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All right, all right....I do know some of you will get freaked up and will definitely scream ďOh fuck, RATT! Are they still around ??Ē Yes YesÖ Here is an interview with one of those LA glam hair rock combos who sold millions of albums until they went on hiatus in the early 90ís. Anyway, Ratt visited Finland as an opening act for Dio and Alice Cooper in May on the Monsters Of The Millennium tour and we had a chance to talk to the bandís drummer Bobby Blotzer who had just woken up and didnít appear to be that much activeÖ

How tour has been so far?

I think itís a good tour. I think itís really fun, because we are friends with both the bands for a long time. I have known Alice for about 20 years and Dio for a long long time since 83 and itís great to come over here to play these sides of arenas and it is the first tour in Scandinavia. So we are having the great time now !


You have never ever been to Scandinavia before?!?



This is your first tour outside US since the gold years of the 80ís, so why did it took such a long time to get back to Europe?

I donít really know why we never came. I mean itís like we tour and do these kinds...... transferred to really big record sales and in a time we had really large touring.


What kind of places do you actually play in the States at the moment, are they mostly clubs or big arena shows?!?

Both. Last summer we played huge theaters. In Detroit we played in front of 11.000 people and St. Louis we did the show to 8.000 people. Those are big shows. But during the summer we do bigger shows on package tours. I canít right now discuss, but we are talking to two other well known bands about getting out in August/September. But when we do theatres and clubs, then really need to do them.


Is that upcoming tour with two other bands some kind of tour like you did with Poison and Warrant?!?

Well I donít think it will be that big as that one was. It is gonna be probably from 5.000 to 10.000 seats.


What is your current situation with record label, have you accepted any offers by now?!?

We have offers from different labels. We havenít started any recordings yet, cos we are in sort of introducing this line-up. We really just started touring in the last summer, mainly in the end of summer, six weeks. We were out in the States, we were out in January-February-March and then we came here and will go back and start working on the songs written. We will start recording in the beginning of the next year.


Have you already written any new songs with your current line-up and made any plans for a new record?!?

Yeah. Everybody is currently writing. When we get together and then everyone presents a song when we have the meeting to sit down to think. Warren-Jizzy and Warren-Corabi, everybody is writing on their own.


There are many stories around concerning Robin Crosby's health ? What really is his current situation now?

I donít really discuss his health. All I can say is he is doing fine. I just wanna make a point it is his personal business. If he wants to discuss, then he discusses.


When you re-united a couple of years ago why Juan didnít team up with you back then?

He has the studio in his house and he is getting the engineering producing and wants to stay at home with the studio.


Well are you still in contact with your ex-members nowadays (Juan Croucier, Robin Crosby, Stephen....)?!?

Robin is good. Warren and Robin and I had a dinner in last September I think and itís fine. I really speak to Juan much and Stephen, I canít stand him. I donít talk to him for any reason at all. We are getting to the court.


Yeah could you tell a little bit more about this court thing, cos there have been a lot of rumors on the net?!?

Listen, it is just simple. Stephen quit the band. He said ďI quit, I am not touring with your guys, get another singer and go ahead. ĒHe ruined the tour, he ruined the deal with the company and he tries to tour on his own. When we are out touring and doing very well. And he tries to tour his own ďRattĒ and he is suing us, claiming that we stole the money, a punch of shit. Thatís absolute lies, pathologic lies and he is a sick person.


How did you find Jizzy Pearl to join RATT? Did you try also some other singers?

Yeah we tried many people and Jizzy is friend of ours for many years. Stylistically I think he fits the bill very well.


Is John Corabi a permanent member now?!?



What is the state of John Corabi's other band Union? Are they still around?!?

I donít think so. I think all those guys are doing different things. Bruce Kulick plays with Grand Funk Railroad and has got his solo album out too. The drummer plays in Vince Neilís solo bandÖ

And the bassplayer tooÖ

And the bassplayer too.??

Yeah, both of them are involved

They are ?!? HmmÖ I didnít know that.


