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Interviewed by Rick

First can everyone introduce themselves and what instruments that you play?

Carla Chacon - (Guitarist) Shector A-7 Guitar, MT30 Boss Effects Pedal, Crate Amp.

Tina Neal - (Vocalist) VOTec Floor Processor, Peavy and Shure Mics,

Lily Olive - (Bass) Ibanez Soundgear 400

Dana - (Drums) Tama shells, Sabian cymbals, Iron Cobra DB, Gibraltar hardware

This is the big question. Seeing as how this is the first time that many of the readers of have had the opportunity to read about MIMIC could you tell us what genre of metal does the band fall into?

Heavy Melodic Groove Metal

I know there is some significance behind the name MIMIC. Could you fill us in on what the name means?

It is the idea that life imitates life, that trends are reproduced infinitely so that originality becomes a lost concept.

Where do you see yourselves fitting into the overall music scene?

Carla - Touring nationally on a record label.

Tina - Having a record label and touring would be a dream come true. I hope to take Mimic as far as it can go and to further my career in music.

Lily - I would like for us to get a good record deal with a record label that will treat us well, and give us good distribution. I would also like to be able to tour nationally and in Europe in support of our music, and to broaden our fan base.

Dana - Our music and live performance seems to appeal to many different types of music lovers. The people that we meet that come out to our shows come from a variety of musical backgrounds and influences.

I'm sure you are all sick of answering this question but how did you come together and why an all female band?

Tina and Carla answered an ad from Dana in a local entertainment magazine in Greensboro NC called ESP, we met Lily through a mutual friend. Everything just clicked. We did not set out to be in an all female band, things fell into place and here we are. Chemistry wise it works out perfectly for us to be all women, but that is not what we are about. It would be great for people to focus on our music, and not the fact that we all happen to be women.

Has being a metal group comprised of women had any impact on how seriously you are taken as musicians?

Carla-personally I have found most people are open-minded, but those who initially doubt us based on our gender are the most surprised when they see us perform or listen to our CD, it is worth it to me when someone comes up to us and says,"wow, I was not expecting that at all!"

Tina- (Agreeing with Carla) I think that some people automatically form an opinion when they find out we are a female band. We put a lot into our music and our live performance. I think people realize how serious we are when they see us live. Once they see and hear us, they have a different view.

Lily -I think that we get respect from our male peers in the metal scene, and are considered as equally proficient. I think some people have been skeptical about our ability and how serious we are because we are all women, but once someone listens to our CD or watches us play live, I think the opinions change. Quite frankly, I think we surprise a lot of people when they watch us perform, for some reason people don't expect that we can actually play.

Dana - The general response we get after live shows is..."they can actually play their instruments and write good songs". Since there aren't as many women playing our type of music, I think people are shocked,'s very encouraging when people like the music, but not necessarily because we're women. That's just happens to be a fact of nature.

You have a new CD titled You First that you released just a few months ago. Can you talk a little about the album? Where you record, who produced etc.

We recorded "you first" in about three weeks, we recorded with Jamie King @ the studio titled "The Basement" in North Carolina. Because we have our eyes open for a label or recording deal we did our own mixdown/production with the help of Jamie King.

We are talking to producers who have been in the industry for our next album.

Has there been any label interest in Mimic?

Carla- We have not shopped seriously for labels, but plan to do so after our next CD release.

Tina- We have had some interest but have not shopped heavily for labels. We plan to hit the labels hard with our new album.

Dana - we're working on it

I know that everyone is going to have a different answer for this one so I have to ask. Whats you favourite song on the CD? And why?

Carla -for our live performance Caged is my favorite. I love the slow eerie intro, the build up after the chorus and the climax.

Tina -Live Caged is my favorite. It has all the elements and is so energetic and emotional at the end. I always want to tear something up. I like Blistered and Cracked too-I like them all really!

Lily -My favorite song on the CD is "Blistered and Cracked". I get to do this really cool bass solo in the beginning of the song that I absolutely love. Also, The song has many changes, which I like because it's interesting to play, and keeps me on my toes.

Dana - My favorite song is For Once. Of all of our songs, it best represents my personal style of music I love to hear and play.

I see that for most of the songs Tina writes the lyrics and the band writes the music. First for Tina: Where do you come up with your lyrics? What is your inspiration shall we say? Carla and Dana: Where does the music come from? Again whats behind the music you write?

