Seven Witches Interview
With Jack Frost, Wade Black & Billy Mez

Interviewed and Photos By Maureen McQueeney

Being invited to the studio where Seven Witches was recording their new album was a major treat. When I got to the studio the first thing they wanted to do was let me hear some of their music. First up was their planned European release - "Metal Tyrant." Jack's guitars and Wade's "hair-raising" screams just blew me away! I felt like I was 14 again and hearing Judas Priest for the first time. I also heard the raw tracks of a few other songs "Xiled to Infinity and One", "Salvation" & "Warmth of Winter." It was mind-blowing. For me, this album sits somewhere between Sad WIngs of Destiny and Painkiller. Just Phenomenal!!!

The interview is split into 2 parts. First is Wade & Jack. Wade was leaving NJ so I headed up to the studio the next day to make sure I could talk to Wade for awhile. Then I went back a couple of weeks later, spoke to Jack & Mez to wrap things up.

Wade, why did you leave Crimson Glory to join Seven Witches?

Wade Black: That wasn't necessarily the case...When I was in Crimson I thought it was one of the biggest professional thrills to be in such a legendary band such as that and I always did everything to my fullest extent. Everything that was always asked of me - I always fulfilled with 100% of my heart and that was something that the band just didn't give back to me. Which was the respect that I gave them. That never ever ever came back to me. I was always treated as just a hired person. Never a part of that band and that hurt me. Being in a situation like that hurt me and hurt my family, ya know? It just wasn't anything that I was willing to sit around... I felt like I was wasting my time. Thank God I was able to hook up with Jack. He saw me play in Germany a couple of times and we had spoken and then a mutual friend of ours, Thomas Youngblood, of Kamelot ended up hooking us up. From the first time I spoke to Jack and the first time I heard the Witches stuff I knew it was something really really special. Not only is he a good songwriter and the singer was really good which got my attention, ya know? I called him (Jack) and said, "Look, I don't care who you have up for the gig, that's MY GIG!" and so for the next month or so, I called him pretty persistently, like every other day and stuff and I'm like, "Just tell me the gig is mine and let's be done with this bullshit and get on with it"


Is that really how it went down Jack?
(we're all laughing)

Jack Frost: Yea! He said, "I'm singing!" so I told him, "Alright - I'm not going to fight you!" (still laughing)



WB: So we ended up getting together and getting all the talking done, then he (Jack) got the Savatage gig. So actually, the Seven Witches album is probably off by a year. But what a better time to give up - then a time with a band such as "Savatage". I think they are a legendary band, that Jon Oliva - you can't get much better than that. To be onstage with the "Mountain King" I mean, what else more is there to say?

JF: Yea! There ain't!

WB: I mean - that's the ultimate, ya know? His Savatage was my Crimson Glory. Cause, when I went over there CG was considered as a legendary band, as an immortal band. I mean, people called me like a "cult" singer when I was over there. The "Cult" singer, Wade Black. I was like, "Get the fu - hell outta here ya bunch of freaks" (laughs)



So when is the new Seven Witches due to be released? You said February, right?

JF: yea, mid February.

And do you have plans to tour?

JF: Yea, what we're doing is - the honest to goodness truth about the whole thing is - We used to be on "Massacre" and they offered us a new deal with their record company but "Sanctuary" kinda came out to see me play when I was playing in "Metallium". We talked and I really liked what they had to say and so they signed this band (SW) last December/January and Wade wasn't even in the band yet. We got the deal - w/out a demo or anything. They knew my past work and what I've done. This was even before Savatage. So what happened was - We got the deal and I came off the Metallium tour and that's when Wade came into the picture. Then all of a sudden I got the Savatage gig and Sanctuary wasn't like all "You have to do a record for us" instead they were like, "Listen, we understand this is a great opportunity for you and for Seven Witches. So definitely do Savatage and we understand that it's going to be a priority - but don't forget about us and your band". And I never did. Joining Savatage made it better for me. It gave me allot more free time to work on the Witches stuff. Being on the road, I was able to right allot more and it just kinda worked out well. And with this tour thing, no one has heard a song yet at the label. And they are like "Well, we have a couple tours in mind for you guys" and we're (SW) psyched about it! But the problem is - what if they don't like it. They have no idea. I mean, they have put allot of money and allot of time in this Witches band. I mean, allot! and I've been telling them, "I promise you, I'm not being obnoxious or saying I'm this great song writer and Wade is God on vocals, but - we are going to give you a record, and you'll see - you are going to be blown away by it". We are going to go back to what Metal is all about - back in the 80's. It's going to be a real metal record.


