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Interview With L.G. Petrov of Entombed
Intro, interview and pics by Luxi

Entombed could easily be considered the best Swedish metal export of all time. They have gotten their name on everyone's lips all around the world by releasing a half dozen memorable and groundbreaking albums. The band has done extensive tours during their career that have reached almost every country in the world that has something to do with ´metal music´.

In March 2002 the band had booked 3 dates to Finland as a part of their Scandinavian tour - and when it was our capital's turn to witness Entombed live here once again, I felt an urgent need to ask Lars-Goran Petrov a few things about the on-going tour amongst some other things as well. Now it´s your turn to keep reading on…



You are doing your Scandinavian tour at the moment, and I bet wherever you have gone on this tour you have been welcomed warmly by your crowd. I was just wondering whether we Finns have been any supportive and cool to you every time you have come and played for us?

Yeah, I think our audience has been really supportive and nice to us. I remember when we last time played here; it was at Nummirock, it was simply just great. But because we had to travel a lot actually to get there - and we didn´t have much time to hang out there at all. We basically just played the show and left right after that in order to get in time to back to the boat. I have to say to you that every time we have played here in Finland, it´s always been just great. You have really excellent metal fans here; I need to admit that, he-he!!


Which cities have given the best response to you so far?

Well, first off I wanna point out that we only play on weekends only in Sweden. And it´s been great thus far. We have done no tours in Europe since September 2001 - and from then on, we have done gigs during the weekends only. And now we'll do 4 gigs here in Finland and then we do a couple of festival gigs as well. We will see how they will turn out. This is the 1st show out of the 4 shows we´ll do in Finland on this ´mini-tour´ and I hope they´ll all turn out just fine for both for us and our audience, too.
(you didn't answer to my question, L.G., grrr….)



How does each of you feel about touring anyway?

I think it´s just great, y´know. I mean, for example just coming over here felt great. You hire a van and almost go on a vacation. Well, not exactly like ´vacation´, but still coming away from your home feels good from time to time: getting relaxed, party a little bit and just play the music that you want hear yourself. It´s always been great. Actually we are all happy that we can live our life this way. And of course we should be grateful for that too, as long as it lasts. You just never know it even might end tomorrow for you. You just need to take every opportunity you can get, y´know? 



What songs have your set list contained? Have you mainly concentrated on playing songs off your newest album MORNING STAR?

Yeah, we try to play at least a couple of songs off each of our albums, but naturally as our MORNING STAR album is the latest one we have put out thus far, we cover our set by mainly songs off that album and besides those songs are most fun to play. But sometimes when we sit down, 15 minutes before the show and someone realized like all of a sudden: "Hey, shouldn´t we do a set list or something…?!". It´s like a thing that may drown into oblivion from time to time as we unfortunately are rather lame to come up with one for each of our shows (laughs). And like a couple of weeks ago we had a gig in Halmstad in Sweden. We handed over a pen and a piece of paper to our ´t-shirt guy´ who sells shirts for us at gigs and said to him that: "Write down all your favorite Entombed songs what you want us to play tonight!" (laughs) 



So you also have some sort of a flowing list of songs where you may drop some songs out of your set list and play some other songs instead on your next gig - probably depending on the country, your feelings and so on?

Yeah, exactly… exactly. He had a rough idea of what songs we have been rolling in our sets anyway, writing even down what songs we should have been played first and so on, and we partly agreed about the running order of the songs that it was a good set for us after all.

Are you telling me that he was just listed his own ´favorite´ songs for that particular set list when you gave him this ´job´ to do…?

Exactly… exactly, he-he!!

And you were completely happy and ok with that, eh?!

Yeah, as strange and funny as it sounds like, we really were. Naturally he had included many songs from our first album (LEFT HAND PATH) to that list, but what then heck, it didn´t surprise us that much at all (laughs).


What about country-wise then? Have you noticed if some of your songs might do a bit better than the rest of your material? I mean, do German fans have their own favorites and we Finns prefer some other songs to the ones those Germans are more heavily into?