Carla -I am inspired by other musicians and life in general, there is a constant melody going through my head, sometimes it drives me crazy and I can not pick up the guitar fast enough, other times it takes me a while to get it onto guitar.

Tina -Most of the songs are about real life situations either I have been involved in personally or someone around me have. My inspiration comes from experience, things I've dealt with, issues I've had or that I see around me or interest me.

Lily - For me, I have to hear music constantly, it is like breathing to me. I would die without it. When I am unable to listen to music, or play, I hear it in my head, it's always running through my thoughts. I am inspired by musicians I admire and look up too. A lot of what I write comes from my life, emotions I am feeling,etc..

Dana - The music comes from the heart. The aggression comes from a lifetime of experiences. To be able to transfer my energy and passion into music is the most fascinating thing that I have ever experienced, although I heard that skydiving is pretty exhilarating.

Is there a new CD planned for the future?

Yes, we are currently working on new songs for the CD at the moment hopefully to be professionally produced & released. No release date has been set.

Who do you all consider as your influences both individually and as a band?

Carla -Individually for guitar, Todd Rierson from F.I.X., Boneshelter,  Spineshank, Jeff Taylor from Blackaciddisco, Scott Tucker from Elvis X,
StichAd8, Static X, Tool, Marylin Manson, VOD, Fear Factory, Portishead, Outkast and PJ Harvey.

Tina-(Vocals) I would consider Doro Pesch my first female influence. She was
tough with thoughtful lyrics.  My vocal influences would vary greatly from:
Iron Maiden/Queensryche/Tony Martin/Ozzy/Halford/Dream Theatre/Helloween/Spineshank/Tool/VOD/Type O Negative/Testament/Slayer

Lily - Matt Frederick from Drill 187, Les Claypool from Primus, Spineshank,
Nothingface, Fear Factory, Machinehead, Motley Crue, Poison, old Metallica,
Social Distortion, NOFX, Gwen Stefani and Tony Canal from No Doubt.

Dana - Personally - Machine Head, Hatebreed, VOD, Fury of Five, Skinlab,

What image are your trying to project? Do you play up to the all girl group thing?

Our image is professional musicians, the all girl image comes naturally we do not push it or use it to define who we are as a group but of course it is always there! We project the image of being serious musicians. We try to steer clear of the all girl thing, it is definitely not a focal point of the band. We focus on playing and making music, those are the most important things to us.

Which leads to the question of playing live. I know that you play a fair number of shows around your local area. Do you like to play live or is it a necessary evil to get your name out and get exposure?

Carla -My two favorite things about being in MIMIC is the song writing process and playing live. I love playing shows and meeting our fans in person, the added bonus is getting our name out there and getting exposure.

Tina -Creatively and emotionally-playing live is an excellent release. I always enjoy the energy and excitement I feel from playing a show. Music is a part of me, and it is like I am transformed once the lights hit and the music begins.

Lily - My favorite part of being in a band is playing live, it is such a rush! I love making that connection with people, and being able to talk to our fans after the shows.

Dana - Our desire to play live is what brought the four of us together. There is a powerful level of energy created at a live show that you just can't experience listening to a cd.

You just played a very big show at Metal Meltdown III in Asbury Park, New Jersey. What did you think of the show? Was it a good one for MIMIC?

Carla - The show was great, we began promoting early in the week in NJ as well as months in advance on our web site really paid off, we had a great crowd response and were able to meet many new fans at our booth after the show.

Tina - Yes the show was very good for us (thanks to for his support). We meet a lot of new friends and were introduced to a lot of great bands! I'm looking forward to seeing some of those bands at the Milwaukee Metal Fest.

Dana - We definitely crossed some musical genres in playing with the other bands on the show. It was an exciting experience, and I was exposed to a totally different metal scene. Since then, I listen to an internet station,, that features dark/death metal. It's great music for those burnt out on pop metal. And yes, it was a great experience for the band! We met many people and made some good contacts with people working in the music industry.

What did you think of all the other metal bands playing? There was everything from Black to Death to Power to Doom to Techno and everything in between.

Carla - It was great to see all types of metal bands perform, the different genres of music under one roof was phenomenal.