WB: It's a tribute to everything we've ever heard. Halford, Maiden, Lizzy Borden. I mean all of the old bands, Raven, all of them. All of those old bands, I love all that stuff. That's what I grew up on and so much of that is me. I mean, if you ask any of my friends that know me, they'll tell you that - Wade is just Metal. He just is. There's nothing else for him to do. And it's the same thing for Jack. We're just cut from the same piece of cloth and it's magic what we're doing in here right now.


JF: It is. It's probably the most stressful-less record I have ever made in my life. Usually I'm always stressed out, I'm shaking, I'm like "Oh My God! I have to finish this record. I have to finish this". This is the first time I'm like...

WB: I sit and look at him through the glass and he's smiling, ya know? We're having fun and we're banging these songs out like it's absolutely nothing.

JF: I think this record is going to be like, I feel that it reminds me alot of Judas Priest - "Painkiller" days.



See, now I hear "Sad Wings" in there with...

JF: There it is again!!!!! I've heard that twice now, right?? (to Wade)

It's just incredible! Thank you so much for inviting me in to listen. This is great!

We turn off the tape player to talk about some different stuff.

WB: are we rolling again? So Mr. Frost - can you tell this young lady a little bit about the new cd?

JF: Well, pretty much all I can say about the new cd is .... "Tribute". A tribute to the old bands but I would also have to say is what I really wanted to do is, I've noticed over the last few years, there really hasn't been a record, except for the Halford record, that really just says, "Wow - this is Heavy Metal" I mean, there is allot of great records out there, but there really hasn't been a metal record where you put it on and you just want to bang your head. (Wade & Jack laugh) What we've said from day one. Me & Wade talked about this, we just want to come out with a record that's pure - heavy guitars, screaming vocals - no frills. No harmonizers. Just a true metal band. And that's what we went for. That's how we're trying to come across. We're not a progressive band, we're not a 70's band. We're just a metal band. We're not modern. We are old school but we're not. We're "Seven Witches". And I think allot of people are going to be pleasantly surprised because allot of people liked the first Witches records and allot of people loved the Crimson Glory record. But this is a whole new thing - it's a new band. We have the name of course, but it's a new band. I think allot of people will be really shocked when they hear this. I think allot of people are coming with the expectation of, well, Witches records are pretty mid-tempo, this record is - get ready to drive your car down the street and slam your head back! I mean, I can remember the first time I heard "Painkiller" - I was like, "Holy Shit"! So, pretty much this record, if I had to say just one word..

WB: WOW (laughs)

JF: (laughs) yea but - Power. That's all it is. It's got Power.


Wade, on the last Crimson Glory cd you didn't contribute any songs. why?

WB: That is correct. I didn't contribute any songs. Simply because I think they wanted to be stingy and keep me out of publishing. There big thing with me was - "Wade here's the line, go in and do what you do." Ya know? Instead of saying, "Hey, let's get the correct papers together and get you some money for what your doing". So, I contributed a whole bunch on that album. A piece of my soul went out when I did that album. So, let people say what they want. I mean, the fact of the matter is, he didn't stick his hand up my ass and make me sing. I went in there. And that was something I did for myself.

JF: A lot of love lost there, huh?



