SINERGY - Interview With Kimberly Goss

Interviewed By EvilG
Late December 2001

Sinergy's new album will be available in January 2002. For anyone who has perhaps brushed the band aside in the past, I strongly feel that you need to give them another chance with this album - SUICIDE BY MY SIDE. If this was released in 2001 it would of easily been in my top 10 albums of the year - it's THAT good!!! So without further ado, here is a lengthy chat I had with Kimberly about all things Sinergy.

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I'd like to start out obviously with a bit about the new album. So far I would say that it's your best to date. Do you feel as strongly about the album as that?

Totally, for example I can't even listen to Beware the Heavens anymore. And that's because in my opinion my vocals are too polite (laughs) or too innocent and sweet. And another thing about Beware the Heavens was that I didn't like the production and also we were tuned to C sharp which is a half step lower to what we are tuned to now. Just that half step made a huge difference on my voice. The next album, To Hell And Back, got better vocally but maybe musically it didn't get better. A miracle happened with this album because something just clicked and this is honestly the first Sinergy album where I am 100% satisfied with everything; especially with my vocals because I've never been satisfied with them previously, until now.



I've always been a fan of Sinergy since the first album and I like the band but when I put in the new album I was like "ok another Sinergy album", put it on. And I was like "Holy Shit!"

That's how I feel and you know it's really funny because there's this metal bar that we all hang out at and I was there after we had recorded the album. And in their jukebox they have you know...that's the cool thing about Finland; when you go to a bar here and you look at their jukebox and flip the pages you find Sinergy, Children of Bodom, Nightwish...whatever. And somebody was playing one song from Beware the Heavens and I got all "yeah, ugh", and chills but not in a good way. And I was like covering my ears and holding my hand over my face and I was like "oh, stop this please". So next time I go to the bar I'm going to bring our new album and say "please replace THAT with THIS".



About the new album title "Suicide By My Side"; it's quite a dark album title. I was wondering where it came from.

I guess I should tell you the whole story before I get into the title itself, and maybe this isn't going to make any sense but here goes. Basically there was a time period of about two years where suddenly everything just went wrong all around the same time. It wasn't like I was just faced with one problem or two problems, it just felt like and endless sea of "Arrrgggg!", whatever. For example quite a few people in my family died all around the same time period, and it's hard enough being away from my family as it is because I'm an ocean away. I couldn't go to any of the funerals. And then for example after my grandmother died it was terrible. Me and my mom got into a really huge argument about how I owed my grandmother four hundred dollars and my mom wanted that money back for my grandmother. So the point is I've stopped speaking with my mom, permanently. There's other things that I would rather not discuss in an interview, but problem upon problem, tragedy after tragedy just consumed me all at once. It wasn't easy to overcome because it wasn't just one problem. The shittiest part about it, I was having so many things happening with Sinergy. We were touring all over the world, except North America. That will soon change but we'll talk about that later. Basically I was so depressed about the things going on in my personal life that I couldn't enjoy the success of the band, which made the whole thing even more depressing.

So getting back to the album title, It's not that I necessarily thought about killing myself. I never had a plan or anything like that. I would wake up in the morning and I wouldn't be motivated to do anything and I would just feel completely miserable and overwhelmed with all these feelings of grief. I would just sit and imagine myself no longer existing, and just the thought of, if you want to say "my own death". It sounds so selfish but just the thought of it made me feel more peaceful inside, and that would help me carry on with that day. That's how I kind of lived life for almost two years, and maybe a little bit over two years. The strange thing is, when I was younger I always thought that if I have a great band of my own and if I have a boyfriend that loves me, then nothing can go wrong, everything will be fine, there's not way I can get depressed. But that's just total bullshit. Excuse my English by the way! I've been doing interviews for the last four days with people who speak five year old English from Guatemala and all sorts of different countries, Haha! And I've been living out here where I have to talk to everyone as if they're five, Haha. Anyway, my point is, the title "Suicide by my Side" is supposed to be the thought of suicide is what actually helped me continue every day. I don't know if that makes any sense to you, but the thought of me no longer existing made me feel a little more peaceful. I decided that I had to do something about this so i wrote about it. This album is basically like an autobiography of the last two years of my life. It was something I need to do. I hesitated at first because I wasn't sure if I wanted to let the whole world know what's been happening in my life, but there was no other way. this was totally eating me, not being able to express myself. Like I said, I don't have contact with my Mom and I've never met my father so I wasn't able to talk to him, and Alexi was busy with Children of Bodom or we were busy with Sinergy. So I kept all these feelings bottled inside. So eventually I just wrote everything on paper and the lyrics and this album are so different from the previous albums. The whole feeling of the entire album is very different. You can hear that also in my voice because when I was singing these lyrics they were so personal that it was like I was playing that role. I was using my voice as a tool to portray each emotion within the lyrics that I was singing at that moment. So there's a lot of vocal variation throughout the whole album. But hey! I'm happy to say that I'm feeling much better! And honestly since the day that we finished recording the album life has been a lot better and I'm really enjoying living and I'm regretting all the selfish feeling that I had before. I'm having a good time with my friends, with Alexi and with my band, and I'm now enjoying the good things in life. Sometimes my face is hurting because I'm smiling so much, Haha.



