Finntroll Interview With

Interviewed by Luxi Lahtinen

Trolls donīt exist!  In fact, they never have. Sometimes you get lucky, tho.  I had this extraordinary chance to get my hooks into a couple of meek and mellow Finn trolls who were very keen on discussing about the life in the woods, DANZIG(!), food recipes(!!), big ears(!?), a Cooperīs test(??) - and even surprisingly enough, their musical journey right into the heart of "Jaktens Tid" which actually is their 2nd album as well.

A huntingīs time on hand, keep on reading what else the maestros themselves Katla and Somnium had in their minds on the verge of a new era...

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To start things off, here comes an obligatory sport-like 1st question for you guys;  howīs it feeling at the very moment when youīve got your new album out titled "Jaktens Tid" and the selling for it has been doing pretty good since it came out for like 2-3 weeks ago?

Katla:  What else can I say, but it feels great!

Somnium: I agree, it feels great. Itīs not been released anywhere elz yet...

Katla: So far itīs been released here in Finland only. As far as I know, a great bunch of promos has been sent out for magazines, radiostations, labels, etc. by SPINE/SPIKEFARM RECORDS, tho.


Like you just said, itīs only been out for a very short period of time.  Do you have any idea how itīs been starting selling...?!

Somnium: HMMM(!!), hard to say... maybe 1000-1500
copies has been sold thus far... (?)


Your new albumīs called "Jaktens Tid" as we stated earlier.  I was just wondering whether it is some sort of a concept album where every song is in a way at least connected to each other as far as some stories there go?

Katla: No, not really.  At least not the way our 1st album happened to be.  But anyway, it does have some sort of a feeling to the end of the world, but not much else really.  The songs on it donīt have that kind of a connection to each other in the sense of a concept album.  Every song has its own separate little story, so I wouldnīt talk about any concept thing in its very meaning too much...




J A K T E N S   T I D

Midnattens WidunderLetīs scratch the surface of "Jaktens Tid" a bit deeper way next.  Would you introduce us the whole album song by song, starting off with an awesome intro titled "Krig... "?

Somnium:  We came up with the intro (a straight English translation for it would be simply: "War".) spontaneously during the sessions of "Jaktens...".  We had this idea to get some sort of a percussion background for it to kick our album off...

Katla: ... trying to get something which could have sounded like... letīs say, "warlike" or something, yīknow?!

Somnium:  Yea... and even that, too - and while we were thinking of it further, we told our drummer to record something which could make it sound like something really powerful yet imminent could roam out of a distant horizon; that kind of feeling, yīknow?! 

Katla: Yeah, and by adding our keyboard playerīs (Trollhorn, who is) ideas all over it, I think the result turned out to be something really powerful and cool.


I was thinking did you try to achieve something similar to an atmosphere of BATHORYīs "Blood, Fire & Death" album by that intro...?

Somnium:  Well, not exactly, but...

Katla: Itīs really cool if someone compares the intro to some of the feeling on "B.F.&D." as I admit it does, however, have some epic-like hints from that particular release indeed.

Somnium: But what I was personally thinking of it, I wanted pretty much to get a sort of a tribal- feeling into "Krig".  In the very beginning, I kind of wanted it to have a bit more "tricky" feel to it; a rhythm where could have been happening something all the time.  Katla, however, said it should definitely be more "warlike".

Katla: The intro sounds very cool in my opinion, tho.


"Födosagan" ("A Tale of Birth" in English)

Somnium: In fact, the very 1st riff for this particular song was used for it by accident.  The first version for this song had more a Thrash-type of feeling; faster Thrash-like riffs and just later on we decided to try it out with a bit slower tempo.

Katla: We thought it sounded cool īcoz it has a bit different riff what people had used to hear from FINNTROLL before. Many of our songs that were supposed to be for this release as we knew them, had this tendency to sound quite fast, so the riffs what we used for "Födosagan", made the song sound a bit different compared to the other songs on the album.

The song tells a story about "Rivfader" whoīs a trollking which I have created in my mind.  We already had a song about him (named "Rivfader") on our debut album which was titled "Midnattens Widunder". Anyways, "Födosagan" tells about this giant, very massive trollking who is kept as a God-like figure amongst all these other trolls.  Itīs not only a myth for the trolls, but also a very real, existing thing which you can actually hear, see and smell, too - HA! HA!!  This song is basically about him...


Slaget vid Blodsälv" (The Battle of the Bloodriver")

Somnium: Itīs the most brutal and violent song we have ever written so far as far as its lyrics go.  We had a couple of songs similar to that song on our debut album already - and I just realized myself that the more joyful and happy we sound like, the more gruesome and frightening our lyrics are as a matter of speaking.  Some of them have been done in purpose and I guess thatīs something FINNTROLL is all about.  We wanna tell people stories about some startling topics which honestly even frighten us from time to time, HE! HE!!

Katla: "Slaget..." is about a battle of encirclement where a legion of crusaders get slaughtered by a great bunch of fierce trolls that were lurking to kill them by the river.  Thatīs where the name for this song came from.


"Skogens Hämnd" ("A Revenge of the Forest")

Katla: I was actually writing the lyrics for it in the studio while we were recording the album.  I kind of not had any clear idea what the story could have been behind this song, but eventually I came up with this idea where a whole village gets vanished by a swallow of the forest.  The story behind it is indeed very eerie and spooky.  It kind of brings a cool contrast to this song as the song itself ainīt that gloomy or aggressive music-wise putting it thru by FINNTROLLīs standards.


"Jaktens Tid" ("A Hunting Time")

Katla: This song is basically about the end of a "local(!)" world - NOT the whole world!!  Itīs about trolls and forest divinities and spirits that occasionally appear on earth within a certain period of time in order to wipe out all the living form from earth.  With "all the living form" I was naturally referring to human beings, of course - HE! HE!! This song is about kind of a thinning down the ranks of the human beings...


The first song where you used Jonne Järvelä as a guest "star(!)" on the album, was actually this title track, "Jaktens Tid".  He did some amazing "joik-singing" on this tune, so that made me ask from you guys how did you get the idea for using him for this album - and just out of my own curiosity, is he really originally from Lapland... ?

Somnium: In fact, heīs originally from the Southern part of Finland, but he has been living in Lapland for a long time already.

Katla: What makes this even more special, is the fact heīs one of those rare joik-singers whose origin is not Lappish, but whoīs still been accepted by the Lapp population to perform this monotone chanting together with them.  I was told that the Lappish are very exact yet somehow picky people - and Jonne who indeed is accepted to do this joik-singing thing in their community by their terms only, is quite an achievement itself.

Somnium: If you still may remember, he was previously in a band called "The Shamanic Duo" for a few years back...

Katla: Also, he has been in another band called "Angelin Tytöt (translated in English "Angeliīs Girls")" for a relatively short period of time. "Jaktens Tid" was, in fact, the 1st song on the album we thought that Jonneīs vocal parts could fit in perfectly.


"Bakom Varje Fura" ("Behind Every Fir")

"Bakom Varje Fura" brought Edward Griegīs well-known classic "In the Hall of the Mountain King" in my mind in some strangely appealing way.  Obviously thereīs some guys in your unholy camp who have some interest towards classical music as well... ?