Is it the same with Seven Witches? Or are you more involved with the song writing?

WB: With Witches I'm involved in all of the song writing. Jack writes all of the music. He has also given me ideas on arrangements for the songs, lyrically. So I'd say it's like a 60/40 split.

JF: I'd say a 50/50 split. It takes both of us. It doesn't matter. I write the music, he writes the words. I write the words, he writes the music. It doesn't matter. It's a band. And without him it wouldn't sound this way. Without my riffs, he wouldn't sing it that way. So that's it.

WB: I love you man!


Wade, you are also involved with a band called Sector 9 with Ben Jackson. What is the status of that group?

WB: Ben Jackson went to go do his own solo album which is called the Ben Jackson Project. And I would like to personally thank Ben Jackson for all his time and I wish nothing but the best for that guy. He is nothing but gold all day long. And I don't say that about most people in this music business. The status of that band - I actually kept that band running down in Florida. I've actually got at this current time, It's not going to be Sector 9, it's going to be a different name. That will be released soon. My bass player is the current vocalist/bass player for "Nocturnus" which is a big band over in Europe. I'm going to put it together and see what I can come up with. I feel like I still have a lot to say. I feel that Witches is going to be something very special - and is going to be my priority band. But different music actually allows me to go about different ways of doing music. Its not rocket science. Its music. So you shouldn't have to think that hard about it.



Seven Witches is signed to Sanctuary for the next 2 records...

WB: Actually it's the next 4 records

JF: Yea, this and 3 more. For Life. (laughs)

Yea, once they hear this - they won't ever let you go.

WB: The way Jack had said it before was - when he talked to these people, they had come out to see him play and stuff, he was just super comfortable with it. Ya know? After him (Jack) being in the business for so long, you start to be able to judge character real well, ya know? When you first meet someone you know whether they are going to be snakey or whatever. But he got a really good vibe from it.

JF: It's nice to see a label that really cares about the band. Dirk and Beate have been upstanding every minute with everything that we've done. We need something, its done. You don't usually get that from a label. Usually its, "Well, we'll see what we can do." But, no. Not with them (Sanctuary). It's - "Give us a day". The next day there is an email, phone call or fax at my house. So, we found a home.



Who will be producing?

WB: Well, Mr. Frost will be producing and also there will be a co-producer/mixer - Joey Vera.

Well that was leading to my next question - You mentioned to me earlier that Joey Vera was coming into the studio.

JF: Yea, I mean he is going to pretty much give his ideas and kinda like, I still don't know if I'm ready to mix a record totally by myself, but the way it's feeling now, I probably can. But I'd like to have another ear in here. I've been friends with Joey, and I really loved the way the Armored Saint record sounded and I loved the Engine record, it was phenomenal! So it was just like, we talked and I said, "Hey! What are you doing? Are you interested in helping me mix the record"? he told me, "Sure"! So I think it's going to add a little more - it's going to put that cherry on top. I mean, why not ask a guy who was there at the beginning. (of metal)

WB: We've also got Joe Comaeu, who is the singer from Annihilator and also the guitar player from Overkill, coming up tomorrow to do a song with us. You know Grim Reaper? The "See you in Hell" song? We did a cover of that, but we jazzed it up quite a bit.

JF: Have you heard Annihilator? Well Joe is the new singer and he is going to come in tomorrow and kinda do a duet with Wade on it. So yea, we have a couple of guest people on here. Actually, Jon Oliva is also doing a bonus track/song on the album.

WB: What's really neat is, The song that Jon is going to sing, I also sing. But, this is the spin on it, I do it my way, he hasn't heard the way that I've done it already. So we're shipping him a DAT and he's going to sing it, down in Florida, his way, with different lyrics but the same music. The Oliva track is going to be the bonus on the Witches album.

JF: Yea, something different!

WB: You get 2 different flavors, plus you get to hear Jon sing. So now I can say - Jon is on MY album!