On the album cover I noticed all the words in the background behind the artwork and I was wondering where they came from. Are those lyrics?

Exactly, it's the chorus of the title track "Suicide by my Side."

And the album cover itself, did you come up with the concept for that?

Yeah, the idea was mine. The artist kind of scared me because originally I wanted a girl on the cover, but he said "No, no, I've got this male model friend of mine who will pose for the picture of the cover.", and when he said "Model" I was thinking like some guy from the Bold and the Beautiful or some shit like that. I was really nervous and I said what the Hell, it doesn't hurt to try. If he sucks then we don't have to pay him. Basically I gave him all my ideas and he brought them to life at least ten times better than I ever imagined, so I'm totally pleased with this cover. Finally I'm pleased with an album cover of ours.



In terms of songwriting can you tell me a little bit about how a typical Sinergy song is put together?

Maybe we should talk about how this particular album was put together, because the first two albums was more me and Alexi collaborating together but this album was much more of a group effort. I think between me and Alexi and Marco and Roope our other guitar player, I think that the four of us wrote pretty much equally. Maybe Alexi wrote a little, little bit more that the rest of us, but it was almost equal. What's always happened is that me and Alexi start writing songs at home first because it's easier, and when we wake up in the afternoon, haha, we think maybe we can write some tunes. We don't do that everyday but it's cool to live with another musician, so you have that opportunity if you want. So we wrote maybe two songs here at home, then we go to the rehearsal room and show the guys. That kind of gives them inspiration. This time around we had the same lineup as the last album so the guys were less intimidated because they knew us better and they felt more free to share their ideas and opinions. We kind of all helped each other out. Sometimes I would change some drum parts if I didn't like them. Even sometimes the guys would change some of my vocal lines if they didn't like them. So we all give each other a lot of help and I think that's another reason why the album is so much better.



Right. I don't have the full booklet for the album yet, I just have the slip case that the label sent, so I wasn't sure exactly who wrote what or how much your newer guitarist Roope contributed to the band in terms of his playing. What kind of contributions resulted from bringing him into the band?

Roope Latvala - The "other" guitar god in Sinergy!Oh, he has been sent from heaven...or hell, or wherever, haha. Because he was really a blessing in disguise for this band. Actually it's a shame about Roope because here in Finland he's a legendary guitar player, but outside of Finland people don't know him, except from Sinergy. But in Sinergy when people think of guitars they automatically think "Oh, Alexi Alexi", but the truth is that Roope plays 50% of all guitar solos. On "To Hell and Back" he played more like 40%, but on this album it was definitely an equal share. On every single song each guitar player plays at least one solo. I think there's one song where only Roope plays a solo, and another song where Alexi plays two. Anyway the point is they both played an equal amount of guitar leads on this album. This is actually an interesting fact which I don't know if even you're aware of, but he used to play in a Finnish Thrash/Speed Metal band called Stone together with the current drummer of Amorphis and some other people, and they were huge in Finland. They're kind of Slayer-ish, and I never heard them until I moved here, and now when I hear them I can't believe that the never made it huge. And this is actually one of Alexi's all time favourite guitar players. Roope is ten years older than Alexi. The reason why Alexi plays the guitar that he plays is that's the guitar that Roope plays, and the guitar players from Stone. So everyone thinks about Alexi and his Randy Rhodes Jackson guitar, but he got that from Roope. When people see Sinergy live they automatically assume that Roope got it from Alexi, but it's totally the other way around. I know Alexi is my boyfriend and everything but I don't care about that because I want to speak the truth about the band and that he is equally as talented as Alexi, and I really hope that he starts getting the credit that he deserves.