Katla: Yeah... our keyboardist Trollhorn is actually studying classical music and I guess you can really hear that, too, according to the all the effort he has put into "Bakom Varje Fura".  Our debut had a couple of songs like this as well where you can rather easily hear and witness Trollhornīs classical background by yourself.

Somnium: I agree.  Heīs really professional at what heīs doing...

Katla: As we speak, heīs a big fan of movie soundtracks, too, which is an integral part of his own creative process towards FINNTROLL.


Being as talented and creative guy as he obviously is by composing all these breath-taking sounding intros/outros/backgrounds/whatsoever! for FINNTROLL, I was thinking it might be a cool idea if he carried his ideas out even a bit further in the future, maybe somewhere else than in FINNTROLL only...?!

Katla: Actually one of his dreams is that he could work with soundtracks for some computer games in the future.  Heīs a big fan of them indeed.

Somnium: As far as I know heīs already trying to create some compositions of that kind that could sound like they could have been taken from out of these computer games...

Katla: For example, guys like Tim Burton and Daniel E. are both specialized for some sort of soundtrack compositions like we have "Bakom Varje Fura" on our new album.


"Kitteldags" ("An Hour Around the Cauldron")

Katla: Itīs originally written to tell about some obscure markets which took place in the ancient times which you can still read from the lyrics for it. But eventually the chorus for the song turned out to remind us about some trollish food recipes - how they cooked and made their food in their community. 

This particular song, however, tells how one poor priest gets cooked in the cauldron and then gets eaten by the trolls, HE! HE!!

(... and like nothing seems to be holy for these trolls here, HA! HA!!)


"Krigsmjöd" ("Warmead")

Katla: Itīs about these martial trolls who prepare themselves for a battle by getting drunk and telling extravagant stories to each other around a campfire about what they have achieved in the past and hopefully will achieve in the forth-coming battles to come - when they have fought against their enemies and all that kind of shit.  Naturally they also drink a toast for their ancestors and their achievements in the past and stuff.


"VargTimmen" ("An Hour of the Wolf")

atla: Itīs simply about some kind of a triangle drama - our "love song" on the album (-laughing!-).  As for its music, we tried to get a bunch of women singing in Finnish on the background of the song, but somehow in its final version, it was replaced by Jonneīs joik-singing because we have our songs sung/written in Swedish.  We simply thought it wouldnīt be that cool idea to mix Swedish to Finnish.  Thatīs why we took Janne to do these parts and we are very happy with the result.


"Kyrkovisan" ("A Church Song")

Katla: It basically has the very same characters of the two priests we had on the song, "Bastuvisan", on our 1st album.  These priests try to exorcise demons by some Latin-written verses; then by building a church on the unholy ground, they eventually fail and get attacked by these evil spirits in as a consequence of the priestsī death.


"den Hornkrönte Konungen/Rivfaders Tron" ("The Horned King")

Katla: This songīs a song of praise for Rivfader.  The name itself refers to "The Horned King" himself.  And by this name, we also wanted to refer to the forces of nature, too.  What I personally wanted to bring out in the lyrics for it, is the way how some people turn all the pagan-like divinity to satanic illusions. 

Actually Iīm already prepared for that moment when someone comes to me and say: "HEY(!), you are writing about Satan, so you are worshipping Satan... (!!)". So I can fight back by saying something like: "Sorry my friend, this song is definitely NOT about Satan... go and tease someone else with your miserable thoughts...!".  Why an earth Christianity always turns everything to evil and ugly; especially when some other religions come into their picture about holiness and shit?!  Itīs so much beyond my understanding!!

As a matter of fact speaking, we are having a new shirt design printed soon - and it has "The Horned King" on it.  In my opinion, it looks really great!!  The actual picture represents a head of a goblin that has horns and a long beard.  That goblin looks pretty ugly yet obscene indeed, I have to tell.



Katla: "Aldhissla" as a name, doesnīt have any particular meaning.  Itīs just a name I came up with in my mind.  When Somnium started to work with this song, he only had a few of riffs ready for it and nothing else basically.  While he kept on progressing with the song, I came in and gave him some advises how I wanted this song to be like.  Music-wise, it turned out just great, I think.

The story behind this song tells about a malicious, extremely big goblin called Aldhissla which is lurking for all the living creatures in the unknown forests and mountains of Lapland all the time. This goblin is really mean and cruel, but most of the time however, itīs just watching all the other creatures there without even catching them or doing any harm or anything else really.


The last song on your album is called "Tomhet och Tystnad Härskä" which is actually an intro; a real ear-catcher indeed!  After the intro, there was like 1 or 2 minutes nothing there, but like all of a sudden, this "hidden song" came up, too - which for some strange reason, brought an olī western to my mind where John Wayne could play the main role at a saloon where he could have some heavy drinking sessions going on with a dozen of drunken goblins and they could sing and get drunk together and just have tonz of fun there without caring their different appearances too much at all...


Katla: In fact, we wanted to achieve some sort of a "Deep-Down-South-Kane" -feeling into it (-laughing!-). We were thinking that letīs just do something for our own fun and I guess that "ending" kind of gave us that humor aspect for the album.  Why should we be serious all the time?  Besides, we thought it should be cool to use banjo as an instrument in one of our songs and it finally ended up being in this particular song... 

Somnium: Donīt you remember any longer that we already used banjo on "Jaktens Tid" song; in that fast part...?!

Katla: OH, sorry, sorry... I almost forgot. The banjo is used there indeed.  Some of us thought, however, that the song sounds corny enough.  Now when this song has both some joik-singing and banjo as well, it actually sounds pretty scary, I guess, HA! HA!! The further we thought about it, the better we got convinced it really fits there, so we saved the banjo for this "hidden" track as you put it  yourself. Funny enough, people havenīt given us any comment back about it yet which I find quite strange in my opinion... (?)

Somnium: I remember someone saying that "you guys are pretty damn crazy for what youīve done again...", HE! HE!!   I guess only a little bunch of people have listened to our whole album thru the very very end so far, including that hidden song there.

Katla: And I think most of the people have reacted pretty normal way towards the outro in the end of our album.  When the actual outro ends, I believe they have just turned off their CD-players īcoz they thought that was the end of our album.  Cannot blame them for doing so as the actual outro is, honestly said, quite boring indeed; thereīs not much happening there, Iīm afraid, HE!


What kind of budget did you have for "Jaktens..." anyway...?

Somnium: We didnīt agre to any terms with the label concerning the budget for the recording of "Jaktens Tid"...

So, they allowed you to spend as much time in the studio as you may have needed to get it completely finished?

Somnium: Yeah, kind of so.  Sami just said to us that if we can do the whole recording within a month or so, that would be OK.  However, while weīre doing our recordings for it, at some point we realized that the deadline was drawing nearer and nearer and we really should start pushing ourselves in order to get it done in time.