The Detonator album has been said the most adventurous record to the date and features a lot of tracks written together with Desmond ChildÖHmm.. To be honest how do you like Detonator nowadays ?!

I like the album a lot.

Well why did RATT break up after Detonator album tour and had this for about 10 year hiatus?!?

It wasnít ten years. We broke up in March 92, so it is five years, and we got back together in the end of 96 to start talking about what are we going to do in the future. We toured together, Stephen, Warren and I and we hired Robbie Crane for the bass in 97 and we did the sold out tours and got a deal with Sony. Everything was going great. And still isÖ We are doing the good business back home and people love this line-up, Jizzy and John. It is all good.


What was your life after the break up back then ? I knew that Warren played one tour with Whitesnake and Stephen had his own band Arcade but what rest of you guys did after break-up?

I have the studio in my house too and I spent most of time on tours in the 80ís and couldnít watch my kids getting grow up. I thought we are going to be away two years, but ended up to five years. But musically I didnít do that much because of grunge put everyone out of work and I was like whatever. I used to play golf and be a father to my kids and do some business things. We just stayed at home for a while. We were on tours continually in the 80ís.


You used to have a nice chick on the front of ďInvasion of Your PrivacyĒ album named Marianne Gravette....hmmÖAre you aware of what she is doing nowadays?!?

The last time I heard she had got married with some rich oil man in Texas or something. I donít really know.


Well kinda weird when I put her name to Altavista to track her down so I ended up to several porno websitesÖ

She has a porno website ???

Well yeah, something like, some dude pictures were there.

I gotta look at that, it should be very funÖ.HehÖ


Speaking of Robin Crosby yetÖ Didnít he belong to the same street gang called Gladiators along with the Motley Crue dudes in the early 80ís?!?

Yeah we called it a streetgang. It was only partying with a lot of alcohol and drugs.

Only party gang?????

Pretty much yes.


What is in your opinion the biggest difference between the current time and the glorious years of the 80ís?!?

Heh hehÖWell I think I made a lot of money thatís for sure. I think there was so much more excitement and action in bands touring. There was always a tour going on. You know five-six tours going on at one time and all were in areas. We sold millions of records and then grunge came and put everything down.


But it is said glam rock is getting back, all right it has come back a little bit, but not that big as it was in the 80ís, or how do you view?!?

Oh yeah, but the problem is that for a band of the 80ís that without a video you canít have a radio play and without a radio play you canít have a video. If both two components are working together, then there is a chance to have a good and big record selling. Take a look at Bon Jovi they have a million and half selling record in the States, they have got some video plays and that takes a band that big. Itís funny because we draw 15.000 people to our shows and we canít have radio play.


So do you think that internet would be the way excellent of promoting bands like you then?!?

I think the net is definitely one of tools, but it is the only one. I think you know getting a radio spot to advertise gigs. As far as selling records is concerned I think the net would be a good way. I donít know we havenít thought about that enough. Our last record was released by a major label and sold something 100.000 copies. I guess we could put one to the internet and try to sell in that way.. I donít know maybe we would sell 10 -15.000 items.. I donít know we havenít thought that anyway.


Ratt and other LA glam rock bands were criticized quite a lot by other bands byÖespecially Metallica and Slayer guys saying you were ďchick bandsĒ, what kind of relationship did you actually have with those bands?!?

We didnít pal around and Slayer, no not all. We didnít even say hi to each other. Metallica once opened for us in a club in Hollywood a long time ago. We were pretty much snobies back then. I was a lot. We got along with some bands and some not.


How do you see the future for RATT from now on, well of course you are going to work on the new album ?!

Well take a look at Alice Cooper on the stage and he is 50-55 or something and still rocking. And so do Rolling Stones and Aerosmith. As long as people come to shows I will be there. I will retire when I am 60-65 years old. Besides I am a huge golf fan, I love it.

Bobby Blotzer - Drums




John Corabi - Guitar




Jizzy Pearl - Vocals




Robbie Crane - Bass




Warren DeMartini - Guitar

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