Tina - (agreeing with Carla) it was great to see all the different styles. I was exposed to many different creative bands.

Dana - Everyone was friendly, and as expected in most genres of music, the other bands take their music very seriously being creative with visual effects. I love seeing bands that do crazy shit with makeup and stage effects....I have mad respect for those guys.

If you could choose some bands to tour with who would you like to go on the road with?

Carla- A tour like OzzFest or Tattoo the Earth would be the most beneficial as far as exposure goes plus we would get to play with some of our favorite bands.

Tina - I would love to tour with Ozzy and many many other bands. A large scale festival of some kind would be great- one with different styles. Speaking of festivals - we will be playing the Milwaukee Metal Fest in August. We are scheduled to play a showcase at the Globe in Milwaukee Aug. 9th and then on to the Milwaukee Festival. Check out  for more information about the show. We are so looking forward to the Metal Fest! There will be a ton great bands I can't wait to see and to be able to say we've shared the stage with!

Lily - If I could choose some bands to go on tour with, they would be Nothingface, Fear Factory, Static X, Motley Crue...really any of my favorite bands. I would love to play OzzFest, that is defiantly a goal.

Dana - Machine Head, Hatebreed, Spineshank, Skinlab, ....see my influences. It would be great to share a stage with those guys on tour.

In the rest of the world metal is still very popular and has a vibrant scene. Why do you think that metal has lost its popularity in North America?

Carla-Lack of exposure by the record labels, they push music that appeals to the masses and make as much $$ as possible off of them.

Tina -Marketing is a big key to the growth of music. If the scene isn't pushed, no one will know it is there. It's like clothes, the malls tell you what to you buy it, until they change the design or the style, then they force feed that on you. My advice is everyone should fill the guest books or email/write the record labels and tell them what you what to hear and which bands you would recommend them signing.

Lily- I think metal hasn't gotten the publicity and recognition it deserves over the last few years in North America. The music industry here is way too commercial and capitalist right now. I think it is a shame that earning money has been prioritized over making good music.

Dana - It goes in cycles. Pop, Pop Rock and Hip Hop seems to be prominent in North America now. Labels play a big role in promotions and deciding what the radio stations play. A lot of times they go out on a limb and hope that the music lovers will be turned on to something new. College stations rule!

The band manages itself and does its own promotion. How do you handle this side of the business along with the music and do you enjoy it?

Carla-The business side of the band is as important as the music in order for us to reach our goals. Being involved in booking seems as natural to me as playing music, I enjoy it and I am enjoying the control we have over where we play while it lasts.

Tina-Promotions is a very satisfying responsibility. I totally enjoy talking to people and helping get our music out there!

Dana - We all have busy schedules, but we've managed to divide responsibilities where we each get to do what we love doing best. We work together a lot and make decisions together, but we also rely on each others ability to make best judgment decisions for the band. It's the only way we have accomplished what we have in the short amount of time we have been together. We discuss most of our business via e-mail which frees up practice time to work on new songs. The internet has been our best friend.

To help with this promotion the band has a website What effect, if any, has the internet had on your ability to get the music of MIMIC out to as many people as possible?

Carla-the internet has opened many doors for us, it has helped our street team flourish, we have made contacts with club venues, I am able to reach more bands and it has kept my phone bill down!

Tina -The Internet has taken us across the world-to places we've never even seen. When the Internet wasn't available, this would be next to impossible without distribution or fan mail organizations. The Internet has open a huge gate accessing us to the world!

Lily- I think our website is essential to the band. I think it really offers people an opportunity to become acquainted with the band and our music, especially people who might not of had an opportunity to see us play before, or who are in foreign countries.

Dana - The internet is the easiest, fastest source to obtain music. Bands that don't use this marketing tool are missing out.

Is there anything else that you would like to say to the readers of

Carla -Hope to see you at a show or on our site soon!

Tina- Rick is the best and remember METAL RULES ( as my hand forms the metal horns) !!!!

Lily- keep checking for show dates, and I hope to see you guys at our shows!

Dana - Thanks for taking the time to read this, and e-mail us if you have more questions.

For more information on Mimic visit our website at  or by writing:

Mimic 551 Grassy Creek Road Pinnacle, NC 27043

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions!!!!


2001 Metal Rules!!

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