The Way Of The Warrior

Interview with 
Comic Creator, Jan Oidium

What's this, a comic about HammerFall??? Well no, not really about the band but about the warrior who graces the covers of their glorious CDs. This interview provides a brief look at what this is all about and what possessed someone to do a comic book related to the mightly HammerFall.


When did you get the idea to make the HammerFall comic?

It was during a concert in Hamburg, Germany. The show inspired me. Someone came on the stage in the costume of the warrior. Oscar In his stage gear he looks like a comic figure, too. This happened 6 months ago. Till this time the working process is still going on.


Can you tell me something about the Story?

The warrior starts his journey through the fallen kingdom. He has to find the last "Tempelars of Steel". Only with their unbound power, he can fight the forces of evil. It's a world of Heavy Metal, fire and steel. But you will see it, when the comic is finished.


Yes, that's a keyword. Real fans have the chance to appear in the comic. Is that true?

Yes. Five fans would fight side by side with the warrior. They are the Templars of steel. If you are a huge fan, you can send me an e-mail including a photo. Send it to:  But only five of them will do the great fight for the power of metal.


Will the band members appear in the comic?

I think of the idea to draw the band members in a comic is not very good, because it does not fit. Do you know the Kiss Comics, for example? The stories are bad, because they are fixed on the musicians. There is no real background, no deeper meaning.

In the HammerFall comic the band members will appear very short in a few scenes, if they would be in any kind in the comic. I don't like music comics were band member are in them, its very difficult to make them fit into the reality. I would like to add to that every fan has a different imagination from the band members. So I decided to create a fantasy world based on the song texts, not on the members. The band members are a part of this world, but not the world himself. They are what every musician is: An instrument, if they play all together, which put out a higher might or power and create a new scene in the minds of the listeners. That's the fascination of music and its what I do. I create a new scene based on HammerFall. Other comic-writers and drawers in the past did not know what music is, they are just illustrators. They draw the stories too superficial. I did not say that I do know what music is. But I'm on the way to learn. And that's the secret, it always a way: The way of the warrior.


When will the comic be finished?

I don't now! It needs time. At the moment it seems it will be a two part comic book. Each episode has near 24 pages. I think, that's enough for the beginning. If the comic rules and I find some more artists to help me, I would work more faster to make a monthly series.

If there are some artists outside, please write me an e-mail: You can watch the working process on Fans from the whole world watch my work. I need feedback. So write me your opinion.


I had a look at the stuff and nice looking art. The main question missing here is....have the band HammerFall seen this comic idea themselves and what do THEY think of it?

I got an e-mail from Joacim Cans, three months ago. At this point, there were only some few first studies finished. (You can see the pictures on the work in progess: Step one / First Steps, on my > home page.) Joacim said, he likes the idea. But the true pages, I draw them at the moment, are much better, cooler, more powerful. So I think the band likes this stuff too. 


Will they be distributing a comic with an limited edition album?

I can't talk about that at the moment. We will see what will come next and what the future of the HammerFall comic finally is. Illustration and music together as one, the new powerful medium of  metal.


Would they help fund the printing of the comic?? That would be very cool. 

I'm not sure that I understand this question correctly. The only think I can tell you, is that the project is under construction. We will inform you about the progress. 


Ok, thanks for your time and all the best of luck with the comic. Make sure you send us a final copy once it's ready!!

Thank you for the interview.


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