Uh… well, it doesn´t really matter, I think. Every country is basically the same and they have similar Entombed fans there that definitely can tell to us what songs they like the best from us. But y´know, when you meet your fans at a venue and they come and talk to you, possibly asking whether we could play this or that song for them, we even may well do it for a request. It of course always depends, y´know. If we had practiced a song for our set, then we may possibly play it as well. But on the other hand, sometimes even if we wouldn´t have practiced some particular songs for our live set and for example our drummer gives us a familiar drum beat that belongs to some of our songs that we haven´t played for a long time, we just try to play it - no matter if you aren´t completely sure how it should go like. You just have to do it… possibly trying to improvise that particular song a little bit (laughs). But if one of us has totally forgotten the song, then he just stands there onstage and at least tries to ´play´ like the rest of the other players (laughs)!!



I guess your audience has their all-time favorite Entombed songs that they always expect to hear from you guys on your gigs. Can you tell us what might be those "MUST-Entombed" hits you just always need to perform on your gigs just because without those songs it probably couldn´t be 100% an Entombed show (like f.ex. "Left Hand Path", "Revel in Flesh", "Sinners Bleed", "Evilyn", "Chief Rebel Angel", etc.)?

Yeah, that´s correct. Some of those songs are definitely "Left Hand Path", "Evilyn" which we just did on the other gig and are going to do it tonight´s gig as well, "Sinner´s Bleed`just like you suggested and what else…? There´s actually a lot of songs from our 2nd album (CLANDESTINE) that are a part of ´must-play´ Entombed set. But the way they are recorded for that album, it wasn´t that technical at all, but kind of ´hard´ to get them played live, y´know what I mean. But we still try it.



Apart from those songs, I guess there´s a bunch of songs off LEFT HAND PATH that you possibly always try to play on gigs for your fans like the title track of your debut album, "Left Hand Path", right?

Yes. Besides "Left Hand Path", I can think of "Revel in Flesh", "Supposed to Rot" and stuff like that. But sometimes people in the audience may shout "Left Hand Path" and when we finally may play that song in the end of our set for them as an encore, they may not recognize it for some reason or the other (laughs)!! It's just so funny sometimes as we were playing the song for them and they still couldn´t recognize it (laughs).



But that song may possibly be switched to some other song from time to time, well, possibly depending on where you play at, for whom and so on…?

Well… yeah. But we still play it anyway. It´s a relatively important song for an Entombed -set, however.



What about SAME DIFFERENCE? Do you sometimes play songs from that album, too ´coz as far as I have become aware of some comments from some Entombed -fans toward it, that´s the least liked Entombed -album for them anyway…

Actually I don´t think we play songs off that album live at all - at least not for today, -he-he!! It doesn´t belong to one of my favorite Entombed albums either if I can be this honest with you, -he-he!!



Those people who have seen your live show, consider Entombed as one of the best live acts they have ever seen - including me. So how do you do it exactly, do you always go onto stage with all your guns blazing?

Thank you for your kind words. It´s always important for us to give them exactly what they want to hear from us. We don´t ´fake´ things there; we just play and try to give them absolutely the best from us. We don´t use anything special when we perform onstage. We don´t have any pyrotechnics with us there at all, but we would like to have some sometimes, maybe for a festival, giving them something ´extra´, y´know. But obviously the main thing is to do an energetic and intense show, to play for an hour and just give them the very best performance as we can and feel good about it.



I assume when you go on-stage, you don´t plan your performance too much beforehand. You just simply go with your guns loaded and start the massacre if you know what I mean, -he! he!!

He-he… that was well-said indeed. But you are right. We don´t plan things beforehand too much ´coz if we make plans or think of it too much, it always has this band tendency to go wrong. It´s better for us just to improvise a little bit ´coz that provides you some space with your set of songs. Besides, it makes our own set more interesting if you always don´t do it the same way, instead of playing every set list every damn single day. It´s always funnier not to make it a routine for you and change the songs from our set list from time to time. You just never know what happens if you always make those plans before entering on-stage. It´s definitely more interesting that way.



Do you guys have plans to release a DVD any time soon? Wasn't MONKEY PUSS - LIVE IN LONDON released both as a VHS and DVD through Earache for some years ago? Are you any happy with it how it overall turned out?

Yeah, actually we are having a video camera with us all the time for some possibly interesting footage. When we have enough material for it, I guess we may well release something either on a normal VHS tape or on DVD. It doesn´t matter for me too much on which of these formats it is going to be released.

As for that MONKEY PUSS thing, well, it´s just an ok live show from us; nothing that special, though. It´s was actually my first show since I left the band some years ago and I think it went rather well at least from my part (laughs)!! It was fun to do anyway.