Katla: TIMO RAUTIAINEN & TRIO NISKALAUKAUS (a unique Finnish metal band w/ vocals done in Finnish!!! -Luxi) had booked time for this studio after us as well, so we knew that we should rush things a little bit without causing any troubles to anyone.  So we did, but afterwards we noticed that we could have done some things just a little bit better and different way on the album.  According to the time we had got for the whole recording, I think, everyone of us was really satisfied how it turned out in the end.


Can you still remember what was most difficult yet stressful in the studio while you were doing "Jaktens..." there?

Katla: I remember having this terrible hangover in one morning which didnīt feel that good at all, I can tell, HE! HE!!

But donīt you guys forget it belongs to as a part of "aftershow parties(!)" when you have done your homework in the studio as intensively and determinedly as possible, so you had all the reasons for easing up your tension every once in a while, right?


Somnium: When we were in the middle of the recording session, we didnīt feel too stressed at all.  Before entering the studio, yeah - we did a little bit īcoz somehow we got pretty suspicious yet worried about ourselves whether our songs couldnīt have been as ready as we wanted them to be for the recording.

Katla: In the studio I still had 2 or 3 songs that didnīt have any lyrics for them at all.  I personally had a lot of pressure because of that as I canīt say that Iīm fond of that kind of situation where I should force myself for getting the shit done almost without no time at all.  In the very beginning of that process, I thought thereīs no way I could have done all the lyrics for those three songs, but then I realized, while our recording kept progressing on that actually I had all the time I needed for writing the lyrics for the rest of the songs.  It was such a big relief for me when I got them written down for these
remaining songs; it definitely was... 

Somnium: One of those songs was "VargTimmen", our so-called "cover song" on the album.  We had no idea, whatsoever how it would turn out in the studio as a final version.  We had only played the very 1st riff for that song in our rehearsals like 2 -3 times before, so we naturally had our own expectations towards it whether we could get it included for the album or not.

Katla: Especially the vocals for it provided us some hard times īcoz thereīs so much of it there really. 

Somnium: We got the vocals done for the album just before we added those drum parts into it.  Now we are really happy with the way how the vocals came thru for it, tho.

Katla: We didnīt feel that we were slipping into a situation where we could have been getting into a
panic-like state in the studio.  The SPINEFARM staff let us know very early that we could work in peace and there couldnīt be any rush for anything, so that helped us a lot.  When the recording was over, some of us decided to stay at the studio for a little bit longer in order to make sure the whole mixing for it would turn out the most satisfying way for all of us,tho.

Somnium: Besides that, we had this deal for a mastertape which forced us to really work hard with the final mixing for the album.  In case we couldnīt have been as happy with it as we wanted to - and could have gone into the studio one more time for doing some re-mixing for the tape, all the extra costs could have been taken away from our royalties beforehand.  In the other words, we had to make sure the final mixing was really the very final mixing we wanted for our album, so I think we did everything alright in the very end of this whole process.


The album was recorded at Sundicoop Studio and a guy named Tuomo Valtonen took care of the mixing for it. I was just wondering whether he gave some cool and useful ideas concerning the whole recording for the album and so on... ?

Somnium: Yeah, he gave some cool advise for the recording.  I have to say this guy has been doing all these recordings for so many years already, so he really knew what sounds good and what doesnīt.  He didnīt, however, produce our album that much at all which I think was just good for us īcoz we pretty much knew ourselves what kind of sound we were after for and so on. He kind of gave us very free hands to do whatever we wanted to do there with the whole recording process - guiding us every now and then when we needed it and providing us some of his professional help when we asked for it.

The only thing that I regret afterwards a bit, the sound could have been just a little bit better on the album after all.  I guess itīs because Tuomo whoīs quite a rock-orientated producer, kind of ainīt necessarily a master of enormous streams of different sounds. Maybe he just wasnīt capable of sorting out several different sounds from each other, I donīt know.

Katla: In the same breath I need to point out as well that it was really easy yet relaxing to work with him at the same time, too.  Like myself, I had never worked  that professional way at that professional studio ever - and with as professional producer as Tuomo obviously is.  What I have heard, based on either rumors or facts, there are some producers out there who necessarily arenīt interested in working with some particular bands for some strange reasons. They arenīt  interested in giving their very best out of themselves when they really should do just that in order to be as professional and devoted to these bands and the work they are supposed to do.  Luckily Tuomo had just the opposite way to work with us; he was really into the recording right from the very beginning to the very end, so we donīt have too much to complain about really.  Maybe one of the many reasons why he wanted to work with a band like us, is the fact we sound so different compared to other bands he had worked with in the past, so I guess he may have found us pretty kind of inspirational band as well - who knows?!


Did you give him, for example, some CD which had a sound you liked very much and were after for - and asked him if he could get the same kind of sound for your album, too...?

Katla: No... no... no...

Somnium: That idea didnīt cross our minds as far as our debut album was concerned either.

Katla: He knew anyway what kind of sound we wanted for our forth-coming album as he had heard our 1st album. We told him that it should sound as heavy as possible, too.

Somnium: To be really honest with you, it wasnīt clear for ourselves either what kind of sound we were
hunting for "Jaktens Tid...".

Katla: I have noticed myself - being as a member of this band during all these past months that many good ideas come up just naturally for us if we improvise some things a little bit.  Itīs been working out just well for us so far.


"Jaktens Tid" was mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studio.  Are you happy with the result or do you think that there were some parts on the mastered version that could have needed a bit better treatment in order to make it sound even better?  And are you going to use Mikaīs skills in the future as well?

Somnium: We are very happy with the mastered version this time around compared to our 1st album.  Believe it or not, but our unmastered version for the 1st album sounded slightly better than the actual mastered version for our debut!!  Iīm glad now it happened just other way around for our new album as it should have happened in the first place as a matter of speaking. The mastering for it turned out really great, I think.  We were all positively surprised by that. 


Still... are there some things on your album youīd like to improve afterwards?  Just anything...

Somnium: When we were listening to the album over and over again, we noticed that are some things which we would have corrected there right away if we had spotted them immediately while we were doing the final polishing for it.  But what is done now, is done forever, so what the heck...  Some melody parts are missing from it at least - and also one guitar solo was dropped...

Katla: Oh-yea..., but didnīt we agree that it should be dropped anyway... (-laughing!-)

Somnium: Well, I guess so..., HE! HE!!

Katla: But arenīt we all humans; we certainly are not any machines. I think our music shouldnīt be too polished in the first place.  Thatīs not our thing at all...


But overall you must be happy now with the album and all those efforts what Tuomo and Mika brought into it; do you think you may use their professional help in the future as well... ?

Katla: Why not, itīs possible...

Somnium: Who knows, thatīs quite possible, I think. When Iīm thinking of this a bit further, we should set us that kind of a goal where we couldnīt settle for less as far as the sound quality of our album is concerned.  And I think Tuomo has already done everything for it what heīs capable of doing. 

Katla: I pretty much agree.  But anyways, without turning him down too much for what he did for "Jaktens...", I guess itīs wiser if we just keep our eyes out what heīll be doing within a next year or so...

Somnium: Youīre right.  And besides that we just cannot deny the fact how much the sound quality has
improved on our new album compared to our debut album, "Midnattens Widunder".

