Heart of Steel: Interviews

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Interview With Pete Sandberg
Interview By Anders Sandvall

Thanks to Pete Sandberg for the promo-pictures of Opus Atlantica
& the promo-pictures only on Pete from his own collation.
Pictures oF Pete by: Anders Sandvall

I recently talked with Pete Sandberg about his new project, Opus Atlantica, and I also interviewed him about his plans for 2003. Last time I met him was at the beginning of last year when he was occupied with the project Silver Seraph. I have listened to Opus Atlantica very intensively. We met in a restaurant in Malmö Sweden to talk about the project.


When is the record planned to be release?

Early in January 2003.



You have cooperated with Jonas Reingold. Did you have a rich collaboration?

pete-pic4.jpg (24850 bytes)Quite marvelous between Jonas and me! Jonas know my voice to the least detail and I have known Jonas for nine years. I now consider Jonas one of my best friends. He knows which button to push to get the best out of me. I can be quit difficult some times when it comes to my music.



You play with Jaime Salazar on drums and Jonas Reingold on bass. They are almost the whole Midnight Sun. Why did you chose those two?

They are the best in Sweden at what they do, and they are very sympathetic to work with!



pete-pic14.jpg (19117 bytes)Johan Reinholdz on guitar; why did you chose him?

Per on Regain tipped me about Johan. I listened to the band Andromeda and found Johan to be a new fresh breath. And he had longer hair than mine and that was a plus!



You and Jonas Reingold did the production together. Did that work out fine?

A bit different but at the same time interesting. I learned a lot.



Is Opus a band or a project?

It is a band - not a project!

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Did you plan for a tour? And if so, do you plan to bring the same musicians?

I don’t know today, but if so the same musicians will take part!

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Has there been any reactions on the record from the press and fans?

Very good from collegues and the fans and press in Japan!

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You are known for playing melodic hard rock and melodic hard rock ballads. Opus has in my ears a harder tone with out losing the melodic style which is your signature. Why?

Jonas and I wanted to test something new but at the same time I didn’t want to lose my image. And my style of writing melodies - that is my trademark.



You like writing with themes on your record. What’s the content on this record?

pete-pic7.jpg (37326 bytes)About the mad world we live in today with all terrorism, wars, racism and segregation. For example, the song "Endless Slaughter" tells us about Palestine and the war there, and now it’s only prestige and a piece of land they fight for. Holy Grail tells us about the seek of fortune and that you will live with all colors and kind of people in the world. No one is less worthy, and when you have got that knowledge you can be happy!



Are you satisfied with the record? Last but not least - your vocal performance?

Yes, I am satisfied and I think my voice is okay!



You and Jonas have created the music and lyrics. Who has made what?

Jonas has created the music and I have made the lyrics and the melodies.

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Do you have any favorites on the record?

Falling Angel is a big favorite!



Howcome you have collaborated so much with Jonas Reingold throughout the years?

Jonas is world-class both composing, musicality and musical performance, and he is also one of my best friends.

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Has the cooperation with Regain Records passed off satisfactory? You have released one record there.

Very good.



Are you satisfied with the cover?

Yes, I come with a lot of ideas how to put the artwork together with Mattias Ankrah.



Has the Japanese press got any extra tracks compared to the European press?

One song extra and it is called Upside Down, and it is the last song on the record. It tells us that it is possible to change our crazy world!

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Are there any plans for a follow-up to Opus?

Yes, Japan has already ordered a follow-up record which is going to be recorded this year.



Do you have any material ready for a follow-up?

Jonas and I wrote three songs for this record which we didn’t put on the debut-album and those three will be the basis for next record.

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If you could describe the music on the record, what would you say?

Powerful, epic, melodic heavy metal.



You usually release three records per year. Last year there was only one. Why?

Lack of time.

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What have you done during 2002?

I created and recorded my third solo record, “Naked Reflections,” and Opus Atlantica. I have spent a lot of time with my daughter, and I have also been on tour unplugged. I did about a hundred gigs last year and my father died last summer, so I have spent a lot of time with my family.



When I interviewed you in the beginning of last year, you said that Pete Sandberg planned to release a new record with the project JADE. Is that still the truth?

Both yes and no. It is an open question today.



What about your solo record that was planned to be released last year? Is it going to be released this year?

Preliminary in June this year.

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Do you have further plans for new records during 2003?

I have concrete plans but nothing I want to disclose today.



What do you think about Jonas as bassist and producer?

He is smoking!



Have you heard Jonas’ project Karmakanic? Do you like it?

Splendid! This record demands a certain depth in the listener and a record that have a long lifetime from the listener’s point of view.



Your official homepage isn’t updated. Why?

I haven’t had the time.



What are your plans for 2003?

To finish up the mix on the solo record. I am also going to tour unplugged in countries like Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Finland, Norway and of course Sweden.

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If I say that you have an incredible voice, lots of routine and that you sing like a God, what would be your answer?

Thank you very much for the nice compliment!



Do you want to say something to your fans? The word is yours...

I am glad that people buy my records and are loyal to me and my music. Without my fans I can’t fulfill my dream to make music and give it to others.



Thank you Pete for taking you time to answer my questions!

I liked talking to you Anders!


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