Everyone: ooooooohhhh! - (lots of laughing)


JF: So all the pieces are there - we just have to….

WB: I look at him (Jack) and I'm just like, I'm just so glad that he saved me. Well, not so much that he came and save me but, he at least had the right feelings about me and me able to express myself. I've never been able to do that. There's a song that we do, it's called "Salvation." I've written a lot of songs that always get thrown into the trash and never get used and a lot of ideas. This is the first song in 10 years that somebody has actually taken the time….

JF: He's a great singer. Why not? I mean, why not use every bit of each person you have. I don't understand people that…. I guess it has to do with egos but you know what? It's like a marriage. You have to give and take. It's like, why should just one person be like, "Ok, I run this show and you just shut your mouth and do your part". You know what? That ain't gonna last and for the couple of extra dollars that you sneak away from somebody, is it worth losing that person in the long run? Which is what's going to happen. So….

WB: You watch - we'll be together for another 3 albums. I guarantee it!

JF: That's it? (laughs)

Then Jack & Wade offer up another song - "Anger's Door".

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Now it's 2 weeks later and I went back to the studio to finish the interview. Today I met Bill Mezick, the Seven Witches bass player and also Joey Vera who is mixing the album.

Jack, Mez & I went into the studio...

So Bill, how did you meet up with Jack?

Billy Mez: At the "Birch Hill". (A popular metal club in NJ) It was about 3 months before the first record and they didn't have a bass player then and we hit it off pretty well, so…

How long has Seven Witches been together?

JF: Actually, 3 years last month!


Are you & Billy the only original members left?

JF & BM: yea.



Jack, Are you still with Metallium?

JF: No, I left.


JF: Well, I'm in Savatage now and that's pretty much a full time gig and my contract with Metallium ended and when the Savatage gig came. It's an American band and friends of mine. Metallium was fine and everything, but I was a hired guitar player and I was treated as a hired guitar player. I mean, it was fun. I'm still really good friends with the singer and the other guitar player. But, the manager of that band, he has a way of doing things, he's a rock star. I'll just say it as that. I could have stayed in the band. But - Savatage.



So which band gets priority? Seven Witches or Savatage?

JF: I knew this was going to be asked! Well, it's like this. Savatage is my band. I'm a full member of that band. Like I told you another time, they don't treat me like a hired guy. Full credit with everything. But Seven Witches was my first baby and they knew that from day one. They are both priorities. I would never do anything to hurt Savatage in Witches and I would never do anything to hurt Witches in Savatage. There is enough days and time in the week where I'm able to do both and they are really supportive of me. Remember too, that Savatage has TSO, which is also another major commitment of Savatage. So, this is my TSO. They are both very, very important to me. Put it this way, Savatage is a legend and to be in that band is more like a dream come true. Witches is more like my baby, which I watched as an infant and grow. They both have a very strong place for me.



Staying with Savatage - Can you tell me how you were asked to join? Did you try out?

JF: I've been friends with Chris for many years and Jon too actually. I took over for Chris in Metalium. Chris was on the first Metallium record and he was supposed to tour with them in Europe and my name got brought up and Chris said, "You should do it. I'd rather see you do it than anyone else". Make a long story short - I joined Metallium and me and Chris always stayed friends and about a year ago. I was on tour, well about a year ago this time, Me and Chris were talking just before I went to Europe and he was like, "Yea, Al Pitrelli joined Megadeth for good". I was like, wow. He (Chris) goes, "Yea, we have to audition like a million guitar players" . I'm not sure just how it was said but while we were talking he asked me if I'd be interested. I said "Yea!" He was like, "Really? Even with all the stuff you've got going on"? I said, "Yea! It's Savatage!" and like who wouldn't want the opportunity to be in Savatage. 

