Paul Di'Anno - Alive & Well
Former Iron Maiden Vocalist Returns with a New Live Album

Interviewed by Keith McDonald

Being the former lead singer for a legendary heavy metal outfit does have its rewards. It does give you some recognition in the heavy metal community that allows you to continue onwards. After leaving Iron Maiden, Paul Di'Anno, who possess one of the better heavy metal voices out there, has continued on with other projects that have included Battlezone, Gogmagog, Killers and now his solo offerings. Running on the Iron Maiden name and early material, Paul releases another Live offering simply called "Live" recorded around the world on his "Nomad Tour" last year. Containing the classics Iron Maiden, Wratchchild, Killers and Sanctuary, this new release is a must for all heavy metal and Maiden fans alike. You can check out his website at

Tell me about the new Live album. I see it was recorded around the world.
The live album is a culmination of recordings done since I left Maiden over many years indeed. The biggest problem of for Lea & myself in putting the album together as one total album was trying to get the final mixes of all of the different recordings to sound as one.


How did you land at Spitfire? How had their support been so far?
Lea managed to get me the deal with Spitfire as a one off agreement deal as he thought that they'd probably give me the most sympathetic chance in The States.


Why have you jumped from label to label over the years?
I could never really find the right label that really wanted to get behind me in my career and stay with me so I had to keep moving around.


What are your tour plans?
Mostly European at the moment (I leave most of that stuff to my management though) although I do have plans to go back to South America again soon too.


How would you compare the metal scene in the U.S. to that of Europe?
Europe is more of the old school metal and USA is more hardcore.


Do you still speak to the members of Iron Maiden?
I never really bump into any of the Maiden members really, although I did bump into Steve Harris in Portugal about 3 years back now and it was all very friendly.


Do you still receive royalties from Killers and Iron Maiden?
No I do not receive any royalties at all any more from Iron Maiden or Killers.


I see you're writing an autobiography, How did that come about?
I've had many offers to do an autobiography over the years and recently I received an offer from a company that showed the most faith. This particular offer just felt like the right one really. I didn't want to have another one of those terrible Rock n Roll books written as I wanted it to be full of real life, including all the bad moments, dramas and crisis parts as well as the better times too. I just felt it was time to now set the record completely straight once and for all.


Are Battlezone and Killers album still available around the world?
Well I guess they must be, as I always seem to be signing new copies all over the place.


How do you explain your longevity? Are you trying to reach new fans that never heard of you?
Change and variety or something old something new something borrowed something blue.


How important was being in Iron Maiden been to your career today?
At the time it was very important, but now it is just a part of my personal history.


What's the future for you?
Music and happiness, bits of my life...which is exactly what it's always been.

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