I know I didn't realize when I heard the album because their style is quite similar.

Yeah I know, and I think that's because Alexi has a lot of influence from Roope.



New drummer - Mats KarlssonSo after recording your new album you replaced your drummer (Ed. note: new drummer is Mats Karlsson). Do you think the lineup you have now is going to be a little more lasting?

I have no idea, haha. That question is always impossible to answer because at the moment you feel like "Yes, yes, this is perfect, and we all love each other and everything is flowers and happiness and joy", and that IS how I feel right now. But who knows, only time will tell. I hope so, let's just put it that way.



Also, on the new album you and Alexi both sing on the track "Shadow Island." I've read this is something the label asked the band to do. I'm not sure if this is something that the band themselves wanted to do?!?

Right, actually I'm not a fan of mixing death/blackish vocals together with clean vocals. You know, there are some bands which do that regularly and I don't like that at all. But yeah Nuclear Blast are German and they said *in a German accent* "Ahh, Kimberly you must do something extra special to sell the new album. Maybe if you have Alexi to sing on the album", and I was like "No fucking way dude. No I'm the singer and he sings in Children of Bodom and bla bla bla.". So at first I was totally against it, and so was the rest of the band because we didn't feel it would fit. And then several months later when we started writing the material, Roope came up with a really really bizarre song that he wanted to have on the album. He wrote the music for that song. When I heard it I thought it was a good song but it's not for Sinergy. He was so into it, he was like "Give it a chance", And then I thought I cant think of any vocal melodies that would go with the song. I had some ideas for the chorus but that was it. And then about a month before we entered the studio me and Alexi were playing a Play station game called Alone In The Dark - The New Nightmare. When we were playing that game I started hearing the music to Roope's song in my head. Suddenly I got what I thought was an awesome idea, haha. Maybe other people think it's cheesy but I don't care. I said "Hey, I'm going to do a mini musical for this song because there's so many tempo changes and crazy things going on throughout the music. I thought since the music is so crazy, why not make the vocals just as crazy, like let's have many vocalists and many different voices portraying the different characters of the game, and we'll make it into a mini musical based on this game. Alexi and I were laughing together thinking that rules. It's funny but also cool for game freaks, like we are. So suddenly idea after idea started coming into my head. I was like "Great, we're going to have choirs here, and you're going to sing here, and I'm going to sing here like this, then over here I'm going to sing like this. In the end it was me, Alexi and our bass player Marco who did the singing on that track. The choirs are done by myself and Marco, and obviously you can tell which vocals are done by Alexi. Then there's actually some points where me and Alexi trade off vocals. Like, he sings then I sing, then he sings. In those parts I'm singing more aggressive. And then there's the chorus where I'm singing more, I hate this word but I'm going to say it, "atmospherically" haha. So anyway, when people who actually buy the album get the booklet and don't download it, haha, those people will be able to read the lyrics and see who sang what part and which character we're each portraying.



Cool. So regarding your vocals, have you ever taken lessons or is this all natural talent?

No, I've never taken vocal lessons. The only thing I did was I had two kind of "meetings", because I can't call them lessons, together with the singer of Stratovarius. He's a good friend of mine and we were just talking one time. This was actually two years ago before the first Sinergy tour, and I asked him about breathing techniques on-stage, because it's so different singing standing still in the rehearsal room and then sing with lights on you and you're sweating and you're running all around and head banging . So I needed to get some kind of advice. So let's say I've had some advice from Timo Kotipelto of Stratovarius but never took any lessons.



So in terms of vocalists who have influenced your style, or who you've probably emulated to some degree, who would you pick out as being some of those key vocalists?

You know what? It's funny because I've been asked this question a lot in the last few days. I'm going to give you a new answer because I just remembered somebody new. Today I was watching VH1 Behind The Music, we actually have VH1, not in Finland but we have some special satellite shit because Finnish TV sucks, but it was about Billy Idol, and I was like "Hell yeah!", and then I started singing all his songs and making this funny lip and putting my fists the way he does it, and I was just acting silly in the house when I was by myself, although the shades were open so maybe the neighbors could see but who cares. And I was thinking "Oh God why haven't I mentioned him?", because he's definitely a huge influence. But I haven't listened to his music is so long it just totally slipped out of my memory. So in the past interviews I've been mentioning people like Bruce Dickinson and some eighties pop singers like Pat Benetar, Cindy Lauper and Debbi Harri and these chicks. But the thing is, I don't really take an exact influence from any of those people except maybe Billy Idol because I just more prefer their singing and enjoy it. But when I hear myself I don't hear any of them. Maybe a combination of Pat Benetar and Billy Idol on the new album. Because some people are reading this interview and they have head Beware The Heavens they're going to be like "What the fuck is she talking about?" Haha!! Because I definitely don't sound that then.