About your latest album, MORNING STAR. How much did you listen to Slayer while you were coming up with all those songs for this particular album? I think those influences are stronger there than they have been on any of your previous albums. Songs like "Bringer of Light", "Out of Heaven" and "Young Man Nihilist" are actually pretty ´Slayeresque´ if you ask me… Also I bet different medias has noticed the same thing, does that correct?

We don´t deny it (laughs)!!! I guess when Uffe was writing the songs for the album (he wrote most of the songs for MORNING STAR - Luxi notes), he didn´t want the songs to sound like Slayer on purpose. I mean, he didn´t write intentionally something that could remind of us something. That was just something that came out of the whole process in the end. We ourselves noticed the Slayer connection when we listened to the finished work. But like I said earlier, we have no reason to deny it. Some of those songs on MORNING STAR are actually very similar to some Slayer stuff (laughs)! And those songs that you just mentioned by their names, are indeed kind of ´slayerish´ sounding songs there, plus you forgot to mention "About to Die", too!! Slayer is great, so we are not ashamed of sounding a bit like them. But anyway, we don´t sit down and try to make songs on purpose that may sound like some other band´s property. If we find that for example some riff is good, then we use it for Entombed. It´s actually as simple as that. It´s fun to play these new songs off our new album ´coz they are rather easy to play and they are pretty much aggressive and ´straight-forward´ songs as well.



Also, I´m not sure if you have noticed it yourself, but you have got a bit more Araya´ish tone in your voice L.G. than you have ever had in the past. Is it there on purpose, or would you rather like to say that was the way you felt like singing at that time?

He-he… so you have noticed it, too?! I didn't mean to copy anyone vocal-wise. I just listened to the songs and tried to fit my vocal parts into them as well as I was able to do at the time. I just thought of our songs as Entombed songs and tried to do my best with my vocal parts for them. The only thing that matters to me is to get my vocals to fit into the songs and not to think about too much whether I could sound like someone else at that point when trying to fit my vocals for the songs.



Are you going to stay with this tone in your voice or do you think you even could change it on your next album, for example?

It´s possible that it will be changed a little on our next album as well, but you just never know it for sure. I have always felt that I would like to change it a bit for a change, so I couldn´t always sound the same all the time. There´s not gonna be any drastic changes as far as my vocals are concerned, though. Y´know, when we come up with a new song, we always have to think of carefully, basing on both a song and lyrics, what kind of vocals could fit best for them.


Articles on your new album have been very flattering for you as basically everyone has kept on praising that you guys have come back to those Entombed roots. This was done by bringing back more of those aggressive and brutal elements. This is in some way more and more loyal to that well-known Entombed sound than the UPRISING or SAME DIFFERENCE albums - agree?

Yeah, I agree. We have definitely taken a few steps backwards toward our old style and it just feels right to us. I guess that we will continue on our chosen path in the future, too. Entombed is always gonna be about ´metal´. I have to tell you something. When we wrote MORNING STAR, I have to admit that the final thing didn´t feel like that much ´coming back to the old days´ kind of thing when we first thought about it from that perspective. It just happened, y´know!? We just did the songs and for us it is as a matter of speaking, a step further, But you can always go down your old path and find some good stuff from there. I honestly think our next album will be a bit faster than MORNING STAR. That´s how it feels like at least for me at the moment.



You have probably managed to write some new stuff for Entombed since MORNING STAR came out. Is this new stuff going to be in the same vein or are you going even more back to the roots of your LEFT HAND PATH or CLANDESTINE albums?

I personally haven´t done any new stuff for the band yet. I´m such a lazy bastard, -ha-ha!! 



What about the rest of the guys then…Uffe? Or Alex?

They have done some...I guess. They usually do a lot of stuff, but also Jörgen and Peter as well. 



So have you already heard what kind of new stuff your band mates have been coming up with as of lately?

No, not yet. We haven´t rehearsed that much together lately. Usually when we go down to rehearse something in order to rehearse both old and new songs, you may just end up playing 2-3 songs and then end up drinking beer with the rest of the guys when you should really concentrate on learning your set list for a tour or something (laughs)! When you know your songs too well, it´s always kind of hard to gather together for a rehearsal session ´coz you have already gone through the same situation countless numbers of times before if you know what I mean. So, it´s always hard to get motivated that devotedly toward your own music even if you should learn all of it for an up-coming tour.



