Interview with the Mighty Nypooon of the band Nypon & Blylod

Interviewed by EvilG

For those of you who post on the board, you might of saw a topic there recently about this guy who can sing JUST LIKE King Diamond! It's eerie how much he can sound like him. After hearing him I had to know more about here you go, a short "off the cuff" kind of interview to introduce everyone to the mighty Nypoon!

NyponCan you give us some background on the band, sort of a brief bio for those who don't know about you?

Well Nypon & Blylod was created 1998. It was me Nypon & Blylod that put the band together. As I am a big fan of King Diamond's music we started to play King Covers. My voice worked out great to his music. We made a homepage and got great response from people around the world. At this time 2001 we have just made our new demo. With 4 Nypon & Blylod songs and one King Diamond cover. We hope to get a deal with a record label.


Tell us about the FIRST time you heard King Diamond - what did you think?

Well I heard Mellisa and I loved the song "Evil." Later I heard Abigail and well I was lost. I love that album. I think it is one of the best metal albums ever. And the story is very great to. 


Did you immediately try to sing like King? Did it work? haha... OR, did you have to work on developing the range?

Hmmmm.. I did not try to sing like King when I first heard him. I do not remember when or why I tried to sing like him. I guess I most have his voice in my soul?? haha!! It is very strange that my voice fit in so good with King`s??


Does singing in the falsetto high voice hurt or is it just a natural talent?

Well if you sing wrong it can hurt... falsetto is about technique and I believe that not every one can sing with high falsetto. Not singing falsetto and have power behind it.


What other vocalists interest you or do you think "have it"?

Rob Halford has a great voice...Bruce Dickinson. I like clean vocals, I do not like death voice so much. But I like a lot of music. I do not only listen to metal or heavy music. I like music that have melody and great vocal!!


Would you call your band a KD/MF tribute band or are they just your main influences?

We are most known to be the best King Diamond cover band around. And yes King have a big influence in our music. But with our demo (A Secret Place In The Universe) we want to show that we can write great music our self.

Klick the cover for fullscale

I heard your original songs on your you get much reaction for them or are most people just freaked about how you can cop King?

People love our King Diamond covers. But they also like our own songs. We have sold many copies from our new demo.


Have you ever spoken to King or anyone from the band? If so, what did they think?

I have never talked with King. But I'd like to. I think that he is one of the best artists around. He writes great music. And his concept stories are so fucking good. No one can write a concept album like him. Andy La Rocque has been producing our King diamond cover that we have on the tribute album (Church of the devil). We recorded that cover at Andy's studio Los Angered recording. Andy liked our cover, the cover went fucking great. And become first track on the record.


How did you end up on the Dwell Records tribute album to KD?

They visit our homepage and heard our covers. They liked it so we get a deal and we recorded the cover.


What is your opinion on cover songs / tribute albums? Do you think it's better for a band to copy exactly the original or to put their own twist on it?

I think that in our case it was cool to try to do our cover just like the original. But if you can do a cool cover that not sound like the original that can be a great idea! I have heard covers that was hard to understand what song it was?? But I like to do our King Diamond covers just like King!! To sing like king is not so easy :)


What plans do you have for the band? Are you looking for a record deal for your original material?

Yes we looking for a record label!! We want to make a Nypon & Blylod album with only original material. We have sent the demo to a couple of labels.. Hope that someone like us??


When you play live do you do focus more on the KD/MF stuff then the original material?

If we release a album with only Nypon & Blylod songs we like to play them live. But I guess that we will always play some King covers live. I love to play them live. I love the old records Abigail, "Them" Conspiracy.


What other metal/music projects are you involved in?

Not any one just for the moment. I will work with to get a deal for the band Nypon & Blylod


What albums of KD are your favs? Do you like all his stuff?

Abigail is my favorite one. But House of god is really good. I can`t wait to hear the new King album. Abigail part 2 the revenge!!!


How about Mercyful Fate...what's your favorite CD by them?

I like Don`t break the oath very much. A dangerous meeting is a great song.. I like most that older stuff with King. Melissa is a great album. 9 was great to.


If you have any other happenings or news to tell us about here's your chance to do so!!

Well look our homepage up! - There you find all our music. I hope we can get a great deal with some label. And get on some tour and play live! I love to play live..Ok that's all!!!


Thanks for your time and all the best!

Thanks to you! Keep up the great work with the page!!


2001 Metal Rules!!

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