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Interview With I.N.R.I
Interview By Brian Hughes 


Rising from the ashes of the Dutch death metal band Stigmatheist, I.N.R.I's brutal death metal is showcased on their newest album, Hyper Bastard Breed. I recently spoke with I.N.R.I's vocalist, Henri Veltink.

Wilfred Spijker Gerjan Slot Patrick Koning William Vlierman Henri "InrI" Veltink
Guitars Bass Guitars Drums Vocals


Thanks for taking time out to speak with Metal-Rules!

It's my pleasure!



What inspired you to change style from your previous band Stigmathiest?

Stigmatheist fell apart in 1999, and when new members were found, new styles came with it. Patrick our guitarist, was the former singer of the band, now he took the guitar at hand, and also became the main songwriter. Before this all happened the keyboard player wrote all the stuff for Stigmatheist.



Where there any changes in the line-up when you changed direction and name?

Yes, the only original members of Stigmatheist are Patrick and William - our drum-beast.



INRI were the letters written on the cross of Jesus. Is the band name related to this in any way? And for those who don’t know, what does INRI stand for?

The name I.N.R.I is absolutely related to this in the most sarcastic way.



Your style of death metal is very unique. Do you think “death metal” is an appropriate term to describe yourselves?

I don't know if this style of music is unique, it is the music we fucking like to play. And no, death metal is a wrong description. We absolutely make extreme metal, combining thrash-death metal with hyperblasts and melody.



Though you name The Crown, God Dethroned and Malevolent Creation as your influences, one surprising influence stands out for me - Iron Maiden! Am I correct in saying this, or is it just coincidence?

Haha, it's the funniest comment we heard, and yes now I can see what you mean, but it is all a coincidence.



Your songs are very short and energetic in general. Why did you feel it necessary to make them so short?

We think it is the most effective way: charge quick and hard, retreat to charge even harder. It keeps the listener focused.



Who is the main songwriter in the band?

Patrick comes with the main musical ideas, and we melt them to a song together. I am responsible for all the spitting lyrics.



Were there any songs recorded that aren’t on the album? Possibly bonus tracks for other releases?

No, but we recorded in the year 2000 a promo CD, which contained 4 tracks - two of them were used on the Hyper Bastard Breed album, and the other two - who knows...

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Are any of you involved in other bands at the moment?

No I.N.R.I is priority!



What was it like playing with Morbid Angel and Krisiun?

What can I say about it: brilliant, although we didn’t had much contact with the guys from Morbid Angel. The Krisiun guys were cool!



You are touring with two other bands, Katafalk and Monastery, as part of the “Coldblood Industries Package.” What can you tell us about these bands?

Monastery produces more technical U.S death metal mostly the mid-tempo way, while Katafalk is a mean and fast thrash metal band leaning against black metal.



And who is the headlining band in this package?

Katafalk and us split the headlining part.



Do you have any plans to tour outside of the Netherlands?

There are hopes and very premature plans, but when, where and with who, we have no idea.



Do you ever play Stigmathiest or cover songs live?

Stigmatheist is dead and buried!! We sometimes play Extreme Aggression from Kreator as encore.



What commitments or jobs do you guys have outside the band?

Well, we all have our daily/weekly fuck, I am even a father of two daughters, and about the jobs; Patrick is a truck driver, Gerjan and Wilfred are carpenters, William makes furniture and i am working at a door factory.



Do you practice together often?

We practice normally twice a week but with special events like recording stuff or big shows we practice three or four times a week.



I see so many Dutch bands with varying styles, with Gothenburg-style Callenish Circle and The Gathering, brutal death with Severe Torture, extremely evil black metal from Countess… Do you listen to, or enjoy many bands from your country despite the big musical diversity?

Of course we enjoy Dutch metal bands. My personal faves are God Dethroned, Occult, the old Altar (R.I.P) and could name many more!!



And finally, how far do you think you can take the band in the future? Do you envision larger audiences and European/American tours some day?

We take one step at a time. We work hard to take the band to a higher level. The pleasure to play metal is the engine on which I.N.R.I rides. As long there is this much pleasure we will grow stronger and get ready for the bigger tours. It is one of the goals we surely have.



Thank you very much for sharing this with me. Good luck on the tour and maybe we’ll speak again sometime!

Thank you for showing interest in our band. Thanks to those who bought the album or will buy it. I hope to see you all one day!!!


Band Website: www.move.to/inri
Thanks To: Cold Blood Industries