So we talked for about a month. I was supposed to keep going up to the studio but they were so busy with doing the record and everything. Then the day I left for Europe, Paul O'Neill tells Chris, "Call Jack, we need him to come in and audition today". Chris was like; "Jack's gone". So Chris and I, we emailed each other every couple of days saying "hey" and what going on. They needed a guitar player for TSO and I could have had that gig last year but I was, I'm pretty dedicated when I say I'm going to do something, And I couldn't get home. (Metallium tour) I had a bit of a falling out with Lars when I was over there and I was considering leaving the band. You know they are really nice guys in Metallium but there was big miscommunication. I was the only American in the band. So it was a little hard. They were speaking German and I'd be sitting there like, "Hello"?!?! So the language barrier, it made it hard sometimes. They speak great English, but German is their first language and that's what they would use to talk to each other. And I'd be sitting there like, (whistling) ya know? 

So I was over there and I came home. I sent a package to Paul, so he could hear some stuff and he really liked it. Then Chris told me, "I have a whole bunch of guitar players that want this gig man". There was a whole slew of people! So I came home, and I was getting married, and the day of my wedding Paul O'Neill calls me and says, "I need you to come in today". I'm like, "God Paul! We can't seem to get on the same page". We were both laughing. So I went on my honeymoon and on the day I came back Chris was like, "you have got to come in tonight". Chris was like my #1- for this gig, I have to say that. So my wife was like, "Will you just go! You're never going to know if you don't go". So I went up there and met everybody, and about 4 days later, Chris put a lot of time out, we got together, he really wanted to sit down and work with a guitar player. He hadn't done that in a long time. Just work together as a unit. So we worked together and then I went for the audition. I heard there was 20 guys up for the gig. I auditioned for about 15 minutes in front of Paul and the band just looked at me and said, "Ok, that was good". The drummer left, which was kinda weird cause he would have stayed there to audition other guitar players. So that was kinda weird to me. Everyone was just like, "Ok. Thanks a lot, Jack. We'll talk to you soon". Chris just looked at me with a smile and Oliva goes, (in Jack's best Oliva impression) "Ah - Breathtaking"! Then gets up and walks out of the room. So about 4 or 5 days went by and I was like, "Well, I guess I gave it a shot and didn't get the gig". Then Chris calls and says, "Meet me at LaMours tonight. We're gonna hang out". So I went to Lamours to see Symphony X. Jon Oliva calls the cell phone and says, (Again - in his best Oliva impression) "So, ya wanna be in the band"? (we all laugh) and that was it. That's all it was. It was really flattering because I know some of the guys that were up for the gig that are just phenomenal players. I mean, I'm not Yngwie. I'm not that type of guitar player. I think I'm a really strong rhythm player and a good song writer. I think mainly my personality got the gig, and the love for the music. They were looking for someone that was a team player. You don't need.. Chris is a great guitar player and I respect him and I would never step on his shoes while being in this band and I think they saw that. Not only did I like, know his people but I also knew the whole back catalogue. That was important. So that's how it happened and from day one they've treated me like gold. I mean, there was a little bit in the beginning where they had to raz me (laughs) cause I was the new guy. But once I finally got comfortable, ya know? They responded. Now it's like, I'm one of them, which is great! It's cool.



Did you and Damond come in around the same time?

JF: Same time.

So did that take half the heat off of you then? (laughs)

JF: Ummm, you never really mess with a singer. Singers are very.. kinda… how do you say this in a nice way.. (laughs) They are very emotional type of guys and you don't really ride them that much. So uh, I got the brunt of it all. (we all laugh) Hey! But it was alright! I got goofed on a lot at first. The first couple months I was like, "Oh Man! You guys are killing me"! But I stood in there and now poor Damond is getting his ass reamed! (laughing) So you know, it's good.



Are you going to be involved with the songwriting on the next Savatage album?

JF: We are all going to be involved in the songwriting. It's going to be a band collaboration thing.


Now back to Seven Witches, what happened to the previous vocalist?