Katla: Definitely!  Thereīs a huge improvement to be heard - really!  A general sound is much better now than it was last time.

Somnium: Also we all have progressed a hell of a lot as musicians, too - cannot deny that either.

Katla: I agree. We sound so much tighter and more like a band now than before.  Everyone has kind of understood what FINNTROLL is and will be all about and thatīs really important for us, I think.  From my own point of view I can only say that itīs so easy for me to go into a studio now as Iīm quite experienced by all that what Iīm supposed to do there than earlier.  I donīt feel like I should ask from the other guys anymore whether itīs gonna be OK if I sing this or that way. Itīs actually very easy for me now to find my own ways to put my vocals thru for the songs and so on.  Itīs more relaxing situation for me than it used to be  as my vocals come out more naturally than before, yīknow?!


What about your musical influences, then?  Do you think when you have been maturing both as musicians and song writers, you have also started to feel like thereīs so many other interesting genres around there that could offer some great things musically, too - and from which you could possibly get some cool "spices(!)" into your own music?  When I was listening to "Jaktens Tid", I thought these guys have really had their lessons in Folk-music just lately...

Katla: To be completely honest with you, I think we are now LESS Folk-influenced than what we were when we did our first album, "Midnattens Widunder".  At that time we were listening to quite a lot of Folk-music indeed and some other "Folk-inspired" music as well.

Somnium: We are not listening to that kind of music that much any more nowadays, although I just recently discovered an excellent Folk-influenced band called MYLLÄRIT.  They are really outrageous!!


What about some other genres except Folk music... ?

Katla: Itīs no denying that our music is also influenced by some other kinds of music than Folk and Black Metal only.  I think, all those influences that we have in our music - and that are indeed pretty hard to be defined īcoz everyone of us is influenced by so many  different kind of music, can be heard on our new album better than on our debut.

Somnium: Yeah, I guess so. I also need to point out that we are definitely NOT trying to head into any specific style on purpose.

Katla: No, definitely not. What I found pretty positive is the fact our musicīs incorporated more of
that Slavic sound with.  And thatīs really cool as it makes our sound pretty unique compared to other bands around, I guess. And this Slavism thing is much darker and gloomier in our sound - and I think it works out so well as there's quite a few surprising tempo changes going on there within our music all the time. Other than that, in my opinion the Slavic music sounds pretty wicked and mean at times and that's the reason why I like it so much.


Do you still, however, consider FINNTROLL as a 'Black Metal' band?  I guess it's gonna be damn hard for people to categorize your music due to your many different influences and a set of pretty unusual(!)
instruments used on "Jaktens..."

Somnium: By placing us under the category of "classic Black Metal" luckily doesnīt work out for us as we donīt have either satanic lyrics or a satanic image.

Katla: Thatīs true.  Thatīs not our thing at all...

Somnium: As for our music, it does have some hints from  Black Metal, but you can hardly call our music Black Metal these days.


I guess Katlaīs vocals could possibly be the only thing for doing some justice for that statement... ?

Katla: Partly, yes... - but Iīve been trying to be more Death Metal orientated vocal-wise lately.  In some songs Iīm using more Death-grunts whereas in some other tunes my vocals have more a Black Metal type of emphasis going on there.  HMMM...(!), I donīt know; letīs just say that we play metal...

Somnium: Yeah, we are a metal band...

Katla: ...metal with our own distinct sound, thatīs what we are... yea...

Somnium: Thereīs definitely a "crossover" thing involved with our music as well; kind of a "crossover" of metal...


Again, you think people may have hard times by putting you under some certain category...?

Somnium: You could say that, but thatīs only a definite plus for us, I think.

Katla: One fact still remains the same, tho.  If you go to any record store that has metal there, youīll find our albums from the "Black/Death Metal" section for sure īcoz thatīs the nearest label for our kind of music without doubts.


What would you say if a "brutal Folk-music" as a description was linked to FINNTROLLīs name as a press release statement, for example?

Katla: That would be something of which Iīd personally like at least.  "Brutal Folk-music..." HMMM... (?), sounds good to me indeed!

Somnium: On the other hand, itīs pretty damn difficult to define "Folk-music" in the first place what it is actually, right?!

Katla: Very true. Thatīs why I find it as a good definition, HE!

Somnium: Even if there couldnīt be any melodic parts on our album - only totally brutal in-yer-face shit or something alike, you could still say we are Folk-inspired despite of having no melodies, whatsoever! in our music.

Katla: I remember there was this guy in a Finnish radio program who also said that our musicīs like ībrutal musicī with some references to Folk-music and some of those feelings around it.  It felt great when hearing such definitions about the music we do īcoz we are influenced by some other music styles, too, than metal only - or just vice versa.  So I think what that nice fellow said about our music in that particular program, really hit the bullīs eye īcoz our music is a great package of many different styles which we consider as our influences, too.

Somnium: If we had only clean vocals on our new album, it, in fact, would almost be considered as a pure Folk-music.  But as we have Katlaīs harsh vocals stamped all over it, they make it sound more brutal. And also some more traditional brutal metal parts keep us away from that "Folk-music" category, I think.


Did you have any īleftoverī material from the sessions of "Jaktens Tid" which you may use for your forth-coming album(-s) possibly...?

Somnium: No, we used everything we had for "Jaktens...".  We had some songs, tho, which we couldnīt finish completely in time for this album.

Katla: But those songs will ease up our burden next time when weīll enter a studio again to record our next thing.  We were thinking of doing a cover version out of one IMPALED NAZARENE song for this album already, but it didnīt happen.

Somnium: We decided to save the idea for a possibly split album we may do with them later on...

Katla: Itīs too early to say yet when weīll do it, but time will tell.


I was checking the credits out for "Jaktens..." and noticed that your rhythm guitarist Skrymer has done all the artwork for the album.  Obviously heīs a fan of arts, but is he also studying it at some school?

Somnium: Heīs entirely a self-taught.

Katla: In fact, that particular artwork for the cover of our album was done for several weeks by him.  He was just learning how to use oil colors with a good enough technique, so it took some time to get the cover finished for the album.  He had done 3 paintings with the oil colors before this painting for "Jaktens...". He had been doing some graphites earlier.  But as for this particular cover, Skrymer did the cover and then we did some picture manipulation for it at my place and brought it to SPINEFARM.


Was this the 1st album cover he had ever made... ?

Katla: Yea, he had done some demo covers before, but not much else really.


So, Iīm assuming you may use his arts in the future as well... ?

Katla: Yeah, guess so, but Iīm also sure many others will be interested in his works, too.

Somnium: At least IMPALED NAZARENE will ask for his help for their next thing they will do.

Katla: I also need to point out that he can do many styles of artwork; from cartoon figures to larger yet demanding and time-consuming work of arts.  He has his periods when he may do like lots of cartoon-like arts and then he may get inspired by bigger painting processes which he may do for a long period of time in a row.  At the moment heīs more into a psychelic type of artwork; all kinds of bikini bimbos between planets and shit like that.  He can draw and paint many kind of different things really.  Heīs got really keen eyes for everything he does as far as his own artworks go. He has studied arts a little bit at some stage of his life if I remember correctly.