A couple questions about your history. Before relocating to Europe you lived in the USA obviously. Were you involved in any bands at that time, and if so was it vocals or were you doing keyboards or what?

The first band I joined was a band from Chicago called Avernus. It was doomy/deathy kind of like old My Dying Bride or at least at that time. I have no idea if they still exist or how they sound nowadays. When I was with them they played some early My Dying Bride or early Anathema kind of stuff, which was great because I'm a huge fan of both of those bands, especially their earlier works. And it was a lot of fun you know, I probably didn't take the band so seriously because I was always on the run you know, I was going to Cleveland and Boston and Savannah Georgia. I was always in and out, I wasn't always there. Whenever I was in town I would sing with them. Oh, and that's the answer to your question, I was singing backing vocals. The thing I didn't realize back then, because as I've told you earlier I've never had any singing lessons, I've never actually had and music theory lessons or anything like that. I didn't understand that because they were tuned so low, I still have an old demo that I sing on, and I played it for Alexi one day to say "Hey, look what I did when I was younger", and I was like "Oh my God, you can't hardly hear me. My voice is so low and un-powerful", and then I thought well no wonder it's because of the tuning. Alexi has taught me a lot more about music theory and things like that, so now I realize. That was also the change from "Beware the Heavens" and "To Hell and Back", is that we changed the tuning of the guitars. So yeah, it was fun and I had a good time with those guys. But obviously for me it didn't feel like it was headed anywhere so I wanted to pursue something bigger, so that's why I ended up moving.



Prior to Sinergy I think the first time most people heard your name was as keyboardist or backing vocalist in such bands as Ancient or Dimmu Borgir or something. When you put your own band together - I guess you could call it Power Metal or traditional Metal or whatever you want to call it - and you were no longer just the keyboardist or backing vocalist, which was something that probably surprised many people who figured you would do something more Black Metal.

Oh God yeah, it surprised so many people. Especially because of the people I chose to play on the first album. And they ended up hearing some innocent sweet music, haha. Not so aggressive as In Flames, Children of Bodom, Mercyful Fate or anything like that. The thing is I wasn't afraid. I knew in my heart I'm a singer. I'm not a keyboardist. Although I had so much fun touring with Dimmu Borgir and Therion . Maybe I didn't have so much fun with Ancient haha. But I had a blast with Dimmu and Therion. Also I actually toured with Children of Bodom on one of their first European tours that they did. I played keyboards because their keyboardist was still in school. That was for the Something Wild album. I had a blast on all of those tours but I just felt like something was wrong there because, number one, I didn't write any music for those bands. Number two, I didn't play on any albums except for Ancient. I didn't play with Dimmu or Therion or Bodom. I've done some small stuff in the background for Children of Bodom but nothing serious anyway. But I felt like there's something strange here because I'm here on stage and people are screaming and clapping but somehow I don't feel like I deserve it, because what have I done to deserve it. So I felt the need definitely to start my own band, and I didn't want to wait any longer. I wanted to do it while I was still young enough so my band could have a long life and I wouldn't get so tired so fast. So I think now the evolution from "Beware the Heavens" to ummmm...."Suicide by my Side"? hahah...sorry it's been 40 hours with no sleep and I'm sorry you had to be the one to interview me hahah!!!  In my opinion "Suicide by my Side" for me is the first "real" Sinergy album because for me, this is how I wanted us to sound from the very beginning. But I had to kind of live and learn because like I said I never had any lessons and I just kind own went into the studio and just sang words, but it's a lot more meaningful to me now that I've got a steady line-up. Okay, we changed drummers but he wasn't a song writer anyway. So I have a steady group of songwriters and it's pretty damned cool.



When you first decided to do your own band, did you ever consider basing the band in the USA, or did you think the scene over on this side of the world would not be quite as receptive to that style of band?