Next topic is an off-Entombed topic pretty much… This year has been kind of sad for the metal people due to Chuck Schuldiner´s (Death) and Paul Baloff´s (Exodus) deaths. What kind of roles have these two legends played in your life? And do you partly thank them for being some sort of inspiration for you in the very beginning when you started out under a Nihilist moniker?

They have played a big role in my life as far as our music goes. For example, I have been into Death since their first demos; under the Mantas moniker. I was like 14-15 years of age when I heard them, so they pretty much straightened my mind what kind of music I wanted to hear and play myself. Sad things happen and we should be grateful and glad that they made those albums and you are actually able to enjoy them after their deaths. Didn´t Paul get a severe heart attack or something…?

Yeah, he unfortunately did.

As far as I know he was a rather heavy drinker, too. It was just too bad Chuck couldn´t make it. I believe he couldn´t do anything about it. Cancer is a whole lot different thing than a most irregular life.

Were you actually touched by the news of Chuck´s death when it hit you first time?

Well, I didn´t know him personally. But of course you start thinking every kind of thing concerning it. In the end you however realize that bad things like that happens every now and then; it´s just unavoidable.

Did you have any chance to see him live personally, by the way…?

One time, but we haven´t a real chance to talk to him ´coz the security guys were there in the same place, too and Chuck pointed us by his finger and saying: "What the hell are those guys doing over here…?!" (laughs) Funnily that was the only thing he said to us (laughs). I guess that wasn´t ´overly flattering´ thing for you to hear… (laughs)

Yeah, I guess you could say something like that… it wasn´t (laughs). But nonetheless, I do admire his music.

Could you say that you at least partly kind of ´thank´ him for all those inspirations or influences he provided for your band since you started out under the Nihilist moniker?

Well… hmm… not that much really. His music didn´t have that much influence for our music back in the day when we formed Nihilist. But of course some of his stuff did inspire us at least subconsciously, maybe… such as bands like Repulsion, Deathstrike, Massacre, Morbid Angel and stuff like that. All these bands had at least some sort of an impact on our music in very the beginning.



How closely indeed have you been keeping your eye on the metal scene (or any scene for that matter…) since you started as Nihilist up to this day?

Back then, extremely closely because I did a lot of tape trading with people in general around the world. But even nowadays when we are on tour, we get some CDs from people from time to time who like to introduce their bands to us. It´s really cool to get know new bands that way. We basically have one full pack full of promo-stuff that was given us by our fans and people who have their own bands going on. We always keep all that stuff for ourselves and listen to them through as well. Some stuff tends to be bad out of it, but then on the other hand there´s always some good stuff, too.



That´s a nice way to increase your own music collection a little bit, (laughs)!!

Exactly… (laughs)!! But the quantity that you get, is mostly a bit more ´underground stuff´, so it´s good to know it is still there, y´know.

And you still find some of this underground stuff somehow attractive and cool for you personally…?

Yeah… yeah… of course!! I always listen to every single CD or tape that I get in my hands. To get a CD, you don´t throw it away just like that; you listen to it first. I just never throw away anything before I have listened to it first. The good ones out of them of course will be saved (laughs)!!



How much do you check out what´s going on in the metal scene these days? Or do you just prefer the ´80s scene / early ´90s scene to today´s scene?

I prefer this ´old metal scene´ to today´s scene much better, because nowadays the quantity goes over the quality, I think. There are just way too many bands in the scene these days and it´s really hard to follow it that close eye, y´know. But in a way, it´s good even if it´s much harder to get any grip on it because its countless of bands.

What about some ´70s Rock Music like Nicke was into Alice Cooper, Kiss and stuff like that?

Well, I´m not into it personally. I don´t care for Kiss that much at all as he obviously did. I even don´t have a Black Sabbath album, I don´t have any Kiss albums, but I have every Iron Maiden album, though. Even some bootlegs for them. Because nowadays you are even able to hear some Kiss in some particular radio stations, every day.

But that must be in Sweden ´coz you can hardly hear any Kiss songs airplayed in the Finnish radio stations…

Ok, I see. But the main point is when you hear it all the time, the first thing that may cross your mind is that you don´t run into some records stores to buy their albums ´coz you get to hear so much that stuff from radio stations already all the time, y´know.



How do you feel bands like Slipknot, Limb Shitkit, Very Korn, etc. - overall all this hype for these so-called ´nu-metal´ (ed. note: better known as mallcore since it's not METAL!) bands? Do you think that these kind of bands only give a bad name to the whole concept about what should be called metal and what not?