Choosing a final artwork for your own release is always kind of a tough task to do.  Has Sami (the label manager for SPIKEFARM) afforded you completely free hands for everything, including artwork, in what order your songs should be on the album, etc. etc.?

Katla: Itīs kind of funny because you asked this īcoz I just answered to one interview for some other webmagazine where this guy asked from me whether we f.ex. changed our old logo to this new logo which we have on our new album just because our label forced us to do so!?!  HA! Of course that wasnīt the question at all!!

Somnium: In the very beginning we didnīt have any clear idea in what order our songs should be on the album, except we did know however, what song could be used for ending it.  Thatīs all we knew in the very start of this process.  But we got īem sorted out for "Jaktens..." rather painlessly after all.

Katla: Sorry, but what was the question all about?!  I somehow missed it... !?


About the order of the songs for "Jaktens..."

Katla: Oh, sorry... Sami didnīt guide or tell us in what order the songs should have been on the album - we just decided that by ourselves.  For the 1st album, "Midnattens Widunder", our songs were put in in that kind of formula which gave it a real feel to be a concept album.  And all this happened by accident, I can tell.  It didnīt happen that way with our new album anyway.  The only thing that connects its songs to each other is the fact every song deals with some sort of "the end" of something and thatīs basically all.


As some of us already know, CENTURY MEDIA has licensed  "Jaktens..." to be released everywhere else in Europe. How did they end up licensing it anyway?

Katla: First off, it was actually NUCLEAR BLAST that was interested in us first.  There were a couple of guys in that label who showed a serious interest towards us, but eventually a license deal wasnīt done with them as some other guy in the very label started to back off for some strange reason, so SPIKEFARM did this deal with CENTURY MEDIA instead.

Somnium: As far as I know, SPINE/SPIKEFARM RECORDS is usually into offering these license deals for their products exclusively for NUCLEAR BLAST.  If they are not interested, then they go for offering them to CENTURY MEDIA, I guess.


Why wasnīt your debut album licensed by CENTURY MEDIA?

Somnium: Well, that was close to happen, too, but as it had been out for almost a year already since it came out on SPIKEFARM, they probably thought there wasnīt any sense to license it any longer.  I guess they thought the selling for it maybe wouldnīt have been that good for it as they probably would have expected, I donīt know...

Katla: SPIKEFARM is also having a license deal going on with HAMMERHEART.  They wanna release "Jaktens Tid" as a vinyl version, too...

Somnium: Yeah, thatīs right.  They are supposed to release both of our albums as a double vinyl relatively soon, I think.


I got to know that NUCLEAR BLAST was distributing your debut album thru their mailorder, right?!

Somnium: Yeah, thatīs correct - they did, but it wasnīt working out too well either for them or us as they didnīt do any promotion for that album over there at all.  They didnīt put too much effort into it which was kinda pity indeed.


Right, without advertising certain albums, it always makes things a bit harder for labels to get their shit sold well enough to people...

Katla: Youīre so right, it really is...

Somnium: Actally the best distributor what we got for our debut album was INDIGO from Germany.  They did really great job for us there by selling a respectable amount of our album.

Katla: They were even asking from us via emails if we have had any suggestions for increasing the sales for it - and otherwise they kept in touch with us all the time.  That was really cool from them.

Somnium: Now when CENTURY MEDIA will license "Jaktens...", it will be widely spread as the deal covers both South - and North America - and Europe naturally as well.

And Japan... ?

Somnium: So far everythingīs open for the Japanese metal music markets. It would be cool to get our albums out there, tho.

Katla: Probably our debut album was too hard rock for Japanese maniacs to bite as they werenīt too thrilled about it.

Somnium: But I hope our new album will be a bit easier for them to swallow as what I have heard this "joik-singing" is becoming largely accepted amongst people over there which is of course nice for us.

Katla: We just have to wait and see what will happen. Like I said earlier, only time will tell... 


Do you have any idea where both SPINEFARM and CENTURY MEDIA will be promoting your new album for (magazines, radio stations, etc.)?

Katla: SPINEFARM has been taking care of the promotion for Finland mainly.

Somnium: They have also been sending some promos to all these bigger magazines abroad as well.  However, it's gonna be CENTURY MEDIA that will do most of it for the rest of the countries both in Europe and in the States, too.

Katla: If I remember correctly, "Jaktens..." will be released 23rd of May thru CENTURY MEDIA, by the way.


As you guys may remember a fabulous commercial clip for a Finnish beer called "Lapin Kulta" where it said something like: "Lapin Kulta is a strong and tasteful beer... a strongly Finnish beer!!".  I was just playing with a thought that do you think it could be clever to connect FINNTROLLīs name to something as strong as this  previous clip proclaimed and somehow borrow the same slogan for advertising FINNTROLL as a strong Finnish-Slavic Folk-metal act for people?  What you think... a crazy idea or what?!  (-laughing!-) 

Katla: (-laughing!-)  Why not, I think it would sound really good... (-more laughing-) .... At least all the guys in the infamous FINNTROLL camp are beerlovers, HE! HE!!

Somnium: Or what would you say about a commercial clip about us where an earthmover could play a main role and it would have a giant FINNTROLL logo on both of its sides, HAR! HAR!!  Actually this was one of those crazy ideas, SPINEFARMīs label manager Ewo Rytkönen had in his mind for some time ago (-laughing!-).


What about talking about FINNTROLL as LOUD and clear as possible as "the ultimate trollkings (-eh?)" of the metal scene, do you think this statement might turn out to be that ultimate break-through thing for you which even could bring other bands along with similar sound to yours?

Katla: (-laughing!-) Iīm sure theyīll come up with some insane definitions for promoting us in their own way - thatīs for sure!!  Actually Iīm already looking forward to see how theyīll do it, HE! HE!!

Somnium: (-laughing!-) They will probably let some crazy bastards do all this "advertising(!)" for FINNTROLL who may have not got a slightest idea what FINNTROLL is truly all about.

Katla: In fact, Iīm a bit afraid that there may be a great number of people out there who might misunderstand the whole "troll" -concept that we have, a wrong way.  So, I need to point out here that when weīre dealing with all these lilī creatures in our lyrics, weīre only, in a sense, referring to rebellious primitive people(!) of which you can read from all these fairy tales of your own childhood, f.ex. .  We have been receiving very strange yet pretty insane questions from many people where they have asked us something like: "What do these trolls eat..?!?!, etc.  It gives us an impression that some of these people seem to be very serious by asking all these (stupid?) questions from us; like they just couldnīt understand that our trolls arenīt any flesh and blood.  They are only mythological creatures in our stories and nothing elz. 

I think when we bring a fairytale concept together with an almost indecent style, it works out the best way for us really.

Somnium: Itīs all about that "folk-thing..." 

Katla: Yeah... yeah..., kind of.


Can you still remember where you actually found your interest towards trolls from?

Katla:  When we started to write our 1st songs, all of us were interested in mythology; we were kind of true freaks with it and I guess we still are.  An interest for the folktales that we have, pretty much comes out naturally from us as a matter of speaking.  In fact, your question was pretty much a Freudian-like and Iīm afraid that I cannot answer your question properly, sorry. 

