Heart of Steel: Interviews

Ronnie James Dio & Alice Cooper - The Finnish Press Conference

Attended by  Luxi Lahtinen and Marko Syrjälä
Intro by Luxi Lahtinen

"The Monsters of Millennium" tour rolled over Finland for the 2nd time - this time bringing us veterans ALICE COOPER, DIO, RATT and quite surprisingly, Finland's own melo-metallers SONATA ARCTICA filling up a warm-up acts slot.

A couple of hours before this colossally massive Heavy Metal tornado was supposed to hit to the oldest ice hall of Helsinki, a press conference for both Mr. Cooper and Mr. Dio - arranged by the marvelous staff of EDEL Finland, took place at Strand Hotel in Helsinki - again, some curious noses from the METAL-RULES.COM Finland -staff had guts to join in the party amongst other "wanna-be (who somehow were mistaken the fact these parties weren't only their privilege - everyone wanted to share some questions with the interviewed fellows!!)" journalists in order to make sure throwing the very first stone in the air - and even expecting to get something back from its object.

This is what came out from both of the presses, so tune your ears, listen carefully and smile...

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