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Interview With Reptilian
Interview By Anders Sandvall

Thanks to Regain records for the promo pictures of Joel, Peter
and the new line up. All live pictures taken by Anders Sandvall

I recently sat down with Joel Linder, the drummer of Reptilian, and talked about the new album “Thunderblaze” and a little about what the band is up to now.

Why did you and Jonas leave Majestic?

We quit because of the difficulties of working with Richard Andersson.



What was it that made you and Jonas take the decision to continue working together?

We liked the type of metal on the first Majestic album, although we wanted it a little more rough and more based on guitars.



It wasn't so hard to find people to join the new band. Did you know the people from before?

Sure. Lasse joined Majestic for the Pretty Maids tour. Thomas Is Jonas’s Brother, Peter played in Majestic, and Reingold did some bass for Majestic.



Why did you name the band Reptilian, and what does it mean?

reptilian-pic8.jpg (11741 bytes)Actually it spells Reptilian, and snakes and crocs are cool looking predators. We didn't want any kind of fantasy name, because I think it takes a cool name to a cool band. It means "reptile-like."



What do you think about your debut, “Castle of Yesterday?"

It's a good album, but I think we played a little to much neo-classic stuff. More metal - less symphonies.



What was the respond from the fans and press on your debut?

It was really good, especially in Germany and Japan.



On the debut there are some neo-classical influences, but on the new album there’s more 80's heavy metal and glam rock influences. In my opinion, the new album is much stronger than the debut, don't you agree?

reptilian-pic2.jpg (17433 bytes)Yes, we’ve already done two neo-classical albums and our main influence is 80's metal. It is more natural for us to play this kind of metal, instead of doing fast classical scales. But it’s pretty fun to play.



Is Jonas Reingold still a member of Reptilian?

Yes, he just took an alias.



Are you satisfied with “Thunderblaze?" Do you have any particular favorite songs?

Sure. The title track is cool, and the Japan bonus tracks. I do a pretty crazy version of Kachaturian’s, “Sabredance.”



If you should describe Reptilian's music, how would you describe it?

Just good old Heavy Metal with a lot of guitar duels and a touch of classical music.



What is the response from the fans and press on, “Thunderblaze?”

reptilian-pic3.jpg (12398 bytes)Actually I have not seen any press reviews yet. Jonas has made remarkable progress vocally on “Thunderblaze,” compared to the debut.



What do you think of Jonas’ voice on this album?

Jonas is an extremely powerful singer, his range is remarkable. And his voice is more rough than the average heavy/power metal vocalist. I think he did a great job on Thunderblaze, but I think he did almost as well on Castle.



How is your relationship with Regain Records?

Great, Per at Regain is a cool guy to work with, but his taste in movies is a bit strange. His favorite is “Necromantic” and the “Human Guinea Pigs.”



What are the plans for Reptilian after the release of the new album?

Do some live stuff and write some new material.



reptilian-pic7.jpg (12419 bytes)Why didn't you go on a tour for the debut?

We did some live gigs, but a good tour deal didn’t come up.



I think the production is much stronger on this album compared to the debut. What do you think? Where was it recorded?

The drums are recorded at Berno studio. The rest in Reingold’s Chicago studio. The production on this album is stronger.



Are the members of Reptilian involved in other bands? In that case, which one?

Reingold are involved in a number of bands. Jonas sings for a living in a band called Bhonus. The rest of us are totally dedicated to Reptilian.



You have played with a lot of different bands along the years like Tenebre and Majestic. Which band has been the best to play with?

reptilian-pic5.jpg (12563 bytes)Reptilian without a doubt, because that’s the metal I prefer, and I get to compose my kind of stuff.



Do you have any particular drum idols?

Buddy Rich, the master of snaredrumming. Vinnie Apicci, for the legendary fills. Gene Hoglan, the war-drummer of death.



Why doesn’t Reptilian have a website?

Yes, Lasse is working on a site right now, but I don’t know if it is complete yet.



What is your opinion about heavy metal/hard rock in the twenty-first century? Does it have a future?

reptilian-pic6.jpg (11587 bytes)Well, all the new American metal really sucks. I mean almost all that stuff contains rap, and where are the cool guitar solos and drum fills? Almost all European metal genres just keep getting better. The power and death metal of today is great. That kind of music is going to live on for sure.


Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans out there?

Watch out kids - Reptilian is coming with a blast. Hope to see you soon!


Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions!

Thank you Anders.