Somnium: I guess we are having some sort of repressions towards trolls...

Katla: We have smaller ears than they have... (-laughing!)

HE! HE!!  Alright then, how would you indeed describe your band musically to all those curious people who would like to hear and know more about you?

Somnium: Letīs say that mix SLAYER with ELÄKELÄISET (a pathologically pervert Finnish "humor" group who have become pretty popular especially in Germany!!?) and you have a tiny idea about FINNTROLLīs music.  I think those bands cover well enough. 


Having a close look at some of your credits on "Jaktens...", Martin Walkyrieīs name (that SKYCLAD fame!) popped up on Somniumīs īthanxxī list. Just out of my curiosity, is the guy a hardcore FINNTROLL -fan nowadays?

Somnium: (-laughing!-)  I guess you could say that. He has heard our debut album already and I just mailed him over our new one, but havenīt got any feedback back from him yet.  Anyways, he got really excited about our 1st album by telling us how great it is and all that - and yet he was telling us that we have a growing fanbase in Nottigham these days, too.

Thatīs nice to hear really.  So I assume the name of FINNTROLL is spreading like a bushfire over there right now... ?

Katla: I really hope so it does īcoz we truly would like to play in England as soon as possible.

Somnium: I just heard that their gig promoter would like to arrange a gig for us in Nottingham...

Katla: I think it would be very cool to play with a band like SKYCLAD at the same gig īcoz basically they remind of us a little bit musically and we remind a bit of them musically as well. There are indeed some similarities to be found between two of us, so I think we could make a rather nice package together. 


Itīs īspeculation time(!)ī again.  What if SKYCLAD, like all of a sudden, changed their style to Black Metal, do you believe a result might be pretty close to what FINNTROLL is all about nowadays?

Somnium:  Hard to say, but maybe an older SKYCLAD shit would sound a little bit like us, but more melodic, however. 

Katla: ... and much heavier sound, I think.  We obviously have musically many things in common with them.  I happen to know that Martin is like a true maniac as far as all Folk-alike music is concerned.  I am too, but not as devoted way like Martin is. 


You (Somnium) are also playing in IMPALED NAZARENE nowadays.  Have you been facing any troubles for sharing your precious time between these two bands so far?

omnium: No, not yet, but...

Katla: When you do, weīll kick you out of the FINNTROLL, HA! HA!!

Somnium: Seriously speaking, I have told to the rest of the guys of IMPALED NAZARENE that FINNTROLL is - and will always be my main band if we will hit on the road at the very same time.  So far, everything has been working out just smoothly for both of the bands as we have tried to arrange our gigs on separate days. Also, we have been thinking of the idea whether we could sell  "2-bands-for-the-price-of-1", well, sort of, for gigs because it could save us this trouble of which I just mentioned earlier here, yīknow?!

Katla: And it would mean a "double-training" for you then, HA!! HA!!

Somnium: ... and a "double-reward" wouldnīt do that much harm for me either, HE! HE!!

Katla: SHUT UP!  It would mean a Cooper -test for you and Iīm sure you wouldnīt make it thru, HARK! HARK!!


Having a short look at a crystal ball next, do you believe all these trolls will be blessed a "comfortable(!)" playground on your next release as well... ?

Somnium: I think so.  Why to waste such a good concept... ?!

Katla: I agree. We belong to trolls and the trolls belong to us.  There will surely be a bit different lyrical concept there next time around, however, when weīll do our next album, I guess.  Iīm pretty much done with dealing with Christianity for now; I mean that thematic side of it.  My newest lyrics are more spirit of rebellion -orientated, but still not the same way I put them across on our 2 albums. 

Somnium: Music-wise, I think we are heading towards more aggressive direction...

Katla: Yep, I think so, too.  Our new material is a bit rougher and more reduced than on "Jaktens..." - kind of "back-to-the-roots(!)".  I could claim that we play ītechnoī on our next release... (???) (-laughing!-)  Just kiddinī ya there, of course!! What you can expect from our next release, well, let that remain as a mystery for all of you, HE! HE!!


Letīs have a short glance at the Finnish metal scene with this question.  Namely as Iīve been following the Finnish metal scene for almost two decades thus far - sometimes very actively, sometimes a bit less actively, Iīve noticed that there are a few elements in the Finnish bandsī sound which have made us Finns far superior (now see whoīs doing the talking here, -eh?!) compared to other bands out there; one of these elements being originality and an endless strive for originality indeed!  Actually we could have talked about some sort of a `boomī amongst the Finnish metal acts for achieving a sound which could have given our bands their very own distinctive imprint of originality during all these past few years - and I guess even some of our metal bands successed in that territory pretty well like AMORPHIS, SENTENCED, WALTARI and so on.     

Thereīs still some of that boom left in the depths of the Finnish underground scene... -or what you think?

Katla:  Somehow I have that kind of feel that itīs more or less over now and you cannot tell whether this or that band comes from Finland any more as regards how they sound like basically...


Thatīs true.  But we cannot forget either how many bands (even from Finland!) tried to plagiarize the sound of the famous 1st Death Metal invasion from Sweden (ENTOMBED did change quite a few things in metal music as we all can surely agree with) - or we cannot underestimate what those crazy Norwegians accomplished by their even more sinister and raging blackish metal assault...

Somnium: No, we canīt - and I guess there are still quite a large number of Finnish bands there that are influenced by one or the other of the trends you just mentioned herein.

Katla: What makes things even funnier in my opinion, is the fact how Finnish metal bands have started to plagiarize each othersī sound.  I donīt wanna bring up any names, but still, itīs pretty damn ridiculous and strange indeed. 

Another fact is that the most famous Finnish metal bands (STRATOVARIUS, AMORPHIS, CHILDREN OF BODOM, NIGHTWISH, etc.) have been gaining some credit for their unique and different sound they have already had for years.  I think itīs already there; in our blood to be just a little bit more experimental and imaginative than many others.  They may take some old idea for use,  but eventually they twist and twist even more all these 2nd-hand ideas as long as they have made their own thing out of them, ya know what I mean?!  And thatīs something of which Iīm also very proud of as a Finn.

Somnium: Me, too.  Some years ago we didnīt have that big or famous metal bands in Finland that could have sold like thousands of thousands of albums in foreign countries. Therefore, some of these bands kind of "found" the easy way out and became bandwagoners in order to gain some reputation for themselves.  It was very easy for the Finnish bands, too, to follow especially the paths of both Swedish - and Norwegian bands right into the fame and glory.

Katla: Precisely.  In Sweden they once had more than 100 ENTOMBED clones, more than 200 IN FLAMES clones, etc. - and in Norway... (!), well, you all know already what happened there, right?!

Somnium: Iīm glad that many bands here in Finland, at least try to become known for their own thing and make a breakthrough that way...

Katla: On the other hand, we are kind of far away from the rest of the world, too...

Somnium: ...Finland is a pretty isolated country compared to the rest of the Scandinavian countries.