Yeah, the answer is absolutely not, I never thought about it. First of all it would have been impossible. I mean, I'm one person and it's easier to move me here than four guys there. And second of all, at the time when I formed the band I didn't think America was ready for Sinergy. Actually it's ironic because of all the reviews we get for all three albums, the only country that gives us shit in the reviews is my home country, which sucks. That feels kind of bad. Obviously it's not every review but for example all the reviews that I read in Europe at least with no exaggerating, 95% of the reviews are really great, like almost perfect scores. And also in Japan and Mexico and South America. But then I get the press kits. They send me all the reviews like twice a year, and when I get the American reviews in the mail I'm like "Urggg, do I want to open this box?", and when I read those reviews it's like 60% good and 40% bad. And the bad ones are REALLY bad, and I'm like "Whoa, thanks guys. Way to support someone who actually got up off her ass from your own country and tried to do something". I try to make Americans proud like hey look, if I can do it, anyone can do it. You know, some little girl from Chicago who doesn't know anything about anything just going out there and making it. So, oh well.


So do you call Finland home now, or is USA always going to be home?

Oh, USA is always home. Even though I felt at the time that America wasn't ready for us now. In the last two years, because I've been out here for over six years now, in the last two years I've become extremely homesick. Me and Alexi were on vacation in Florida in May of earlier this year, and when we were there we were just walking around, it was the fourth time he's come to the States together with me, and I was like "Man screw this shit. Let's move Children of Bodom and Sinergy down to Florida, haha. Because he's obsessed with Florida. Particularly I don't like Florida except for Orlando because I'm totally obsessed with amusement parks, and so is he. On that trip we went to Universal Studios and this new place called Islands of Adventure. We went there without exaggerating, over twelve times each on that one trip. We bought a year long pass and we were only there for a few weeks, haha. But it was cheaper to do that than buy the other passes that they were offering. So nowadays my dream would be, because Finland is such a damn boring as Hell country, my dream would be to move the Finnish Metal scene in particular to Chicago, haha. And then I'd be happy because that's where I'm from. But yeah, that's obviously why I live here is for the music. And honestly I've lived in Norway, Sweden and now Finland and without a doubt even though I think this is a very boring country, at the same time they absolutely have the most brilliant musicians I've ever had the pleasure to work with and befriend and everything. The Metal scene here is just huge and the fans are the best, I mean they fucking rule in Finland. I don't understand it, it's something in the air.



It's funny you say the country is boring because from here in Canada you look at our scene and you compare it to Finland, it's like you have Sonata Arctica, Stratovarius, Nightwish, Sinergy, etc. and you could go on and on. It's like holy shit, in the past few years Finland has been practically equal with countries like Germany and Sweden who are supposedly the Metal centers of the world. If I was living in Finland I think I wouldn't be bored, with all those bands to see, haha.

The thing you got to remember is that now I've been out here for over six years. I mean the first four years I was constantly taking pictures, like "Oh my God look at that!", and all my friends were putting their hand over their face, like "Oh my god, I do not know this girl". I remember the funniest thing, Shagrath from Dimmu Borgir; he was the first guy to ever pick me up at the airport in Oslo, the first time I ever set foot on European ground. It was actually Shagrath and the old drummer Tjodalv. So they picked me up at the airport and I had never met them but we had been writing and I had a fanzine also, and I had sent them an interview, and this was before internet so I had mailed them an interview. At the end of the letter I said "Hey I'm going out to Norway", and he replied by sending me an invitation that he could pick me up at the airport but that he didn't like my questions so he wasn't going to answer the interview, haha. I don't even know if he remembers that whole interview thing, but I know he remembers picking me up because I think I embarrassed the band big time, haha. Because as soon as I got on the bus I was like "Oh my God look at that!", you know, I was so excited and everything was so new. They took me to this bar which I guess is totally legendary by now in Oslo, it's called Elm Street where every Black Metal band hangs out at. So my first impression of Oslo, I walked into this bar and we're sitting down and five minutes later there's Hellhammer walking in and he sits at our table, then Maniac walks in and Fenriz was there, and I was like "Oh my God is this normal?", and I was taking pictures. They ordered lunch, and it looked bizarre because they eat open face sandwiches. You should see the way the eat here, it's terrible. They have one piece of bread and they put butter on it, and then one piece of lunch meat and that's their sandwich; Slice of bread, butter, and one slice of lunch meat. And I'm like "Uhhh, excuse me? Where's the beef?", Haha. So back to the point, yeah I was totally psyched and constantly excited for especially the first three years, and then by the fourth year I started to come down to earth and realize where I was. Then by the fifth and sixth year it's like "Oh God take me back home, please". Yeah I'm totally bored to death, but it's like anything, you can't have too much of a good thing. It's never going to stay exciting. And then I started to realize what a great country America actually is, because when I lived there I totally hated the society and hated everything about it, especially the music scene. But nowadays all I'm doing all the time is "Ah, Finnish TV sucks. In America we have over a hundred channels. Or if we go to the store, "You don't have any good selection of juice, or any good selection of anything", you know, they have two brands of everything and that's it. You're lucky if you can get two. I'm always, "Oh my God, your stores close at nine, and on Saturday everything closes at six and on Sunday nothing is open. God, in America you can buy tires if you want from Kmart at three o'clock in the morning", haha. Of course at the same time when I'm bitching and moaning it's all in good fun. We have a good laugh.



