Industry Spotlight - World War III Records Juan Garcia
New Metal Label's Director A&R Explains The New Label

Interviewed By Keith McDonald

It seems metal keeps getting more popular these days as more metal specific labels keep popping up. Now there's World War III Records, a division of AMC, that just recently released great metal albums by Hate, Fog and Belfegor. I had the opportunity to speak to their Director A&R Juan Garcia who filled me in on what the label is all about. You can check out their website at

How did you get started in the music business?
I got started in the music business a longtime ago when I recorded a song for Metal Massacre IV for a Metal Blade Records compilation with my band called Abattoir. The song was "Screams from the Grave" - later on I went and Joined and launched AGENT STEEL, and now I'm here at World War III


How did the label start?
It was started by Jerry Battle, and Enrique Chavez (great people) and Jerry left the label recently and asked me to replace him, and so far it's been an awesome; being a musician and seeing the other side of the music business spectrum.


Who is currently on your roster?
Currently our roster consists of BELFEGOR from Poland, HATE also from Poland, and FOG from Indiana, all three bands are very brutal and produce excellent music. We also just released AVULSED, and CENTINEX, and we will also be releasing in the near future a great thrash metal band from San Francisco called IMAGIKA "...And So It Burns" with bonus tracks, also a re-issue from ENGRAVE.


Do you sign all genres or just heavy metal?
Basically, Heavy Metal, but we have are a Division of AMC and AMC signs all genres.


How has radio been to the new releases?
We've gotten a strong response from College Radio!! And AMC has gotten a strong response from major radio.


How important is it for your artists to tour?
I tell bands if you want to sell records you need to tour. Especially in Heavy Metal, touring is a must.


What advise do you have for an unsigned artist?
The same advice Gene Simmons from KISS once told me, stick to your guns.... and keep going.... don't give up.... don't take no for an answer...pursue your dream.


Do you sign bands on a worldwide basis or just for the States?
Worldwide and the universe!


Are you actively looking for new artists? Do you accept unsolicited demos?
At the moment we are developing what is on the roster, but we are always looking for new artists. We accept unsolicited demos... (CD-Rs please) cassettes o.k.


Do you receive many demos?


How do you look for new talent (Internet, connections, etc.)? Who handles the A&R at the label?
Word of mouth is the best...when a band is good the word gets out and a "buzz" starts. But I also keep my eye on bands and see watch them develop. The Internet can be's better to witness the intensity of a band live.


What's the future for WWIII Records?
Keeping Metal alive, and selling records. We will also be releasing some special tributes to Metallica, AC/DC and Black Sabbath in the near future. Hate has a new record coming out, and we are always looking for originality and great talent.


World War III Records
(A Division of AMC)
P.O. Box 4517
Downey, CA 90241

2001 Metal Rules!!

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