Katla: Very true. As the fact is, we do have pretty small circles of metalheads even here in Helsinki who play in bands and are active with things concerning this matter - comparing to cities like f.ex. Stockholm or Oslo where, may I say, everythingīs on more "professional(!)" yet bigger level.  But on the other hand, a small dose of isolation may do some great things for bands, too.  I think I have a good example of just that.  Just think of some smaller townships in the Northern part of Finland, whereīs like a dozen of people alike you who are into metal - including yourself.  And then some of you decide to form a band in that "isolated" part of the world where youīre in the middle of nothing - where youīre not influenced by current trends, whatsoever!, Itīs pretty evident this band may turn out to sound pretty original and unique indeed.  The less people, the less youīre influenced by something - the better chance you may have to avoid all these "hottest" trends that are going on around you when youīre basically influenced by what youīd like to do for yourself and for your band, yīknow what I mean?


Sure, I agree.  Well then, I heard that youīre having some plans to do your 1st ever promo-video out of some song on the album; am I well informed... ?

Somnium: Yes, you are.  We were supposed to travel to Kuusamo for doing it (a city in the Northern part of Finland) for a while ago already, but thought itīd better to wait for ESEKīs financial support first before rushing things any further owing to the video.


What kind of a video is it going to be like?

Somnium: Everything has been thought out for it already...

Eh(!), could you be more specific, please... ?

Katla: Itīs gonna be very much a fairytale-like...

Somnium: And if everything goes as we have planned, itīs going to be really awesome clip, I promise you that!!

Katla: I think itīs gonna be really outrageous...

Somnium: Yep, it wonīt be any "ordinary" music video at all.

Katla: Nope, itīll be more of a story-like...

Somnium: ... like a short film or something alike...

Katla: ... yea... yea...

Somnium: Like a "musical", HE! HE!!

Katla: (-laughing!-) Not anything like that for GRSTSAKE!! Not at all!!


HMMM... (?!), you guys donīt reveal too much ībout it, but anyway - out of my curiosity, are you going to use some elements on that video that are characteristic of Lapland; like reindeers, wolves, etc. ?

Somnium: Apparently there wonīt be any of those creatures on our video you just mentioned herein... 

Katla: Hopefully at least there wonīt be any mad reindeers or wolves there that may attack on us, HA! HA!!

Somnium: Actually we thought it would be great to shoot our forth-coming promo-video in Kuusamo īcoz its surroundings offers us many great opportunities to shoot many things together at the very same time.

Katla: Thatīs right. We do have quite a few different episodes on that video and I think now we have found a suitable place for carrying our ideas out for it.

Somnium: In fact, we originally had these plans to shoot it at Seurasaari (a scenic islet near by Helsinki), but some people from the Museum Office were totally against the idea.

Katla: They didnīt give us a permission for that which sucked bad ass.


What will this song be of which you have these plans to shoot this promo-video, by the way?

Somnium: "Jaktens Tid..."

Katla: We have a script for it almost ready.  But I guess there may be some changes in the script as we donīt know yet whether itīs possible to carry all those most difficult parts out for it?  Maybe we just have to improvise some of them while a shooting for it is in progress, hard to say yet...


Could you already reveal some details out of it... ?

Katla: No, not yet as thereīs not too much to be revealed about it so far.  What we just told you earlier, pretty much covers all the scenes which we are going to be there, I suppose.  Like I said, the surroundings over there looks just great and it wonīt be any typical "Heavy-Metal-from-Hell" promo-clip for sure!!  Just wait and youīll see...


For what channels are you going to offer your promo-video primarily when itīs out?

Somnium: For JYRKI and MOON TV (="666 Seconds" to be more precise!) in Finland at least.  In fact, I personally donīt know that much ībout all these metal- orientated music channels.


What about getting your video to be spread via internet like thru SUOMI FINLAND PERKELE webmagazine...?

Katla: Itīs more than likely that we try to get it out thru their webīzine, too.  Itīs one of the best alternatives amongst others for sure.


Nowadays itīs pretty easy to download many different things from the internet if you just have powerful enough computer for that purpose...

Katla: I agree, even tho I havenīt thought about all the possibilities yet for getting our video out for as many people as possible.


Thereīs even that kind of service in METAL RULES webmagazine nowadays where people can become aware of a large selection of past and present metal videos...

Katla: Thatīs cool īcoz videos are an essential part of promotion.  I guess weīll get in touch with you the MR -guys when our videoīs ready to kick all of your ugly butts out there, HE! HE!!

Somnium: Iīm just thinking of another video thing which could be sale...

Katla: (-laughing!-) OH(!), I almost forgot to mention that we have a few hours of FINNTROLL material on videotapes which we have filmed by ourselves.


And then you also had this commercial clip - sponsored by a famous Finnish company called SONERA - that has been running in Finnish MTV3 for a long time already...


Katla: Yea, but it has nothing to do with our band!! The thing was that Skrymerīs father had taken some photos from us for some person at one advertising agency as he had heard from somewhere they were looking for guys who could have had both a long hair and a long beard.  And those of us who had eventually enough beard, were chosen for that clip by SONERA. As you can surely imagine, the rest of us who were left outside, were naturally bitter towards the chosen bastards, of course, HA! HA! HA!  The funny thing is that we did receive loads of response back from that clip, people telling us that they have seen us on SONERAīs commercial TV clip, although the hard fact was/is there only appeared a couple of guys from our band - and NOT the whole band was featured for it by any means!!  In other words, it hasnīt anything to do with FINNTROLL. Period!


Now when you have got two albums out, I guess people have become interested in seeing your band live as well.  Rumors keep on telling me that youīre actually going to play a gig in Moscow, Russia relatively soon, so how are things standing for it now?  

Katla: In fact, we have kept the fire burning for it since our 1st album came out.

Somnium: Right, everythingīs still in hand at the moment...


What are the other news concerning the very matter here?

Katla: We have these plans to go to Germany this Summer again as some guys over there wanted us to play at one festival where we actually played last year already.  The festival is called "Partisan Open Air"; itīs a small festival in the Southern part of ex-East Germany and it lasts 3 days (there wonīt be any bands playing on the 1st day; only DJs keep the volume high!).  Last year the headlining acts were bands like AMON AMARTH, MANOS and bands of this caliber and approximately 3000 people showed up within these 3 days.  Now we are told that at least DISMEMBER will be one of the headlining bands in this yearīs festival which will be held in Julyī01, by the way.


What about some other festivals this year... ?

Katla: We will play at Tuska (="Pain" in English) -festival here in Helsinki at least...

Somnium: We have to remember anyway that now when CENTURY MEDIA has licensed "Jaktens Tid", they may put us on the road in order to get their release promoted as well as possible - who knows!  Before that, itīs kind of hard for us to arrange any gigs for ourselves, yīknow?!

Katla: We have, however, sent some promo-packages to organizers of some festivals already.  It would be totally cool to play at a festival like Wacken, f.ex., but just think how many promo-packages they receive every year from bands and labels?!  I guess those packages can be counted in thousands and thousands again.  A good thing is that CENTURY MEDIA has already their foot in the door of Wacken Open Air -festival, tho.