JF: Pretty much, Bobby is a great singer, a really nice guy, we made 2 amazing records together but pretty much just personal differences. I think we went a certain way and he went a certain way. Nothing bad. Just in the end, it just wasn't right. I guess we had our visions and he had his visions. I guess I've hinted that there were musical differences. But we kinda just went our separate ways.



So Bobby left before Wade came in?

JF: Oh yea. He left way before Wade came in.



Billy, tell me what you think of having Wade?

BM: I wasn't too sure how he would work after hearing "Astronomica" But I think with us he is a lot more tasteful. A lot more himself. Anyone who hears him in that album, it doesn't seem like, well, that his fullness is there. But with us, he came out really strong. He's really great.

JF: The thing with Wade is, I got a little bit of slack in the beginning from a lot of people saying like, "Noooo, He's not going to sound like Witches". And talking to Wade, I told you, he got the gig from pretty much just being persistent. (Wade) "I want this gig. I'm in this band" and I'm like, The guy was calling my house….

BM: Yea, he made himself a part of the band…

JF: Yea, without … (We all laugh)


Yea, that's pretty much what he already said! He had no problem saying that he called everyday and was a pain in the ass.

JF: Wade just said, "Fuck everybody"! Not that he's the best, but he's good for this band and I think that kind of attitude got us. We were just laughing, like this dudes out of control! He's calling my house, yelling at the answering machine, "So, am I in yet"? It was like, dude! But you know, he was just.. he was the right piece to the puzzle. He's awesome. I've never worked with a singer.. like I told you, I never worked with someone that was just magic. Just (claps his hands together) It was like that. It just gelled. Easy. This is the first record that I've made where I haven't lost any hair. I'm not even slightly stressed. Very, very enjoyable.



Wade told me that the whole time you two were recording he would see you smiling through the window.

JF: Yea, It's great because I can talk to him. Some singers you work with are just like, "You don't know what the hell you're talking about" and it's like, "Listen, I'm not over here trying to tell you I know what I'm talking about. I'm telling you, I hear it. You're cracking". But Wade, Wade is just like, "What do you think of this"? I'd tell him that it sounds great and he would smile cause it made him feel good. I think Crimson Glory, well he told you what it was. I think it was like, "You must do this"! That was it. It was their way or no way. The Witches way is like we were looking for a person to bring something to the table. There were so many singers we could have got for this gig. But Wade was the one that made us say, "Oh, look at this. He's going to bring a big chunk here. A big slab of meat not a little crouton". It's the same with our drummer - Brian. There was a lot of drummers we had in mind, a couple of guys we really wanted and just time elements didn't size up well for everybody. Brian, we were starting to talk because James Rivera from Destiny's End/Helstar kept telling me, "You gotta hear this guy Brian. He's great. He's great. He's great". So, I'm a little snoopy. I have a lot of friends in the industry. So I start checking around to see what he was about. Every guy I was checking out I wanted to know if they were clean or if they have a good name in the business because we have a very good name. We're not drug addicts, we don't… For me, you'll never see anything on the web that I'm a jerk to the fans or anything. I'm not like that. I'm very supportive of the music. I'm a fan of the music so that's what we were looking for. So Brian calls me up one day and says, "Look, I bought a plane ticket". I was like, "You did what"? and he goes, "You know what? I know you've got a bunch of drummers interested. But I bought a plane ticket and my attitude was this - If you say I got the gig, I already have the plane ticket. If you say no, I lost a couple hundred bucks but at least I know I tried". I hung up the phone and said, "Well, there it is. The other piece of the puzzle". Another guy with that kind of mentality, which is important. You know, a lot of people can play. Hence me getting the Savatage gig. But it's not all about how great you are. It's the whole person. You don't marry someone because she looks great. Cause someday she's going to get old. You don't marry a guy just because he's hot, you know he's going to be home scratching his ass on Sunday watching football! You have to live together on the road and that's a big thing and with the guys in this band there is no problems. We have a lot of fun. We respect each other and that's important. If you don't respect one another than there's no reason to be in a band together.