I always get this strange feeling when people are saying "Slipknot is great ´coz they are fast and sound brutal…". And then when we listen to the band, it´s like they may use blast beats 4-5 seconds, just ´trying´ to sound ´fast´, but then most of the time, they in fact, do not play that fast at all!! Sure, they do have some occasional ´fast parts´ in their sound, but they have even more of those ´Hip-Hop´ beats included into their sound and that really sort of ruins everything in my opinion. So I'd rather listen to Angel Corpse than Slipknot.

Me, too… for that matter, he-he!! I ignore all these mallcore- whatever-bands totally because I basically hate them and stick to REAL metal bands instead. Angel Corpse is a good example of that, just like you just spit out yourself.

I think there´s just way too many ´Limpkinparks´ in that scene already… It´s like giving a guitar to Backstreet Boys and they sound like Limpkin Park… And then you go and tune down your voice a little…

Yeah, exactly (laughs)!!! Those bands are just plain ´products´ made by some greedy people behind some record labels. Like Limb Shitkit; they are like ´an empty, new product´. Do you think that these kind of bands only give a bad name to the whole concept about what should be called metal and what not? Many medias quite easily consider many of them as ´metal bands´ that they definitely are not…

Yeah, exactly. It´s just…, (-eh?) …very sad, I think. Y´know, what´s ´Nu-Metal´ anyway? What the hell is that?! You call it something else when it is not ´Metal´. ´Metal´ is always gonna be ´Metal´, so there´s no ´Nu-Metal´ or whatever! And then when you hear it, y´know, all those fuckin´ Hip-Hop beats and other odd elements in there… it´s just so pathetic that these bands have enough guts to use the word ´metal´ to describe their music. So, yeah, bands alike Limb Shitkit and so on, are really giving a bad name to ´Metal´. And it´s just so sad…



I heard from somewhere that your US tour with Hypocrisy and Immortal has been postponed ´til July 2002 due to some personal things some of you have to sort out in your life at the moment? It was originally meant to start 9th of May already and last till 31st of May; like Jörgen has some things to deal with some tragedy in his family life at the moment and Alex has some studies to be done in an university (or school) and that kind of things…

I still hope we could do it some day. As for Jörgen´s ´family tragedy´, actually it´s not ´tragic´ yet… Anyway, I hope both Hypocrisy and Immortal could do the tour with us later on. It would be a good package for us to tour with them in the States for sure.


In spite of that postponing, I was just wondering if it´s still possible that you may get all the three bands together for that US tour without causing any major changes for any of the bands´ timetables regarding this?

Well, all I can say at the moment is that we hope to do it sometimes. I hope in July or in October, but I hope in July. That would be great. We have a couple of festival gigs to do in Sweden before July. I really would like to get on that tour with Hypocrisy and Immortal ´coz we all have our own sounds and sound very different compared to each other. It would be like a ´Metal´ tour then; having both Death - and Black Metal in the same line-up. It would be good both for us and for the crowd as well. Also, Alex should get his studies finished by then ´coz otherwise I´m afraid we cannot do that tour. So he should get them done and after that we could stop thinking about it once and for all. I myself would want to do that tour… desperately (laughs)!! It would be really great.



I´m sure it would for you. When was your last full that tour you did in the States anyway? In 1999 or probably even more later than that?

If I remember correctly, it was in 1999. We did the Australian tour and right from there we flew to the States - and from the USA to Japan. We were headlining this tour and many local bands supported us during the whole tour it lasted. I think we were on the road something like 2-3 months in a row, so it was a rather long tour all in all. But it was all good.

So could you say you are dying to tour the US again after this long break?

Well, I hope so at least!! What I have heard our last album MORNING STAR is doing really well there and it has also gotten some radio playing there, too. That´s why I also have been thinking that to give them us, Hypocrisy and Immortal would be really good in every sense. I think we would do well in Europe, too.



Do you prefer to tour in the States or Europe more and why indeed? Or does it really matter at all…? Or does it depend on the weather in both these continents at time (laughs)?

I have to say I don´t care about that at all even if warm weather is always nice. But as for American people, they are… somehow ´funny´(laughs)!

Eh… which way if I may ask…?

I´m not saying they´re ´stupid´ or anything like that, but they are kind of ´funny´ people in my opinion anyway. Y´know, they are so easy to talk to, kind of overly polite guys and stuff like that. I just say, they are ´funny´, (laughs)!!