As far as I know, people in CENTURY MEDIA have understood how important it is for them to keep their bands on the road and do gigs in as many countries as possible in order to get the very best effort out of every CENTURY MEDIAīs release...

Somnium: I pretty much agree with you, but also what I have heard, the less royalties youīll get, the  more theyīll spend on the tour costs and all that... 

Katla: Yea, Iīm not too thrilled about that myself either...

Somnium: But on the other hand, it would be really cool to tour in as many countries as possible, I think.

Katla: In my opinion the most rewarding thing in this business is - besides playing in the front hundreds of metalheads - the fact that youīre able to see different cities, different people, different anything really!  Itīs been a long time since I visited to Germany last time; I think I was just 5-year-old or something when I was in Berlin for a couple of days, so itīs really been a long time. I myself am excited over touring and seeing different places - and thatīs what we get as a reward for this touring and thatīs just coolest thing, I suppose.


If you chose a headlining band for yourself of which youīd like to tour with, what band that might be?

Katla: SKYCLAD could be my choice, definitely!

Somnium: Mine as well. Absolutely SKYCLAD!!  If NUCLEAR BLAST could have licensed our album(-s), we had had far better chances to go on tour with them, I think.  But SKYCLAD could be really ideal band to tour with as we have so much in common with them musically already.  But of course it could be cool to play gigs with some of those bands which we have always considered as our all-time fave bands, although they might not have too much in common with our band musically or some other way.  HE, I guess it wouldnīt be that smart idea to tour with a band like DANZIG, for instance.  It just wouldnīt work out at all! Now, tho, some hypothetical thinking here; just wondering what we would do after gigs and day-offs when at the same time, the guys of DANZIG would concentrate on making sin the rockīnīroll way?!  I assume we would just read some stupid cartoon and watch some boring channels from TV and that would be it basically, Iīm afraid, HE! HE!!  So, touring with DANZIG would sound totally absurd for us.


As Iīm scratching the surface of your music a little bit more, in my opinion your music, especially on "Jaktens...", will definitely reach many listeners from different genres due to its wide range of influences which is blessed by a healthy dose of melodies and catchiness and everything really what you could personally expect from an entertaining release...

Katla: I guess itīs just about doing that. And thanx for your kind words, too!  I have noticed while we have been playing these gigs that sometimes there are just the most weird-looking people at our gigs which you donīt expect to see there too often.  Thatīs kind of funny, I think.

Somnium: I totally agree with Katla.  itīs really great and re-freshing to see different type of persons at the FINNTROLL -gigs īcoz that only proves that not only die-hard metalheads are into our stuff, but also some other type of people as well.

Katla: What I personally have found kind of disappointing is that I havenīt seen as many hardcore/punk guys and especially girls, at our gigs as I have expected to see.  Itīd be cool to see more of them there for sure.


Now when even CENTURY MEDIA is also making FINNTROLL`s name known all over the world, do you honestly believe you have fairly good chances to make a break-through the way like f.ex. bands like NIGHTWISH or CHILDREN OF BODOM have succeeded very well in every continent thus far?

Somnium: Well, I hope so at least... 

Katla: I cannot see any reason for that why we couldnīt get our name on everyoneīs lips īcoz itīs no denying that we, however, have pretty unique sound after all.  I believe we have all those potential chances to be on the top in the future.

Somnium: Besides, I honestly believe that our music reaches many genres both in metal and outside of metal music as well...

Katla: Actually such things have been happening already.  If weīre not able to reach, letīs say, a "mega-success(!)" the way like CHILDREN OF BODOM have certainly done, then I guess weīll definitely achieve something by our music - whatever that might be!


We are about to reach the end of this interview; one more question, tho.  What if you were provided by a limitless settings for making a colossal film - spectacle-like, out of one song on your new album, what song would be chosen and what kind of a film would it be like according to a script by the FINNTROLL nuts?

Katla:  WOW!! This was a hard one...

Somnium: Mix some porn scenes with the Star Wars movies and the result could well be a balanced mixture between these two!!


Katla: Hard to say really...

         (-more laughing!-)

Somnium: A megalomaniac porn movie...

         (-even more laughing!!-)

Katla: Seriously again.  I think it would be really difficult to say how this film would turn out if we all wrote scripts for it together.  I guess it would be a mess of everything possible. No, maybe it could have something to do with woods... and with fire and lightning, HE! HE!!


... imitating flashes out of Lapland and Northern lights, too?

Katla: HELL YEAH!!

Somnium: I think the coolest idea might be some kind of an old Scandinavian film and restore it the FINNTROLL way.  I think there arenīt too many (good?) old Scandinavian films there made anyway...

Katla: Heīs right, not many at all... HE! HE!!


The original idea for the name of "Finntroll" was used by (Swedish?) Vikings for the very 1st time when they tried to conquer the maidenly pure lands of the Water God of the ancient Finns... ?

Katla: Yea... the story keeps on telling that in the past, Finland was lived by a bunch of mysterious people and nobody really knew who they were. In principle, these conquerors may have referred to the Lappish population, too.

... and they had also heard that these mysterious people were protected by very giant trolls who were living in the ancient woods of this part of the world... ?

Katla: Yea... guess so, kind of.

Somnium: Thinking of your last question again, it would be cool if the film was based on the facts...

Katla: That would be really cool! On the other hand, our(/my) lyrics are just a product of imagination and nothing else.  Or, letīs just say that they donīt directly refer to anything, although they do have some influences from some folktales, maybe... (?)  So, I think itīd be better if it was some sort of a fairy-tale movie.  


What could be a perfect working title for that film in your opinion; any suggestions... ?

Katla: What would be a better working title for it than "Den Hornkrönte Konungen", HA! HA! HA!!  That would work out just great, I think!  Or "Jaktens Tid" could be as good as my first suggestion, too.  It could be an ultimate catastrophe movie, HE! HE!!  No, really; it would be very hard to decide whether this or that name could work out better than others.  It would be my big dream to write a script for a whole movie, tho. I could get lots of money and fame out of it, HA! HA!! HA!!!


I hope your dream-will-come-true some day Katla.  If you still have something youīd like to say for the readers of METAL RULES, feel free to speak out now (or forever be silent, HA!)...

Katla: Well..., not really...  Canīt think of anything right now.  Or wait a second! I only could say that as long as people love to listen to this type of music... - well, I wanna get this right what I mean exactly. As long as people are into a well-thought out and well-played metal music - and have an open mind and arenīt afraid of trying some new traces out in metal - and arenīt afraid of turning rocks over in order to find out whether they could be witnesses to an absolutely unique yet original band which has a constant strive for their own distinctive sound, they should really check out our band īcoz I donīt think these people get disappointed that badly when they hear us; I can almost guarantee that to them!

And if youīve ever visited to our homepage ( and got some sort of picture about how we may sound like and all that, I could say to all of you that we actually sound even better than what has been described on those very pages!!  Many people have already got really enthused over our metal ("with a difference"!), so hopefully even the rest of you will give it a fair try as well.


If I, as a olī-timer metal maniac did, I believe why not the others, too... ?

Katla: Yea, why not - letīs at least hope so...


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