According to your web site plans are underway for a North American tour. What details can you tell me? Will it include Canada? Do you know what bands?

First I have to ask you what is this Metal Rules? It's a web site? So when is this going to be put up on your site?


Usually it's within seven to ten days when we get things out.

Ok, you know what? I don't care, I'm going to tell you; because the guy at Nuclear Blast in America told me to not announce the headlining band yet because we haven't confirmed all the support bands. As far as I know we're the only support band that's 100% confirmed to my knowledge. But what the hell, here goes, and I might get in trouble if he sees this but....the headliner is...........................King Diamond! And I have no clue if we're coming to Canada because the only info he gave me was that it was going to be five to six weeks in North America. They're constantly booking more gigs and he said it was going to be a really big tour and quite theatrical and all that stuff. I think there's going to be three support bands. I know of two of the other possible support bands but maybe I shouldn't reveal them because I don't know if they are going to do it. I will say that one is Swedish and one is German. And they sound nothing like Sinergy, so if those bands got on the bill it would definitely be an interesting package.



So how do you think a band like Sinergy will be accepted by the average metalhead over here?

You know what? I don't really have any clue. We've gotten so much great fan mail from the States and also e-mails and stuff like that from fans. I did an interview with Metal Maniacs two weeks ago, and the guy who interviewed me, Mark Groman, he told me that "on the internet allot of American fans talk allot of bad things about you". And I wasn't even aware of that and that made me kinda feel like shit but you know, whatever. But you know what? I don't care because this is going to be my opinion; I think that for whatever reason people might hate us or hate me, once they see us live they'll at least have to respect all the dam hard work I've been through these past few years. It wasn't like I just landed in Sinergy. It's not like when we started we automatically started selling the same amount as Dimmu Borgir, that's absolutely not true. With every album we've sold a little more. It's hard to be an American woman in this scene being over in Europe. I think if people are talking shit about me as a person, they obviously don't know me. And anyone who really does know me will tell you that I'm a very hard working person. For example I've heard stuff like, "oh she's with Alexi to get you know more popularity". But the funny thing is I met Alexi in October of '97 when I was touring with Dimmu. We played a gig in Helsinki, and Children of Bodom opened up for us and it was their first gig ever and they didn't even have an album out yet. "Something Wild" didn't even come out until two months after we had met and fell in love. So if anyone thinks I'm using him, It could have looked like the other way around, but of course it wasn't. My point is that people who might talk shit about me over in the States they just obviously don't know me. And when people see us and see what a great god damn show we put on; we don't need any special lights or special theatrics or anything. We just get up there and rock and I'm hoping to gain a new audience, but lets see what happens!


Ok cool...well that's all he questions I had. Is there any other news or things you want to let people know about?

I guess that's it. Maybe the people can check out our web site. I actually answer the fan mail on our message board if I'm home, if I'm not on tour. So if anyone wants to talk to me they can leave a message or ask a question about me, the band, or Alexi. People usually ask "what does Alexi do about this" or "what does Alexi have to say about that", and Alexi, Alexi, Alexi....(laughter)  It's like I'm his secretary or something haha!! But I don't mind. But yeah, great thank you! I'm sorry if I talked too much. But thank you so much for this interview and sorry if I'm just bla bla bla..

No no it was great. Thank you very much!

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