes some of the riffs especially for the vocal parts. But we don't follow any rule, sometimes the best songs we write comes from jamming, we start playing and improvising and the best ideas just show up, because when we are jamming we are on the top of our feeling.


Krisiun's lyrics are mostly based on your anti-Christian views and standpoints, does your utter hatred toward the Christian views come from your experiences with the local South American fundamental religious background, having an obvious tight grip on the local society there, or do you just wanna express your standpoint about religion and in general Christian ethics have been made up?!

Our lyrics are not just anti-Christian, its more anti human race way of life, since the beginning of times, when men raised the first kingdoms of religion and civilization they killed all the old cultures, they destroyed monuments of the nature they usurped the free men and the wild all in name of religion, greed and power, a new kingdom of fallacies was raised and like bacterium has been devastating all around. Just look around and you see that the world you live at was built on tyranny, praising fake gods and spreading weakness around.



In the wake of Krisiun's success and above all your fast, razor sharp played brutal neck breaking death metal has spawned the new generation of the Brazilian death metal scene, whenever getting a hold of some new Brazilian death metal outfit I usually turn out to be more than curious to find out how they sound. Most of them are quite heavily influenced by your style, but to say it positively they all sound damn professional and have paid attention to the quality in terms of music and production. Are you pleased to see the second raising of the Brazilian death metal scene with all these great bands?!?

It's definitely fucking great to know we have inspired so many bands, it's a honor for us, besides the speed and brutality we brought back the old vibe of metal, we are really inspired by the old bands, but we never try to be a copy, we always try to be original, to sound different from the other bands.


But honestly does it bug you in a one way or another that most of the new death metal that has been coming out are influenced by you a little bit too much?!?

Sometimes it is even funny how some bands try to sound like us, but it doesn't bother me because people like the original, and I think with a little more experience these bands will find out their own way to play, if not they will never be really respected.


By the way, the whole band is really heavily tattooed all around, could you tell more about tattoos cos usually those tattoos have the symbolic meaning to its owners ?! And are you supported by some local tattoo/piercing studio?!?

Every tattoo means something to me, that's why I have beasts, demons, warriors, etc... We never pay for our tattoos we do all for free its kind of endorsee.


A few questions about the first releases before putting the period to this long in-depth interview, the first three releases have become real rare collection stuff, for example I was offered 100 - 200 bucks for the original copy of Unmerciful Order and keep receiving a lot of trading requests about both the split albums with Harmony Dies and Violent Hate, have you ever been considering re-releasing them for the wide market, will you rather keep more rare and cult underground releases ?!?

We might release this material in the future, but with some bonus tracks, like some re-recording old songs, but like the original version I don't think its ever gonna be re-released.


Do you have any kind of idea how many copies have those albums sold split ones and the debut album?!? But never crossed your mind to re-record some of old tracks with the new touch?!?

We don't know exactly because there are lot of bootlegs. And as we did for the reissue of Apocalyptic Revelation we are gonna re-record some of the old songs with the new touch.


Thank you for having this interview and I for one wish you all the best….The last words are yours (P.S. GET TO FINLAND!!!!!)

Thank you for the support, stay metal forever, long live to the most brutal, fast, bloody, satanic death metal. We can't wait to play in Finland and spread Evil and Plague!


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