How do you think the previous Seven Witches fans are going to accept Wade?

JF: A lot of previous Seven Witches fans have gone nuts already. We got a lot of slack when Bobby was no longer in the band. "Oh, the bands over", "Bobby is that band". I just let it go by. I think a lot of people, I think the press made it sound like Bobby was Seven Witches. Seven Witches is a band, not a single individual member. I hate it when people are like, "Jack Frost, Jack Frost" cause it's not. It's 4 guys in a band. It's actually 4 guys, it's Joey (Vera), it's everyone involved with making this record. So I just kept my mouth shut because I knew what this record was going to sound like. I had it envisioned from day one. I just wanted to go back to what metal was all about. I think we really did that with this record. And if fans are any indication… I went to the Sava board today and I was blown away. People are saying, "Oh my God, Oh my God"!


So you let some of the music out? People are hearing it?

JF: Yea, "Metal Tyrant" is on the sound bite on the Sanctuary website. I wasn't really too keen on the idea at first. It wasn't mixed or anything, but the next day I get a call from Sanctuary. They played it for a whole hour straight on rotation at the office and people thought it was like the new Judas Priest record! People were just like, "What is this"? "Who is this"? It's Seven Witches!



Are you guys ready for the take-off of this record? You have to realize people are going to go crazy.

JF: Well, You know, I'm kinda used to it, I'm in Savatage…

MR: Yea, well! What about Billy? (we all laugh)

JF: I tried to tell him. I mean cause Wade was in Crimson Glory and Brian - Destiny's End, We've all seen this. We've all been over there, we've all toured. He hasn't had the chance yet. I told him, "Dude, you have NO idea what's going to happen". He's going to tour Germany or play at a festival and be like… "What the hell!?!" You're going to be brushing your teeth in the morning and there is going to be like 1000 kids outside begging for your autograph. It's amazing!! They're awesome. European fans are just the greatest people!



So my final question is - How is it working with Joey Vera?

JF: He's great! I've met Joey like a million times over. I've toured with his band Fates (Warning) My old band Frost Bite did a bunch of shows with them, I saw him in LA and he kept looking at me like, "I know you". I'm a huge Fates Warning fan. Huge Fates and Engine fan and of course Saint (Armored Saint). I'm just amazed. I'm really lucky, I get to work with Jon Oliva & Joey Vera. I've got these great guys involved. I'm like a little kid. I still go back and think, "Oh my God! I'm working with Jon Oliva and I have Joey Vera mixing my record". "What the hell did I do to deserve this"? So with Joey, I got the Engine record and I was just blown away by it. When we did the Sava tour I heard Fates was going out with us I was like, "Yeaaaaaaaaa! Awesome!" Joey looks at me like, "Fucking Jack again" and we got to be buddies on tour. In passing I told Joey that I really liked what he did (mixing). Then when we played in Hollywood he came to the show and I just said, "Hey, I would love for you to mix the record" and he said, "I'd love to" and that was it. It worked out great. You know what he did? He brought class to the project, which I really like. Yea, that's a great way of putting it. He brought class to it. Joey respects where it came from. He never tried to change the sound. He's metal. That's where he comes from. You know it's funny, Incubus and all these bands… talk to me in five years and you'll never hear their names again. But you'll still hear about Judas Priest, Manowar, Savatage, Maiden. Classic metal will always prevail.

JF: Would you like to hear some of the songs that are now mixed?



Again, I'll just say "Phenomenal"!! I got to listen to all the tracks I heard last time but with the guitar solos and the final mix done. I also got to hear a song...hmm, well, I won't say cause the Savatage fans might hunt me down!  I am anxiously counting down the days for the the release of "Xiled to Infinity and One" 

Jack Frost, heavy metal studio pussy, Joey Vera















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