… and then you supposedly are always getting your ´extra´ Budweisers in the States when touring there, offered by your fans…

Yeah (laughs)!! Budweiser ain´t beer at all. We have nicknamed it as "Butt-water", (laughs)!!

Hah-ha-hah!!! "Butt-water…", that is even new to me. But I have heard it being called "Drowned-man´s-nose-water" here in Europe generally…

(In this part of the on-going interview, both L.G. and Luxi burst into some intense yet childish laughter at the same time…): Ha-ha-ha-haa…!!!

That was a funny description of it as well, he-he…


Ok, let´s try to recollect our thoughts a little bit now. How have Japan or Korea been thrilled ´bout Entombed? Are those countries good for you selling-wise or doing gigs?

Japan was good for us when we played over there in 1999; right after the US tour. We had one show in Tokyo. Damn, it was such an expensive city. Really damn expensive indeed…

What about Korea, then…?

We have never played there so far…

What ´bout Russia? Have you had any chance to play in that country yet?

Nope, but I think it´s about the time to go there and play for those people, too. We wee supposed to play in the South-America, countries like Argentina and so on, but those gigs never happened for us as they had some problems with tour arrangements and stuff there. Of course it would have been great to play there as well. Maybe next time then…



Are you worried any of these Entombed bootlegs that are floating into the markets all the time? I know there´s a plenty of them around nowadays - and now the internet thing doesn´t make things any easier at all as a great number of people download albums from the net and the record industry cannot make as much profit as they actually planned? Some bands are obviously suffering quite a bit financially as well…?!

Actually I kind of like that. I have two Entombed -bootlegs myself, too.

Here´s one pretty cool one indeed… (showing a Nihilist -bootleg-CD to L.G.)

Wow… this is great. All our Nihilist demos on it!! I think some people have any plans to put out any bootleg, they should exactly be like this I´m holding in my hands right now. This looks really cool, I have to say. It doesn´t disturb me if someone releases something like this. The one you have, it´s absolutely great… wow, this bootleg even has Live at Ultra Huset, Stockholm November 20th, 1988 in it?! That´s absolutely a great booltleg!! I´d like to listen to this so badly. I´m going to ask from our sound guy if he could play some of this stuff for me before the gig. That would be cool.

That disc has a rather decent sound quality as well, by the way…

Really…?! Wow…!! We have to listen to this next if you don´t mind…

Not at all. But before that let´s continue talking about some promotional things of some certain labels. I´m not sure if you have noticed it yet or not, but at some labels don´t send out that many promo CDs any longer that contain all the songs for forth-coming albums of some certain bands. These promos may contain only 3-4 full songs in them and the rest are 1 minute long sample clips. What do you think of all that?

Well, I don´t think that any acts that try to limit bootlegging, can help at all just because our modern day technology has all the computers and shit there now. You just need to surf in the net a little bit and get them every album you possibly need that way from there. But I think in the end if I for example want to buy a CD, I go to a store because you want to get all the pictures and everything. I mean, ´the real thing´ and not just a burned-CD. But I believe that it definitely has some effect on record sales and stuff. At least the biggest bands and artists may suffer from major financial losses because lots of people download their albums straight from the internet. But however, I don´t think it has any effect on us that much at all.



Just out of my own curiosity, do you have a computer at you're your home?

No. Unfortunately I don´t have that thing at my home at all.



Well, just one more question before I need to leave the spot for another journalist who wants to interview you. How do you feel about your ex-Entombed member´s, Nicke´s band Hellacopters? Like their music?

Well, y´know, I don´t actually listen to any ´Action Rock´, but they are rather ok, I guess. At least their music doesn´t bother me that much (laughs)!!

When he quit Entombed, have you been in touch with him on any level since then?

Yeah, they rehearse at the very same rehearsal room as we do. We are all friends to each other and hang out every now and then, having a few drinks and so on. The transition between Nicke and Peter was actually great ´coz Peter came down on our last tour with Nicke, for just one week in order to just ´feel the vibe´ of our performance, y´know. So, it was ok…


Ok, thanks for this excellent chat with me for Metal-Rules.com. See ya later tonight for a few beers or something…

Thank you. It was my pleasure to do it. 

And a beer invitation was accepted, he-he!!


Band Website: www.entombed.net